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102001. A Companion to Epistemology
102002. The School Revolution: A New Answer for Our Broken Education System
102003. Female Infidelity and Paternal Uncertainty: Evolutionary Perspectives on Male Anti-Cuckoldry Tactics
102004. Healing the Scars of Emotional Abuse
102005. Quantum Buddhism - Mahajrya Bodhana Sutra, Teachings on Awakening to the Great Field
102006. Is God A Delusion: A Reply to Religion's Cultured Despisers
102007. Princesses Behaving Badly: Real Stories from History Without the Fairy-Tale Endings
102008. Pictorial Webster's: A Visual Dictionary of Curiosities
102009. Node Web Development - Second Edition
102010. Zymurgy for the Homebrewer and Beer Lover: The Best Articles and Advice
102011. 2X4 Furniture: Simple, Inexpensive & Great-Looking Projects You Can Make
102012. Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cells and the Liver
102013. Writing About Architecture: Mastering the Language of Buildings and Cities
102014. Sport and Exercise Psychology: The Key Concepts
102015. Money Changes Everything: Get Rich, Live Rich, Die Rich
102016. Rejoice, Dear Zion!
102017. CRC Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulae, 31st Edition
102018. Discourse, Desire, and Fantasy in Jurgen Habermas' Critical Theory
102019. The Undeclared Secrets That Drive the Stock Market
102020. As the spider spins : essays on Nietzsche's Critique and use of language
102021. Indonesian New Guinea: West Papua/Irian Jaya
102022. Bent, Bound And Stitched: Collage, Cards And Jewelry With A Twist
102023. How Democratic Is the American Constitution?
102024. LinkedIn For Dummies
102025. Laser Forming and Welding Processes
102026. Veterinary Science: Current Aspects in Biology, Animal Pathology, Clinic and Food Hygiene
102027. The Polemics of Possession in Spanish American Narrative
102028. Honest Horses: Wild Horses in the Great Basin
102029. The Planet Observer's Handbook
102030. Getting Started as a Commercial Mortgage Broker: How to Get to a Six-Figure Salary in 12 Months
102031. Individual Differences and Personality, Second Edition
102032. Hydrology and Hydroclimatology: Principles and Applications
102033. Automotive Embedded Systems Handbook
102034. Advaita Tradition in Indian Philosophy: A Study of Advaita in Buddhism, Vedanta & Kashmira Shaivism
102035. Frank Was a Monster Who Wanted to Dance
102036. WordPress 2
102037. QuickBooks 2014: The Missing Manual: The Official Intuit Guide to QuickBooks 2014
102038. MATLAB® in bioscience and biotechnology
102039. Globalization and Religious Nationalism in India: The Search for Ontological Security
102040. Southern Fried: More Than 150 recipes for Crab Cakes, Fried Chicken, Hush Puppies, and More
102041. Furniture-Making Projects for the Wood Craftsman
102042. Hypnosis
102043. The Complete Pyramids: Solving the Ancient Mysteries
102044. Myeloproliferative Disorders: Biology and Management
102045. Google+ for Photographers
102046. The Cultural Revolution: A Very Short Introduction
102047. Mixed-Media Paint Box: Weekly Projects for a Year of Creative Exploration
102048. What Happened to Goldman Sachs: An Insider's Story of Organizational Drift and Its Unintended Consequences
102049. The Art and Technique of Digital Color Correction
102050. The Lens: A Practical Guide for the Creative Photographer
102051. Men's Sexual Health: Fitness for Satisfying Sex
102052. Up and Running with AutoCAD 2013, Second Edition: 2D Drawing and Modeling
102053. Behavioral Finance: Investors, Corporations, and Markets
102054. Microsoft® ASP.NET and AJAX: Architecting Web Applications
102055. Tropical Forest Conservation and Industry Partnership: An Experience from the Congo Basin
102056. Ending the Pursuit of Happiness: A Zen Guide
102057. Barron's SAT Writing Workbook, 3rd Edition
102058. Schizoaffective Disorders: International Perspectives on Understanding, Intervention and Rehabilitation
102059. The Elephant in the Room: Silence and Denial in Everyday Life
102060. Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Bathrooms, Third Edition: *Remodeling on a budget * Vanities & Cabinets * Plumbing & Fixtures * Showers, Sinks & Tubs
102061. Arabesque: A Taste of Morocco, Turkey, and Lebanon
102062. Beyond Dutch Borders: Transnational Politics among Colonial Migrants, Guest Workers and the Second Generation
102063. Rich Food Poor Food: The Ultimate Grocery Purchasing System
102064. The Woman's Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects
102065. Probability and Statistics: The Science of Uncertainty
102066. Aggression in the Sports World: A Social Psychological Perspective
102067. Informal Institutions and Rural Development in China
102068. Credit Models and the Crisis: A Journey into CDOs, Copulas, Correlations and Dynamic Models
102069. Digital Video for the Desktop
102070. The 17 Day Diet: A Doctor's Plan Designed for Rapid Results
102071. Pro PHP Refactoring
102072. Black Skin, White Masks
102073. The Complementary Therapist's Guide to Red Flags and Referrals, 1e
102074. Betty Garrett and Other Songs: A Life on Stage and Screen
102075. MRI in Practice
102076. After Effects Apprentice
102077. Luftwaffe IM Focus
102078. How to Grill: The Complete Illustrated Book of Barbecue Techniques, A Barbecue Bible! Cookbook
102079. The Five-Minute Writer: Exercise and inspiration in creative writing in five minutes a day
102080. Langford's Starting Photography: The guide to creating great images
102081. Beyond the Pale: The Story of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
102082. Handbook of Education, Training, and Supervision of School Psychologists in School and Community, Volume II: Bridging the Training and Practice Gap: Building Collaborative University/Field Practices
102083. Rachael Ray 365: No Repeats--A Year of Deliciously Different Dinners
102084. Successful Software Development
102085. The Disordered Mind: An Introduction to Philosophy of Mind and Mental Illness
102086. The Beginning Runner's Handbook: The Proven 13-Week Walk/Run Program
102087. At the Edge of Space: The X-15 Flight Program
102088. High Performance MySQL: Optimization, Backups, Replication, and More
102089. 159 Celtic Designs
102090. Convergences: Black Feminism and Continental Philosophy
102091. Scent and Subversion: Decoding a Century of Provocative Perfume
102092. Relativity: A Very Short Introduction
102093. Bourbon: 50 Rousing Recipes for a Classic American Spirit
102094. The Development of the Chinese Legal System: Change and Challenges
102095. Me and My Sewing Machine
102096. The Jazz Book: From Ragtime to the 21st Century
102097. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: What Can Teachers Do?
102098. Legitimacy, Legal Development and Change: Law and Modernization Reconsidered
102099. The Complete Rave I'Ching
102100. Sex and Bacon: Why I Love Things That Are Very, Very Bad for Me
102101. Money Changes Everything: Get Rich, Live Rich, Die Rich
102102. Fishing for Dummies
102103. International Production Networks in Asia: Rivalry or Riches
102104. Sharpening Your SAS Skills
102105. System Assurance: Beyond Detecting Vulnerabilities
102106. 25 Natural Ways to Relieve Headaches : A Mind-Body Approach to Health and Well-Being
102107. Adobe Photoshop CS6 for Photographers: A professional image editor's guide to the creative use of Photoshop for the Macintosh and PC
102108. Ultimate Jump Rope Workouts: Kick-Ass Programs to Strengthen Muscles, Get Fit, and Take Your Endurance to the Next Level
102109. Configural Frequency Analysis: Methods, Models, and Applications
102110. The seven ages of the British army
102111. The Dead Father: A Psychoanalytic Inquiry
102112. Carving Faces Workbook: Learn to Carve Facial Expressions and Characteristics with the Legendary Harold Enlow
102113. Weekends with Daisy
102114. Negotiation Games
102115. NetBeans Platform 6.9 Developer's Guide
102116. Sustainable Graphic Design: Tools, Systems and Strategies for Innovative Print Design
102118. Obesity: Evaluation and Treatment Essentials
102119. Basic Electrical Engineering: v. 1
102120. At the Edge of Space: The X-15 Flight Program
102121. Active Index Investing: Maximizing Portfolio Performance and Minimizing Risk Through Global Index Strategies
102122. The Encyclopedia of the Digestive System and Digestive Disorders
102123. Early Intervention Games: Fun, Joyful Ways to Develop Social and Motor Skills in Children with Autism Spectrum or Sensory Processing Disorders
102124. Practical Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science Using Python 3
102125. Beginning Rails 4
102126. Viruses, Plagues, and History: Past, Present and Future
102127. Duplicity Theory of Vision: From Newton to the Present
102128. Slow Getting Up: A Story of NFL Survival from the Bottom of the Pile
102129. Behavioral Genetics
102130. Creating Research and Scientific Documents Using Microsoft Word
102131. Rustic Italian Food
102132. Meditations of John Muir: Nature's Temple
102133. HIV/AIDS: A Very Short Introduction
102134. The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook
102135. Oracle 10g/11g Data and Database Management Utilities
102136. My Max Score SAT World History Subject Test: Maximize Your Score in Less Time
102137. The 1916 Battle of the Somme: A Reappraisal
102138. Bounce: Mozart, Federer, Picasso, Beckham, and the Science of Success
102139. Planning the Good Community
102140. Best Easy Day Hikes Shenandoah National Park, 4th
102141. Treating Personality Disorder: Creating Robust Services for People with Complex Mental Health Needs
102142. A Man's Guide to Healthy Aging: Stay Smart, Strong, and Active
102143. Eargle's The Microphone Book: From Mono to Stereo to Surround - A Guide to Microphone Design and Application
102144. Mann on the Legal Aspect of Money
102145. Valuation and Sale of Residential Property
102146. High Voltage Vacuum Insulation: Basic Concepts and Technological Practice
102147. Controversies in Tourism
102148. The Wisdom of the Eye
102149. Frequency Domain Hybrid Finite Element Methods in Electromagnetics
102150. Commerce of the Sacred: Mediation of the Divine Among Jews in the Graeco-Roman Diaspora
102151. Chronic Physical Disorders: Behavioral Medicine's Perspective
102152. Barron's SAT Subject Test Chemistry, 11th Edition
102153. Pharmacotherapy of Bipolar Disorders
102154. Big Data For Dummies
102155. Topology: An Introduction with Application to Topological Groups
102156. Herpes
102157. Thermodynamik für Maschinenbauer
102158. 101 Tax Secrets For Canadians: Smart Strategies That Can Save You Thousands
102159. Black and White in Photoshop CS4 and Photoshop Lightroom: A complete integrated workflow solution for creating stunning monochromatic images in Photoshop CS4, Photoshop Lightroom, and beyond
102160. Warships of the Imperial Japanese Navy, 1869-1945
102161. Medical Physiology, Updated Edition: With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access, 1e
102162. Cannabis Activist's Handbook
102163. Rule by Secrecy: The Hidden History That Connects the Trilateral Commission, the Freemasons, and the Great Pyramids
102164. An Introduction to Programming: An Object-Oriented Approach With C++
102165. Focus on Advanced English: C.A.E.
102166. Step-Up to Medicine
102167. Getting Started with ownCloud
102168. Clinical Simulation
102169. Accelerating Your Development as a Leader: A Guide for Leaders and their Managers
102170. Mastering Peyote Stitch: 15 Inspiring Projects
102171. QuickBooks 2014: The Missing Manual: The Official Intuit Guide to QuickBooks 2014
102172. Langford's Advanced Photography: The guide for aspiring photographers
102173. Responding to Terrorism: A Medical Handbook, 1e
102174. Poltergeist: A Classic Study in Destructive Hauntings
102175. Relentless Improvement: True Stories of Lean Transformations
102176. Mastering phpMyAdmin for Effective MySQL Management 2e
102177. Tank Power Vol. CV No. 353: PzKpfw III Ausf. A-D
102178. WCF 4.5 Multi-Layer Services Development with Entity Framework
102179. My Stairway to Subud
102180. Cultural Transmission: Psychological, Developmental, Social, and Methodological Aspects
102181. Oracle SOA Suite 11g Performance Tuning Cookbook
102182. Emeril's Cooking with Power: 100 Delicious Recipes Starring Your Slow Cooker, Multi Cooker, Pressure Cooker, and Deep Fryer
102183. Our Billie: Learning to Live with Every Family's Worst Nightmare
102184. Clinical Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders in Adults and Children
102185. Virtualization of Universities: Digital Media and the Organization of Higher Education Institutions
102186. How To Present At Meetings
102187. Safety Critical Systems Handbook: A STRAIGHTFOWARD GUIDE TO FUNCTIONAL SAFETY, IEC 61508
102188. Corporate Capitalism and Political Philosophy
102189. Excel VBA 24-Hour Trainer
102190. jBPM5 Developer Guide
102191. Zymurgy for the Homebrewer and Beer Lover: The Best Articles and Advice
102192. Herschel 400 Observing Guide
102193. The Landscape Urbanism Reader
102194. A+ Guide to Managing & Maintaining Your PC
102195. Developer's Guide to Web Application Security
102196. Photo Inspiration: Secrets Behind Stunning Images
102197. Suburban Nation: The Rise of Sprawl and the Decline of the American Dream
102198. Heidegger & Nietzsche
102199. Fodor's Walt Disney World 2014: with Universal, SeaWorld, and the Best of Central Florida
102200. Java Programming for Android Developers For Dummies
102201. 101 Windows Phone 7 Apps, Volume I: Developing Apps 1-50
102202. Bridges Between Tradition and Innovation in Ethnomedicine: Fostering Local Development Through Community-Based Enterprises in India
102203. Windows Server 2012 Security from End to Edge and Beyond: Architecting, Designing, Planning, and Deploying Windows Server 2012 Security Solutions
102204. Lifelong Success, Triathlon: Training for Masters : Ironman Edition
102205. Mac & Cheese: More than 80 Classic and Creative Versions of the Ultimate Comfort Food
102206. User Experience in the Age of Sustainability: A Practitioner's Blueprint
102207. The Road to Verdun: France, Nationalism and the First World War
102208. Augmented Reality with Kinect
102209. BCL2 Protein Family: Essential Regulators of Cell Death
102210. Achieving Excellence in Fundraising
102211. Medical Management of Eating Disorders
102212. Backpacker magazine's Complete Guide to Outdoor Gear Maintenance and Repair: Step-by-Step Techniques to Maximize Performance and Save Money
102213. Philosophy and Computer Science
102214. Scratch Cookbook
102215. Bounce: Mozart, Federer, Picasso, Beckham, and the Science of Success
102216. Robert Knoth & Antoinette de Jong: Poppy: Trails of Afghan Heroin
102217. Seeing What Others Don't: The Remarkable Ways We Gain Insights
102218. Russia's Steppe Frontier: The Making of a Colonial Empire, 1500-1800
102219. The Cambridge Introduction to Harriet Beecher Stowe
102220. TYPO3 4.3 Multimedia Cookbook
102221. Computer Networks, the Internet and Next Generation Networks: A Protocol-based and Architecture-based Perspective
102222. Property and Power in Social Theory: A Study in Intellectual Rivalry
102223. Coming to Terms with Chinese Buddhism: A Reading of the Treasure Store Treatise
102224. Eva Braun: Life with Hitler
102225. Simulation, Fifth Edition
102226. Norm Derivatives and Characterizations of Inner Product Spaces
102227. Nonparametric Statistical Tests: A Computational Approach
102228. Maya for Games: Modeling and Texturing Techniques with Maya and Mudbox
102229. The Ashes Diary
102230. Ban This Filth!: Letters from the Mary Whitehouse Archive
102231. Performance Evaluation Software: Moving Object Detection and Tracking in Videos
102232. Economics and Ecology: United for a Sustainable World
102233. Kaplan Anatomy Coloring Book
102234. DC Comics Guide to Coloring and Lettering Comics
102235. Mere Equals: The Paradox of Educated Women in the Early American Republic
102236. Recursive Streamflow Forecasting: A State Space Approach
102237. A Level of Martin-Lof Randomness
102238. Nonlinear Conservation Laws, Fluid Systems and Related Topics
102239. Locally Presentable and Accessible Categories
102240. Witchcraft: A Very Short Introduction
102241. The Function of the Orgasm: Sex-Economic Problems of Biological Energy
102242. A Companion to the Punic Wars
102243. Simply Brilliant
102244. Kant and the Concept of Race: Late Eighteenth-Century Writings
102245. Crash of the Titans: Greed, Hubris, the Fall of Merrill Lynch, and the Near-Collapse of Bank of America
102246. Breakthrough Branding: How Smart Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs Transform a Small Idea into a Big Brand
102247. Linux+ 2005 In Depth
102248. Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading
102249. What is Counselling and Psychotherapy?
102250. The Artisan Food Entrepreneur: Profiles in Passion and Success
102251. Boy Soldiers of the Great War
102252. The Iron Cage
102253. Filibustering: A Political History of Obstruction in the House and Senate
102254. Managing Managed Care: Psychotherapy and Medication Management in the Modern Era
102255. Energy Portfolios
102256. The fateful alliance: France, Russia, and the coming of the First World War
102257. Telecommunications Technology Handbook
102258. The Horse in the City: Living Machines in the Nineteenth Century
102259. A Vision of the Sacred: My Personal Journey with Krishnamurti
102260. Tartine
102261. Manual of Engineering Drawing, Second Edition: to British and International Standards
102262. The Use of Psychoanalytic Concepts in Therapy With Families
102263. The LEGO Build-It Book, Vol. 2: More Amazing Vehicles
102264. The Dark Side of Disney
102265. Armour Battles on the Eastern Front: Downfall of the Reich 1943-1945 v. 2
102266. Agile Web Development with Rails 4
102267. The Gramscian Moment: Philosophy, Hegemony and Marxism
102268. The Knights Templar
102269. 1,000 Incredible Costume and Cosplay Ideas: A Showcase of Creative Characters from Anime, Manga, Video Games, Movies, Comics, and More
102270. The army in Bourbon Mexico, 1760-1810
102271. The Threat of Liberation: Imperialism and Revolution in Zanzibar
102272. A Companion to Shakespeare's Sonnets
102273. Money Changes Everything: Get Rich, Live Rich, Die Rich
102274. Reliability Models for Engineers and Scientists
102275. The Pursuit of Unhappiness: The Elusive Psychology of Well-Being
102276. Instant Analysis
102277. Building Enterprise Systems with ODP: An Introduction to Open Distributed Processing
102278. The kernel function and conformal mapping
102279. Swedish Desserts: 80 Traditional Recipes
102280. On War: A Dialogue
102281. Next-Generation Batteries and Fuel Cells for Commercial, Military, and Space Applications
102282. BULLETPROOF WIRELESS SECURITY: GSM, UMTS, 802.11, and Ad Hoc Security
102283. Enterprise Search
102284. Virtuous Thoughts: The Philosophy of Ernest Sosa
102285. Kansas City Lightning: The Rise and Times of Charlie Parker
102286. SmartData: Privacy Meets Evolutionary Robotics
102287. Manifold Theory: An Introduction for Mathematical Physicists
102288. Analysis I
102289. High Performance MySQL: Optimization, Backups, Replication, and More
102290. Felt Toys for Little Ones: Handmade Playsets to Spark Imaginative Play
102291. Punishment: The Supposed Justifications Revisited
102292. The God I Don't Understand: Reflections on Tough Questions of Faith
102293. First Principles of Gastroenterology and Hepatology
102294. Joomla! 1.5 Template Design
102295. Slow Getting Up: A Story of NFL Survival from the Bottom of the Pile
102296. Fight to Win
102297. jQuery Reference Guide: A Comprehensive Exploration of the Popular JavaScript Library
102298. Corporal Hitler and the Great War 1914-1918: The List Regiment
102299. Fairies in Medieval Romance
102300. WrestleCrap: The Very Worst of Pro Wrestling
102301. Property Derivatives: Pricing, Hedging and Applications
102302. Citizenship and Migration in the Era of Globalization: The Flow of Migrants and the Perception of Citizenship in Asia and Europe
102303. The Cambridge Companion to Orthodox Christian Theology
102304. Anthropology: A Global Perspective
102305. Handbook of Frequency Allocations and Spectrum Protection for Scientific Uses
102306. Moola Bandha: The Master Key
102307. Decision in the Ukraine: German Panzer Operations on the Eastern Front, Summer 1943
102308. Pseudo-Philo: Rewriting the Bible
102309. Learning AWS OpsWorks
102310. The Prosthetic Pedagogy of Art: Embodied Research and Practice
102311. The Plutonium Files: America's Secret Medical Experiments in the Cold War
102312. Technical Analysis of Stock Trends Explained: An Easy-to-Understand System for Successful Trading
102313. Chomsky: Ideas and Ideals
102314. Haiku Knits: 25 Serenely Beautiful Patterns Inspired by Japanese Design
102315. The Sparkle Factory: The Design and Craft of Tarina's Fashion Jewelry and Accessories
102316. Library World Records, 2d ed.
102317. Modern China: A Very Short Introduction
102318. IT Manager's Handbook, Third Edition: Getting your new job done
102319. Professional SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services
102320. Human Design: Discover the Person You Were Born to Be
102321. Friends of God: Islamic Images of Piety, Commitment, and Servanthood
102322. 25 Ways to Sew Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes & Charm Packs: Modern Quilts from Contemporary Pre-cuts
102323. Energy and Transportation: Challenges for the Chemical Sciences in the 21st Century
102324. Experimentation in Mathematics: Computational Paths to Discovery
102325. Exceptional Life Journeys: Stories of Childhood Disorder
102326. Liberal and Fascist Italy: 1900-1945
102327. Fishing for Dummies
102328. Establishing Transdisciplinary Professionalism for Improving Health Outcomes: Workshop Summary
102329. Pause now: handbook for a spiritual revolution
102330. International Handbook of Migration, Minorities and Education: Understanding Cultural and Social Differences in Processes of Learning
102331. 601 Great Scrapbook Ideas
102332. The Cambridge Companion to Critical Theory
102333. Freud on the Psychology of Ordinary Mental Life
102334. The Cambridge Companion to Orthodox Christian Theology
102335. The Veterans and Active Duty Military Psychotherapy Progress Notes Planner
102336. Clinician's Guide to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
102337. Ancient Grains for Modern Meals: Mediterranean Whole Grain Recipes for Barley, Farro, Kamut, Polenta, Wheat Berries & More
102338. My Max Score SAT Biology E/M Subject Test: Maximize Your Score in Less Time
102339. Die Inquisition
102340. The Lotus of the Wonderful Law, or The Lotus Gospel: Saddharma Pundarika Sutra / Mao-Fa Lien Hua Ching
102341. Popular Media and Animals
102342. Technical Analysis of Stock Trends Explained: An Easy-to-Understand System for Successful Trading
102343. Cracking the ACT, 2013 Edition
102344. Sydney
102345. Investments
102346. A Covert Affair: Julia Child and Paul Child in the OSS
102347. Privacy Defended: Protecting Yourself Online
102348. A Companion to the Anthropology of Education
102349. Cosmological Crossroads - An Advanced Course in Mathematical, Physical and String Cosmology
102350. Skeptics and True Believers: The Exhilarating Connection Between Science and Spirituality
102351. Managing Renal Injury in the Elderly Patient
102352. The Physics and Psychophysics of Music: An Introduction
102353. Nerilka's Story
102354. The Matilda
102355. Baby Massage
102356. Israel/Palestine and the Queer International
102357. Sound Reproduction: The Acoustics and Psychoacoustics of Loudspeakers and Rooms
102358. Heal Yourself 101: Get Younger & Never Get Sick Again
102359. Sampling
102360. Globalization and Environmental Challenges: Reconceptualizing Security in the 21st Century
102361. Ribbentrop: Oder: Die Verlockung des nationalen Aufbruchs. Eine politische Biographie
102362. How to Draw Anime & Game Characters, Vol. 1: Basics for Beginners and Beyond
102363. ΣΑΜΠΑΤΕ. Ένοπλος Αγώνας στην Ισπανία 1945 - 1960
102364. Introducing Psychology
102365. ΣΑΜΠΑΤΕ. Ένοπλος Αγώνας στην Ισπανία 1945 - 1960
102366. Convergence: User Expectations, Communications Enablers and Business Opportunities
102367. Schizophrenia: A Practical Primer
102368. Polypharmacy in Psychiatry Practice, Volume I: Multiple Medication Use Strategies
102369. Twin Ambitions - My Autobiography
102370. Alterations of Consciousness: An Empirical Analysis for Social Scientists
102371. Innovations in Robot Mobility and Control
102372. Total Resistance
102373. Actuaries' Survival Guide, Second Edition: How to Succeed in One of the Most Desirable Professions
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102375. Thermodynamic Models: Fundamentals And Computational Aspects
102376. Longman Photo Dictionary of American English, New Edition
102377. The 17 Day Diet: A Doctor's Plan Designed for Rapid Results
102378. The Tragicomical History of Thermodynamics, 1822-1854
102379. The Joy of Sex
102380. Night and Low-Light Photography Photo Workshop
102381. Clinical Aspects of Dental Materials
102382. Glitterville's Handmade Halloween: A Glittered Guide for Whimsical Crafting!
102383. Using CiviCRM
102384. Thanks for My Journey: A Holocaust Survivor's Story of Living Fearlessly
102385. Random Fields on the Sphere: Representation, Limit Theorems and Cosmological Applications
102386. The Elephant in the Room: Silence and Denial in Everyday Life
102387. Critical Thinking Puzzles
102388. Sex and Sexuality in China
102389. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
102390. Telling It Like It Is : 23 Breast Cancer Journeys
102391. The Newlywed Cookbook: Fresh Ideas and Modern Recipes for Cooking With and for Each Other
102392. The Human Condition: Second Edition
102393. 1001 Horrible Facts
102394. Psychosomatic Disorders in Seventeenth-Century French Literature
102395. Sharing is Good: How to Save Money, Time and Resources through Collaborative Consumption
102396. 500 Years of Illustration: From Albrecht Durer to Rockwell Kent
102397. Mystic China
102398. Gandhi: A Very Short Introduction
102399. Nothing Is Impossible: My Story
102400. Microsoft Project 2013 Step by Step
102401. Hartland's Medical and Dental Hypnosis, 4e
102402. Service Oriented Architecture with Java: Using SOA and web services to build powerful Java applications
102403. Textbook of Neurointensive Care
102404. Less Than Words Can Say
102405. Pocket Protocols for Ultrasound Scanning, 2nd Edition
102406. The Self-Evolving Cosmos: A Phenomenological Approach to Nature's Unity-in-Diversity
102407. Looking Out, Looking In
102408. Dorothea Lange: Grab a Hunk of Lightning
102409. Mobile Robots: Inspiration to Implementation, Second Edition
102410. The 3CX IP PBX Tutorial
102411. The Fairy Way of Writing: Shakespeare to Tolkien
102412. Ο ρόλος της εργασίας στην εξανθρώπιση του πιθήκου. Ο Ένγκελς και η καταγωγή της ανθρώπινης κοινωνίας
102413. Women, Dissent and Anti-Slavery in Britain and America, 1790-1865
102414. Cancer Genomics: Molecular Classification, Prognosis and Response Prediction
102415. Ο ρόλος της εργασίας στην εξανθρώπιση του πιθήκου. Ο Ένγκελς και η καταγωγή της ανθρώπινης κοινωνίας
102416. The End of Membership as We Know It: Building the Fortune-Flipping, Must-Have Association of the Next Century
102417. Rhetoric Versus Reality: What We Know and What We Need to Know About Vouchers and Charter Schools
102418. A Handbook of Applied Statistics in Pharmacology
102419. Food and Drink - Good Manufacturing Practice: A Guide to its Responsible Management
102420. A history of modern psychology in context
102421. Be a Better Runner: Real World, Scientifically-proven Training Techniques that Will Dramatically Improve Your Speed, Endurance, and Injury Resistance
102422. The Beginning Runner's Handbook: The Proven 13-Week Walk/Run Program
102423. The Ottoman Empire, 1700-1922
102424. Farewell to the Working Class
102425. Exorcising Devils from the Throne: Sao Tome and Principe
102426. Product Experience
102427. Support Vector Machines: Optimization Based Theory, Algorithms, and Extensions
102428. Reshaping European Gas and Electricity Industries
102429. Mind Over Markets: Power Trading with Market Generated Information, Updated Edition
102430. Comparing Democracies 2: New Challenges in the Study of Elections and Voting
102431. E-Content: Technologies and Perspectives for the European Market
102432. Getting Started in Hedge Funds
102433. The Official Patient's Sourcebook on Smell and Taste Disorders
102435. Stan Weinstein's Secrets for Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets
102436. An Introduction to Science and Technology Studies
102437. Rethinking Leadership: A New Look at Old Leadership Questions
102438. Hot Connections Jewelry: The Complete Sourcebook of Soldering Techniques
102439. Draw 50 Creepy Crawlies: The Step-by-Step Way to Draw Bugs, Slugs, Spiders, Scorpions, Butterflies, and Many More...
102440. My Numbers, My Friends: Popular Lectures on Number Theory
102441. A Quilting Life: Creating a Handmade Home
102442. Germans Against Hitler: The Stauffenberg Plot and Resistance Under the Third Reich
102443. High-Risk IV Medications in Special Patient Populations
102444. Structures on the Move: Technologies of Governance in Transcultural Encounter
102445. Sh*t Girls Say
102446. Sworn Enemies The Divine Oath, the Book of Ezekiel, and the Polemics of Exile BZAW 436
102447. Two Scoops of Django: Best Practices For Django 1.5
102448. GI Practice Review - Second Edition
102449. The 33 Strategies of War
102450. Drupal 6 Themes: Create new themes for your Drupal 6 site with clean layout and powerful CSS styling
102451. The Encyclopedia of Sleep and Sleep Disorders
102452. Therapy Skills for Healthcare: An Introduction to Brief Psychological Techniques
102453. Beginning OpenGL Game Programming
102454. The Submissive: The Submissive Trilogy
102455. 7-Day Menu Planner For Dummies
102456. Healing the Scars of Emotional Abuse
102457. Secret Temple
102458. Organizing Around Intelligence: The New Paradigm
102459. The Way of the World
102460. 2666
102461. What Happened to Goldman Sachs: An Insider's Story of Organizational Drift and Its Unintended Consequences
102462. Scarf Style
102463. Scratch Cookbook
102464. Declarative Networking
102465. Uprisings: A Hands-On Guide to the Community Grain Revolution
102466. My Promised Land: The Triumph and Tragedy of Israel
102467. Ashamed to Die: Silence, Denial, and the AIDS Epidemic in the South
102468. Scritti letterari
102469. Public Finance, Second Edition: A Normative Theory
102470. Crash of the Titans: Greed, Hubris, the Fall of Merrill Lynch, and the Near-Collapse of Bank of America
102471. Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies
102472. Statistical Power Analysis: A Simple and General Model for Traditional and Modern Hypothesis Tests
102473. Service Management: An Integrated Approach to Supply Chain Management and Operations
102474. 1,000 Bags, Tags, and Labels: Distinctive Designs for Every Industry
102475. Inherited Bleeding Disorders in Women
102476. The Hidden Europe: What Eastern Europeans Can Teach Us
102477. Divorce With Decency: The Complete How-to Handbook and Survivor's Guide to the Legal, Emotional, Economic, and Social Issues
102478. Creating Mixed Model Value Streams: Practical Lean Techniques for Building to Demand, Second Edition
102479. Uncle John's Bathroom Reader: Plunges into History
102480. Digital Audio Editing: Correcting and Enhancing Audio in Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase, and Studio One
102481. The Enlightened Sex Manual: Sexual Skills for the Superior Lover
102482. Confidential: The Life of Secret Agent Turned Hollywood Tycoon- Arnon Milchan
102483. Twin Ambitions - My Autobiography
102484. A Software-Defined GPS and Galileo Receiver: A Single-Frequency Approach
102485. The Path of Infinite Sorrow: The Japanese on the Kokoda Track
102486. Java Programming for Android Developers For Dummies
102487. Knowledge Flows, Technological Change and Regional Growth in the European Union
102488. The Elephant in the Room: Silence and Denial in Everyday Life
102489. Modern Management of Perinatal Psychiatric Disorders
102490. Draw 50 Horses: The Step-by-Step Way to Draw Broncos, Arabians, Thoroughbreds, Dancers, Prancers, and Many More...
102491. The Gaffer
102492. Advanced Classical Field Theory
102493. Naked Calories: The Calton's Simple 3-step Plan to Micronutrient Sufficiency
102494. Clark's Big Book of Bargains
102495. Quantum Theory of Anharmonic Effects in Molecules
102496. Hope and Despair in the American City: Why There Are No Bad Schools in Raleigh
102497. Technology of Plasticizers
102498. Soil Vapor Extraction Technology
102499. Sittig's Handbook of Pesticides and Agricultural Chemicals
102500. Shock Waves for Industrial Applications
102501. Recycling of PVC and Mixed Plastic Waste
102502. Rapra Collection of Infrared Spectra of Rubbers, Plastics, and Thermoplastic Elastomers
102503. Rapra Collection of DSC Thermograms of Semi-Crystalline Thermoplastic Materials
102504. Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields - Properties, Quantities and Units, Biophysical Interaction, and Measurements
102505. Radiation Protection in Veterinary Medicine
102506. Processing and Properties of Liquid Crystalline Polymers and LCP Based Blends
102507. Plastics Additives - An Industrial Guide Volume 3
102508. Plastics Additives - An Industrial Guide Volume 2
102509. Plastics Additives - An Industrial Guide Volume 1
102510. Military Handbook - MIL-HDBK-793(AR): Nondestructive Active Testing Techniques for Structural Composites
102511. Military Handbook - MIL-HDBK-754(AR): Plastic Matrix Composites with Continuous Fiber Reinforcement
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102513. Military Handbook - MIL-HDBK-17-1F: Composite Materials Handbook, Volume 1 - Polymer Matrix Composites Guidelines for Characterization of Structural Materials
102514. Military Handbook - MIL-HDBK-1110: Handbook for Paints and Protective Coatings for Facilities
102515. Medical Plastics - Degradation Resistance & Failure Analysis
102516. Ionized-Cluster Beam Deposition and Epitaxy
102517. Instrumentation and Monitoring Methods for Radiation Protection
102518. Industrial Synthetic Resins Handbook
102519. Imaging and Image Analysis Applications for Plastics
102520. Hydrogen Degradation of Ferrous Alloys
102521. High Voltage Engineering and Testing
102522. High Performance Thermoplastic Resins and Their Composites
102523. HazMat Data - For First Response, Transportation, Storage, and Security
102524. Handbook of Systems Engineering and Management
102525. Handbook of Industrial Refractories Technology - Principles, Types, Properties and Applications
102526. Guidelines for Chemical Transportation Risk Analysis
102527. Gas Migration - Events Preceding Earthquakes
102528. Fungicides, Biocides and Preservatives for Industrial and Agricultural Applications
102529. Fluoroplastics, Volume 1 - Non-Melt Processible Fluoroplastics
102530. Film Properties of Plastics and Elastomers - A Guide to Non-Wovens in Packaging Applications
102531. Fiber Optic Component Design, Fabrication, Testing, Operation, Reliability and Maintainability
102532. Exposure Criteria for Medical Diagnostic Ultrasound: II. Criteria Based on All Known Mechanisms
102533. Exposure Criteria for Medical Diagnostic Ultrasound: I. Criteria Based on Thermal Mechanisms
102534. Environmental Stress Cracking of Plastics
102535. Environmental Health - Third World Problems - First World Preoccupations
102536. Engineering Formulas for Metalcutting - Presented in Customary U.S. and Metric Units of Measure
102537. Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Commercial Polymer Blends
102538. Electrically Conductive Organic Polymers for Advanced Applications
102539. Dynamic Mechanical Analysis for Plastics Engineering
102540. Cooper's Comprehensive Environmental Desk Reference
102541. Construction and Structural Adhesives and Sealants - An Industrial Guide
102542. Approaches to Implementing Solid Waste Recycling Facilities
102543. Water Encyclopedia, Volumes 1-5
102544. Use of Corrosion Inhibitors in Oil and Gas Production
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102546. Surface Contamination and Cleaning, Volume 1
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102548. Soluble Silicates - Their Properties and Uses, Volumes 1-2
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102550. Selecting Injection Molds - Weighing Cost versus Productivity
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102552. Requirements Engineering - A Good Practice Guide
102553. Radiation Protection and Measurement for Low-Voltage Neutron Generators
102554. Radiation Alarms and Access Controls Systems
102555. Polymer Biomaterials in Solution, as Interfaces and as Solids - Festschrift Honoring the 60th Birthday of Dr. Allan S. Hoffman
102556. Plastics Technician's Toolbox, Volumes 1-6
102557. Plastics Technician's Toolbox, Volumes 1-6
102558. Organic and Inorganic Coatings for Corrosion Prevention - Research and Experiences - Papers from EUROCORR '96
102559. Neural and Intelligent Systems Integration - Fifth and Sixth Generation Integrated Reasoning Information Systems
102560. Modifications of Passive Films - Prepared by the Working Party on Surface Science and Mechanisms of Corrosion and Protection
102561. Microbiological Degradation of Materials - and Methods of Protection - Prepared by the Working Party on Microbial Corrosion
102562. Marine Corrosion of Stainless Steels
102563. Marine Corrosion of Stainless Steels - Chlorination and Microbial Effects
102564. Lifetime Modelling of High Temperature Corrosion Processes
102565. International Resources Guide to Hazardous Chemicals - Manufacturers, Agencies, Organizations, and Useful Sources of Information
102566. Illustrated Case Histories of Marine Corrosion
102567. How to Make Injection Molds
102568. A Handbook of Radioactivity Measurements Procedures, 2nd edition
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102570. Handbook of Antiblocking, Release, and Slip Additives
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102572. Guidelines for Methods of Testing and Research in High Temperature Corrosion - Prepared by the Working Party on Corrosion by Hot Gases and Combustion Products
102573. Fluoropolymers Applications in Chemical Processing Industries - The Definitive User's Guide and Databook
102574. Fluoropolymers - Technology, Markets and Trends
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102576. Engineering Metallurgy - Applied Physical Metallurgy
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102580. Ecological Aspects of Polymer Flame Retardancy
102581. Dose Control at Nuclear Power Plants
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102583. Corrosion-Deformation Interactions CDI '96 - CDI '96 in conjunction with EUROCORR '96 -
102584. Corrosion Problems Related to Nuclear Waste Disposal
102585. Corrosion Inhibitors for Steel in Concrete - State of the Art Report
102586. Corrosion in the Nuclear Industry
102587. Control of Corrosion in Cooling Waters
102588. CO2 Corrosion Control in Oil and Gas Production - Design Considerations - Prepared by the Working Party on Corrosion in Oil and Gas
102589. Calibration of Survey Instruments Used in Radiation Protection for the Assessment of Ionizing Radiation Fields and Radioactive Surface Contamination
102590. Biology Data Book, Volumes 1-3
102591. Air Monitoring in the Rubber and Plastics Industries
102592. 2004 Emergency Response Guidebook
102593. Warmed-over Flavor of Meat
102594. Vitamins in Animal Nutrition. Comparative Aspects to Human Nutrition
102632. Treatise on Materials Science and Technology: Volume 5
102633. Materials for Marine Systems and Structures
102634. Embrittlement of Engineering Alloys
102635. Preparation and Properties of Thin Films
102637. Experimental Methods
102638. Experimental Methods
102639. Metallurgy of Superconducting Materials
102641. Modulation Techniques
102642. Advances in Photovoltaics: Part 2
102643. Oxide Semiconductors
102644. Advances in Photovoltaics: Volume 1
102645. Advances in Semiconductor Lasers
102646. Quantum Efficiency in Complex Systems, Part IIFrom Molecular Aggregates to Organic Solar Cells
102647. Quantum Efficiency in Complex Systems, Part I: Biomolecular systems
102648. Applications and Devices Part B
102653. III-V Compound Semiconductors and Semiconductor Properties of Superionic Materials
102654. Lightwave Communications Technology: Part B Semiconductor Injection Lasers, I
102655. Lightwave Communications Technology: Material Growth Technologies
102656. Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon: Part D: Device Applications
102657. Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon: Electronic and Transport Properties
102658. Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon: Optical Properties
102659. Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon: Part A: Preparation and Structure
102660. Physics of III-V Compounds
102661. Risk Management for Food Allergy
102664. Progress in Optics
102665. Progress in Optics
102744. A Practical Guide to Television Sound Engineering
102745. Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease
102746. Glycoproteins and Disease
102747. Computational Methods in Molecular Biology
102749. Immobilized p: H Gradients: Theory and Methodology
102750. Synthetic Polypeptides as Antigens
102751. Glycoprotein and Proteoglycan Techniques
102761. Molecular Cell Pathology
102762. Handbook of Food and Beverage Stability
102763. Future Energy. Improved, Sustainable and Clean Options for our Planet
102764. Food Safety Management. A Practical Guide for the Food Industry
102765. Diseases of Sugarcane. Major Diseases
102767. Experimental Systems for Analysis of Cell Differentiation
102774. Cytoskeleton in Development
102775. The Molecular and Developmental Biology of Keratins
102776. Neural Development Part IVCellular and Molecular Differentiation
102778. Neural Development Part IINeural Development in Model Systems
102779. Neural Development Part IEmergence of Specificity in Neural Histogenesis
102780. Immunological Approaches to Embryonic Development and Differentiation Part II
102797. Advances in Parasitology
102802. Advances in Microwaves
102805. Microbial Globins - Status and Opportunities
102816. The Biology of Calanoid Copepods
102819. The Biology of the Penaeidae
102838. Advances in Geophysics
102839. Index for volumes 1–41
102841. Issues in Atmospheric and Oceanic Modeling: Part B Weather Dynamics
102842. Issues in Atmospheric and Oceanic Modeling: Part A Climate Dynamics
102844. Principles and Applications of Microearthquake Networks
102845. International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics and International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics: Turbulent Diffusion in Environmental Pollution, Proceedings of a Symposium held at Charlottesville
102846. Turbulent Diffusion in Environmental Pollution, Proceedings of a Symposium held at Charlottesville
102861. Proceedings of The Seventh Symposium held at The Blackett Laboratory, Imperial College
102865. Photo-Electronic Image Devices, Proceedings of the Sixth Symposium
102866. Photo-Electronic Image Devices, Proceedings of the Sixth Symposium
102869. Photo-Electronic Image Devices, Proceedings of the Fifth Symposium Held at Imperial College
102874. Photo-Electronic Image Devices
102878. Photo-Electronic Image Devices, Proceedings of the Second Symposium Held at Imperial College
102880. Proceedings of A Symposium
102904. Classic Papers
102915. Investment in South East Asia. Policy and Laws
102916. Ostéopathie de la cage thoracique
102917. Les principes fondamentaux de la médecine chinoise
102918. Reprise des prothèses de hanches
102919. Manuel d'échocardiographie Doppler pour le patient en état critique
102920. Prothèses d'épaule. État actuel
102921. Manuel d'épuration extrarénale en réanimation
102922. Échocardiographie Doppler chez le patient en état critique
102923. Ostéopathie pédiatrique
102924. Les grandes déformations du pied de l'enfant et de l'adulte
102925. La scoliose idiopathique de l'enfant et de l'adulte
102926. Conférences d'enseignement 2009
102927. Conférences d'enseignement 2008
102928. Prise en charge des cervicalgies aiguës et chroniques
102929. Évaluation du potentiel suicidaire
102930. Analyse pratique du RCF
102931. Lésions traumatiques des nerfs périphériques
102932. Alternatives `l'arthrodèse lombaire et lombosacrée
102933. Traitement ostéopathique des lombalgies et lombosciatiques par hernie discale
102934. L'évaluation en art-thérapie
102935. Imagerie en réanimation
102936. Ostéopathie. Principes et applications ostéoarticulaires
102937. Le toucher relationnel au coeur des soins
102938. Aspects neurologiques de l'addiction
102939. Introduction to Materials Science
102940. Réanimation hépatosplanchnique
102941. Actualités rhumatologiques du sportif
102942. Prise en charge des fractures
102943. Prise en charge multidisciplinaire de la prééclampsie
102944. Douleur musculaire et étirements en 32 planches
102945. Traité de médecine ostéopathique du crâne et de l'articulation temporomandibulaire
102946. Les médicaments psychiatriques démystifiés
102947. Manipulations vasculaires viscérales
102948. Insuffisance circulatoire aiguë
102949. Conférences d'enseignement 2010
102950. Chirurgies esthétiques des paupières
102951. Stress et risques psychosociaux au travail
102952. Psychanalyse du lien au travail
102953. Activités thérapeutiques `médiation
102954. Les complexes du membre supérieur chez le sportif
102955. La prise en charge des états réputés dangereux
102956. La stigmatisation en psychiatrie et en santé mentale
102957. Urgences cardio-vasculaires et situations critiques en cardiologie
102958. Manuel de psychologie `l'usage des soignants
102959. Mémo-guide infirmier
102960. Manuel de strabologie
102961. Plans de soins types, chemins cliniques et guides de séjour
102962. Guide pratique de rééducation neurologique
102963. L'animation des personnes âgées en institution
102964. Deuils et endeuillés
102965. Guide pratique des techniques de médiation corporelle
102966. L'enfant dyspraxique et les apprentissages
102967. Les professionnels face `l'enfance en danger
102968. Premiers pas en psychothérapie
102969. Manuel pratique d'urogynécologie
102970. Les équipes mobiles auprès des adolescents en difficulté
102971. Médecine interne de Netter
102972. Chirurgie plastique et reconstructrice des parois et des confins
102973. Pathologie du complexe pelvi-fémoral du sportif
102974. Posturologie clinique Tonus, posture et attitude
102975. Nutrition clinique pratique
102976. Guide pratique de la création et gestion du cabinet médical
102977. Inégalités socio-sanitaires en France
102978. L'abord vasculaire pour hémodialyse
102979. Réanimation et coma
102980. Pathologie neurologique périnatale et ses conséquences
102981. Le bilan préopératoire `visée implantaire
102982. Être un soignant heureux: le défi
102983. L'attachement: approche clinique
102984. Risques médicaux au cabinet dentaire en pratique quotidienne
102985. Traitements parodontaux et lasers en omnipratique dentaire
102986. Quand les soignants témoignent
102987. La conscience dans tous ses états
102988. Psychiatrie, VIH et hépatite C
102989. TDM en traumatologie
102990. Soigner par la méditation
102991. Audiologie pratique Audiométrie
102992. Stress, dépression et pathologie cardiovasculaire
102993. Thrust, sémiologie, imagerie Indications ostéopathie vertébrale
102994. Guide de thérapeutique
102995. L'expertise médicale
102996. Guide pratique de la consultation pédiatrique
102997. Traitements psychologiques des troubles bipolaires
102998. Les psychothérapies comportementales et cognitives
102999. Psychothérapie psychodynamique
103000. Comprendre la kinésithérapie respiratoire
103001. Sophrologie: concepts et pratique
103002. Le bilan musculaire de Daniels et Worthingham
103003. Urgences odontologiques
103004. Pratique nouvelle de la transfusion sanguine
103005. Penser l'hôpital autrement
103006. Le développement de l'enfant
103007. Psychopathologie de l'adulte
103008. Guide pratique du médecin remplaçant
103009. Enfance et psychopathologie
103010. Scanner pratique
103011. La vaccination
103012. Psychopathologie en service de pédiatrie
103013. Interventions psychodynamiques brèves
103014. L'infirmier(e) en néphrologie
103015. L'infirmier(e) et les soins palliatifs
103016. Les personnalités pathologiques
103017. La consultation avec l'enfant
103018. La cheville traumatique: des certitudes en traumatologie du sport
103019. Le tout en un révisions IFSI
103020. Ateliers d'écriture thérapeutiques
103021. La rééducation de l'écriture de l'enfant
103022. L'approche thérapeutique de la famille
103023. La relaxation: nouvelles approches, nouvelles pratiques
103024. Traité de mésothérapie
103025. Le sommeil et l'enfant
103026. TCC et neurosciences
103027. L'essentiel de la médecine générale pour le chirurgien–dentiste
103028. Infirmier en milieu carcéral
103029. Manuel d'ergonomie `l'usage des professionnels de la petite enfance
103030. Suivi médical du patient traité pour un cancer
103031. Relations soignants–soignés
103032. Les aidants naturels auprès de l'adulte `l'hôpital
103033. Drames en milieu scolaire
103034. Femme enceinte: conseils en officine
103035. La mémoire de l'enfant
103036. Greffes osseuses et implants
103037. Échographie musculosquelettique
103038. Les psychothérapies: approche plurielle
103039. Mécanismes de défense: principes et échelles d'évaluation
103040. Psychologie positive et personnalité
103041. Guide pratique du diabète
103042. Hémorragies et thromboses
103043. Anorexie et boulimie: approche dialectique
103044. Les explorations fonctionnelles digestives
103045. Neuropsychologie de la sclérose en plaques
103046. Le burn out `l'hôpital
103047. Comprendre le comportement des NAC
103048. Guide pratique de l'infirmière
103049. L'évaluation des pratiques professionnelles en psychiatrie
103050. Les cliniques de la précarité
103051. Médiations corporelles dans la pratique des soins
103052. Pratique de la thanatopraxie
103053. Chirurgie des artères
103054. Psychopathologie transculturelle
103055. Fiches de soins infirmiers
103056. Réussir la démarche de soins
103057. L'implantologie non enfouie
103058. Psychothérapie cognitive de la dépression
103059. Mémo-guide de biologie et de physiologie humaines
103060. TCC chez l'enfant et l'adolescent
103061. Lexique de la recherche clinique et de la médecine factuelle
103062. Trisomie 21, communication et insertion
103063. Handicap mental: approche transdisciplinaire
103064. Applications en thérapie familiale systémique
103065. Guide pratique des épreuves d'effort cardiorespiratoires en cardiologie
103066. Les thérapies familiales systémiques
103067. Le passage `l'acte
103068. Obésité du chien
103069. Échocardiographie pédiatrique et foetale
103070. Rhinoplastie
103071. Guide pratique de mésothérapie
103072. Orthodontie de l'adulte
103073. Addictologie
103074. Guide pratique de traumatologie
103075. Thérapies brèves: situations cliniques
103076. Démarche clinique en neurologie du développement
103077. Conduite du bilan neuropsychologique chez l'enfant
103078. Le pied diabétique
103079. Physiologie du sport
103080. Séquelles des traumatismes articulaires chez les sportifs
103081. Mémo-fiches de secourisme
103082. Les tensions musculaires Du diagnostic au traitement
103083. Les aidants naturels auprès de l'enfant `l'hôpital
103084. Guide infirmier des examens de laboratoire
103085. Prescription des activités physiques
103086. Les prescriptions médicamenteuses en psychiatrie de l'enfant et de l'adolescent
103087. Les traitements du trouble obsessionnel compulsif
103088. Psychologie clinique et soins infirmiers
103089. BPCO
103090. Les transmissions ciblées au service de la qualité des soins
103091. Orthopédie pédiatrique
103092. Ostéopathie crânienne, techniques et protocoles de traitement
103093. Psychologie pathologique
103094. Diagnostic dermatologique
103095. Le traitement de la dépendance au tabac
103096. Neuropsychologie du vieillissement normal et pathologique
103097. Sortie de maternité et retour `domicile du nouveau-né
103098. Guide pratique de la consultation en gériatrie
103099. Ateliers en psychiatrie
103100. Relation d'aide en soins infirmiers
103101. Thérapeutique et gestes chirurgicaux simples en ophtalmologie vétérinaire
103102. Le développement affectif et intellectuel de l'enfant
103103. Souffrance, maladie et soins
103104. Les infirmités motrices cérébrales
103105. Le bilan urodynamique facile
103106. Relation d'aide en soins infirmiers
103107. L'attachement: approche théorique
103108. Thérapies brèves: principes et outils pratiques
103109. Adolescence et psychopathologie
103110. Soins infirmiers et douleur
103111. Les infections sexuellement transmissibles
103112. Nutrition du sportif
103113. Le matériel de maintien `domicile
103114. Les contes au coeur de la thérapie infirmière
103115. Pratique de l'EEG
103116. L'évaluation des psychothérapies et de la psychanalyse
103117. La relaxation thérapeutique
103118. Soins et cultures
103119. Guide du calcul de doses et de débits médicamenteux
103120. Thérapeutique dermatologique du chien
103121. Neuropsychologie de la maladie de Parkinson et des syndromes apparentés
103122. Thérapie cognitive et émotions
103123. Guide pratique de dermatologie
103124. Trisomie et handicaps génétiques associés
103125. Rythmes de vie et rythmes scolaires
103126. L'autisme et les troubles du développement psychologique
103127. Précis de psycho-oncologie de l'adulte
103128. Manuel d'EEG de l'adulte. Veille et sommeil
103129. Les tableaux de pathologies en Ifsi
103130. Troubles de l'attention chez l'enfant
103131. Neurologie du comportement
103132. Adaptation scolaire
103133. Chirurgie plastique et esthétique
103134. Examen clinique de l'appareil locomoteur
103135. Aspects psychosomatiques de la consultation en gynécologie
103136. Comprendre l'Echo-Doppler vasculaire
103137. Précis d'audioprothèse
103138. Chirurgie du sein
103139. Allergologie canine
103140. Chirurgie des traumatismes du pied et de la cheville
103141. Gastro–entérologie canine et féline
103142. Posturologie clinique
103143. Les ronflements
103144. Psychopathologie du sujet âgé
103145. Prescrire les psychotropes
103146. Le geste suicidaire
103147. Pour une mort plus humaine
103148. Les infirmières: identité, spécificité et soins infirmiers
103149. La toilette: voyage au coeur du soin
103150. Neurologie du chien et du chat
103151. L'infirmier et les soins aux personnes âgées
103152. La qualité du soin infirmier
103153. Les dépressions périnatales
103154. Mieux se connaître pour mieux soigner
103155. Soigner... Le premier art de la vie
103156. Prendre soin `l'hôpital
103157. Game Console Hacking. Have Fun While Voiding Your Warranty
103158. Designing SQL Server 2000 Databases. for .Net ™ Enterprise Servers
103159. Plasticizers Databook
103160. The Smart Card Report
103161. The Biometric Industry Report. Forecasts and Analysis to 2006
103162. Centrifugal Pumps and Allied Machinery
103163. How to Profitably Delight your Customers
103164. Demand Forecasting and Inventory Control. A computer aided learning approach
103165. Metallurgical Coatings 1988. Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Metallurgical Coatings, San Diego, CA, U.S.A., April 11–15, 1988
103166. Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films 1990
103167. Proteins: Form and Function
103168. Handbook of Energy for World Agriculture
103169. Virtualization with Xen™. Xen: Enterprise, ™ Xen: Server, ™ and Xen: Express ™
103170. World Criminal Justice Systems. A Comparative Survey
103171. Criminal Law
103172. Constitutional Rights of Prisoners
103173. Nonlinear Editing. Storytelling, Aesthetics, and Craft
103174. Postpolio Syndrome
103175. The Nucleosome. A Multi-Volume Treatise
103176. Fundamentals of the Theory of Computation: Principles and Practice
103177. Readings in Speech Recognition
103178. Juvenile Justice. An Introduction
103179. Polyvinyl Fluoride. Technology and Applications of PVF
103180. Criminology
103181. Community Policing
103182. Legal Guide for Police
103183. Effective Police Supervision
103184. Report Writing for Criminal Justice Professionals
103185. Police Ethics (Revised Printing)
103186. Policing In America
103187. Head and Neck Pathology
103188. Oncologic Imaging: A Multidisciplinary Approach
103189. A Primer in Cartilage Repair and Joint Preservation of the Knee
103190. Botulinum Toxin. Therapeutic Clinical Practice and Science
103191. Physician Assistant. A Guide to Clinical Practice
103192. Evidence-Based Orthopaedics. The Best Answers to Clinical Questions
103193. Oncologic Imaging. Essentials of Reporting Common Cancers
103194. Distributed Artificial Intelligence
103195. Reasoning About Actions & Plans
103196. The Nature of Chaos in Business. Using Complexity To Foster Successful Alliances and Acquisitions
103197. Learning in Chaos. Improving Human Performance in Today's Fast-Changing, Volatile Organizations
103198. HR to the Rescue. Case Studies of HR Solutions to Business Challenges
103199. The Global Advantage. How World-Class Organizations Improve Performance Through Globalization
103200. HRD Trends Worldwide. Shared Solutions to Compete in a Global Economy
103201. HRD Survival Skills. Essential strategies to promote training and development within your organization
103202. Managing Change Effectively. Approaches, Methods, and Case Examples
103203. Developing Supervisors and Team Leaders
103204. Competing Globally. Mastering Multicultural Management and Negotiations
103205. Executive Leadership. Building World Class Organizations
103206. Mastering the Chaos of Mergers and Acquisitions. How to Plan, Negotiate, and Implement Alliances and Partnerships in a Complex World
103207. Human Performance Consulting. Transforming Human Potential Into Productive Business Performance
103208. Intercultural Services. A Worldwide Buyer's Guide and Sourcebook
103209. Industrial Applications of Formal Methods to Model, Design and Analyze Computer Systems
103210. Ceramic Cutting Tools. Materials, Development and Performance
103211. Approaches to Implementing Solid Waste Recycling Facilities
103212. Handbook of Carbon, Graphite, Diamonds and Fullerenes. Processing, Properties and Applications
103213. High Performance Thermoplastic Resins and their Composites
103214. Tolley's Managing Email & Internet Use
103215. Tolley's Managing Fixed-Term & Part-Time Workers. A practical guide to employing temporary and part-time staff
103216. irs Managing Conflict in the Workplace
103217. irs Best Practice in HR Handbook
103218. The Knowledge Evolution. Expanding Organizational Intelligence
103219. Setting the PACE in Product Development. A Guide to Product And Cycle-time Excellence®
103220. Project Management. Getting the job done on time and in budget
103221. Olympic Event Organization
103222. A Climate of Success. Creating the right organizational climate for high performance
103223. Design and Evaluation of Physical Protection Systems
103224. Recruiting, Retaining and Releasing People. Managing redeployment, return, retirement and redundancy
103225. Museum Marketing. Competing in the Global Marketplace
103226. Human Performance Improvement. Building Practitioner Competence
103227. Tourism Marketing for Cities and Towns. Using Branding and Events to Attract Tourists
103228. Knowledge Cities. Approaches, Experiences, and Perspectives
103229. Creating the Discipline of Knowledge Management. The Latest in University Research
103230. Op Amp Applications Handbook
103231. Managing Tourism Crises
103232. Total Performance Scorecard. Redefining Management to Achieve Performance with Integrity
103233. Organizational Survival in the New World. The Intelligent Complex Adaptive System
103234. The New Knowledge Management. Complexity, Learning, and Sustainable Innovation
103235. Realizing the Promise of Corporate Portals. Leveraging Knowledge for Business Success
103236. The Innovation Super: Highway. Harnessing Intellectual Capital for Sustainable Collaborative Advantage
103237. Managing Employee Retention. A Strategic Accountability Approach
103238. Optical Training. Skills and Procedures
103239. World Congress on Intellectual Capital Readings
103240. Optometric Practice Management
103241. The Winning Trainer. Winning Ways to Involve People in Learning
103242. Knowledge and Communities
103243. The Power of Collaborative Leadership. Lessons for the Learning Organization
103244. Getting @ttention. Leading-Edge Lessons for Publicity and Marketing
103245. Large-Scale Organizational Change. An Executive's Guide
103246. Strategic Learning in a Knowledge Economy
103247. Knowledge and Social Capital. Foundations and Applications
103248. Skill Wars. Winning the Battle for Productivity and Profit
103249. Business Climate Shifts. Profiles of Changem Makers
103250. Knowledge, Groupware and the Internet
103251. Operations Risk. Managing a Key Component of Operations Risk under Basel II
103252. Marketing Destinations and Venues for Conferences, Conventions and Business Events
103253. Motivation, Ability and Confidence Building in People
103254. Sustainable Tourism. Theory and Practice
103255. Designing World Class Corporate Strategies. Value-Creating Roles for Corporate Centres
103256. Business Law in the Global Marketplace
103257. Sport Tourism Destinations. Issues, opportunities and analysis
103258. Value-Driven IT Management. Commercializing the IT Function
103259. Organization Behaviour for Leisure Services
103260. Customer Relationship Management. Perspectives from the Marketplace
103261. Marketing Strategy. The Difference Between Marketing and Markets
103262. Managing Information. IT for Business Processes
103263. Innovating at the Edge. How organizations evolve and embed innovation capability
103264. Assessing Business Excellence. A guide to business excellence and self-assessment
103265. In Search of Hospitality. Theoretical perspectives and debates
103266. Implementing Mentoring Schemes. A Practical Guide to Successful Programs
103267. Ocean Circulation
103268. European Gastronomy into the 21st Century
103269. Forecasting Tourism Demand. Methods and Strategies
103270. Performance Measurement in Finance. Firms, Funds and Managers
103271. New Product Development. A practical workbook for improving performance
103272. Hospitality Sales and Promotion. Strategies for Success
103273. Internal Marketing. Tools and concepts for customer-focused management
103274. Mentoring and Diversity. An international perspective
103275. Visitor Management. Case Studies from World Heritage Sites
103276. Tourism Reassessed. Blight or blessing?
103277. Cybermarketing. How to use the Internet to market your goods and services
103278. Hospitality Retail Management. A unit manager's guide
103279. Managing People. A guide for managers in the hotel and catering industry
103280. Stop IT Project Failures
103281. Cause Related Marketing. Who Cares Wins
103282. Excellence in Advertising. The IPA guide to best practice
103283. The Holiday Makers
103284. Strategic Management and Business Analysis
103285. Changing the Way We Work
103286. Creativity and Innovation for Managers
103287. Optics
103288. Front Office. Procedures, social skills, yield and management
103289. Successful Pubs and Inns
103290. The Business of Conferences. A hospitality sector overview for the UK and Ireland
103291. The Channel Advantage. Going to market with multiple sales channels to reach more customers, sell more products, make more profit
103292. Effective Management of Benchmarking Projects. Practical Guidelines and Examples of Best Practice
103293. Best Practice. Process Innovation Management
103294. Precipitation Hardening
103295. Accounting and Finance for the International Hospitality Industry
103296. Management Ideas. … in brief
103297. Fluid Physics for Oceanographers and Physicists. An Introduction to Incompressible Flow
103298. Engineering Applications
103299. Statistical Mechanics
103300. Sustainable Tourism. A Marketing Perspective
103301. Managing Mergers Acquisitions and Strategic Alliances. Integrating People and Cultures
103302. Strategies for Cultural Change
103303. Fundamentals of Advertising
103304. Controlled Particle, Droplet and Bubble Formation
103305. Orthodontic Treatment of the Class II Noncompliant Patient
103306. Molecular Basis of Cardiovascular Disease. A Companion to Braunwald's Heart Disease
103307. Physical Rehabilitation. Evidence-Based Examination, Evaluation, and Intervention
103308. Magnetism and Metallurgy of Soft Magnetic Materials
103309. Case Studies in Atomic Physics
103310. Alpha-, Beta- and Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy
103311. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Dogs and Cats
103312. Nasal Reconstruction. Art and Practice
103313. The Soil Mites of the World. Volume 1: Primitive Oribatids of the Palaearctic Region
103314. Pleomorphic Fungi. The Diversity and Its Taxonomic Implications
103315. The Soil Mites of the World. Volume 3: Oribatid Mites of the Neotropical Region II
103316. Kapitza in Cambridge and Moscow. Life and Letters of a Russian Physicist
103317. Dolichopodidae–Platypezidae
103318. Advances in Engineering Plasticity and its Applications
103319. Modern Approaches to Plasticity
103320. The Poços De Caldas Project: Natural Analogues of Processes in a Radioactive Waste Repository
103321. Semiconductor Materials Analysis and Fabrication Process Control
103322. Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films 1992
103323. Systems Engineering Using SDL-92
103324. Automation Based Creative Design: Research and Perspectives
103325. Optimal Design with Advanced Materials
103326. Agriculture and the Environment. Papers presented at the International Conference, 10–13 November 1991
103327. Non-destructive Testing '92
103328. Turbulence and Molecular Processes in Combustion
103329. Robotics, Mechatronics and Manufacturing Systems
103330. Principles of Laser Dynamics
103331. Physico-Chemical Properties of Selected Anionic, Cationic and Nonionic Surfactants
103332. Spectroscopy of Nonequilibrium Electrons and Phonons
103333. Signal Processing. Theories and Applications
103334. Modifications Induced by Irradiation in Glasses
103335. Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films 1991
103336. Biotic Diversity in Agroecosystems
103337. Non-Stoichiometry in Semiconductors
103338. High Tc Superconductor Thin Films
103339. Nonlinear Optics. Fundamentals, Materials and Devices
103340. Dynamics and Mechanisms of Photoinduced Electron Transfer and Related Phenomena
103341. Rapidly Quenched Materials
103342. Kinetic and Thermodynamic Lumping of Multicomponent Mixtures
103343. High Temperature Corrosion of Advanced Materials and Protective Coatings
103344. Mechanics, Analysis and Geometry: 200 Years After Lagrange
103345. Thermal Field Theories
103346. Photochemical Processes in Organized Molecular Systems
103347. Stereochemistry of Organometallic and Inorganic Compounds. Sterochemical Control, Bonding and Steric Rearrangements
103348. Frontiers of Materials Research: Electronic and Optical Materials. Proceedings of the Symposia N: Frontiers of Materials Research, A: High Tc Superconductors, and D: Optoelectronic Materials and Functional Crystals of the C-MRS International 1990 Conference Beijing, China, 18–22 June 1990
103349. Nonlinear Phenomena in Fluids, Solids and Other Complex Systems
103350. Mechanics and Fatigue in Wheel/Rail Contact
103351. Energy in Farm Production
103352. Between Science and Technology
103353. Databases for Production Management
103354. High Pressure Phase Behaviour of Multicomponent Fluid Mixtures
103355. Silicon Molecular Beam Epitaxy
103356. Fusion Technology 1990
103357. Anisotropic and Nonlinear Optical Waveguides
103358. Defect Control in Semiconductors
103359. Electrochemical and Electrocatalytic Reactions of Carbon Dioxide
103360. Physics in the Making. Essays on Developments in 20th Century Physics
103361. CP Violation
103362. Chemical Bonds–Better Ways to Make Them and Break Them
103363. Advanced EPR. Applications in Biology and Biochemistry
103364. Vacuum Technology
103365. High Tc Superconductors. Preparation and Application
103366. Qualitative Reasoning About Physical Systems
103367. Superconducting and Low-Temperature Particle Detectors
103368. Turbulence and Nonlinear Dynamics in MHD Flows
103369. High Gain, High Power Free Electron Laser: Physics and Application to Tev Particle Acceleration
103370. An Analysis of the Information Technology Standardization Process
103371. Ecological Assessment of Environmental Degradation, Pollution and Recovery
103372. Geometrical and Algebraic Aspects of Nonlinear Field Theory
103373. Ion Beam Assisted Film Growth
103374. Shallow Impurity Centers in Semiconductors
103375. Field Theory in Particle Physics
103376. Fractals in Physics
103377. Noise in Physical Systems and 1/f Noise 1985
103378. Recent Developments in Quantum Field Theory
103379. Semiclassical Descriptions of Atomic and Nuclear Collisions
103380. High Excitation and Short Pulse Phenomena
103381. Kinetics of Aggregation and Gelation
103382. Shock Waves in Condensed Matter 1983
103383. Surfaces and Interfaces: Physics and Electronics
103384. High Field Magnetism
103385. Fifth Generation Computer Systems
103386. Synthesis, Crystal Growth and Characterization
103387. Notes and Problems in Microeconomic Theory
103388. Diffraction and Imaging Techniques in Material Science. Imaging and Diffraction Techniques
103389. Diffraction and Imaging Techniques in Material Science. Electron Microscopy
103390. Quantum Liquids
103391. Free Electron Lasers 1997
103392. Microbiological Analysis of Food and Water. Guidelines for Quality Assurance
103393. Stress Responses of Photosynthetic Organisms. Molecular Mechanisms and Molecular Regulations
103394. Fusion Technology 1996
103395. Advances in the Understanding of Crystal Growth Mechanisms
103396. Restoration and Rehabilitation of the Desert Environment
103397. Comminution 1994
103398. C,H,N and O in Si and Characterization and Simulation of Materials and Processes
103399. Selected Topics in Group IV and II–VI Semiconductors
103400. Ion Beam Processing of Materials and Deposition Processes of Protective Coatings
103401. SDL '95 with MSC in Case
103402. Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Vacuum Ultraviolet Radiation Physics
103403. Photonic Probes of Surfaces
103404. Automation and Robotics in Construction Xi. Proceedings of the 11th International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction
103405. Research in Chemical Kinetics. Volume 3
103406. Research in Chemical Kinetics. Volume 2
103407. Advanced Materials '93. Computations, Glassy Materials, Microgravity and Non-Destructive Testing
103408. Advanced Materials '93. Ceramics, Powders, Corrosion and Advanced Processing
103409. Biogeomorphology, Terrestrial and Freshwater Systems
103410. Multiphase Flow 1995
103411. Duplex Systems. Hot-dip Galvanizing Plus Painting
103412. Research in Chemical Kinetics. Volume 1
103413. Handbook of Fatigue Crack: Propagation in Metallic Structures
103414. Experimental Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics 1993
103415. Chains, Clusters, Inclusion Compounds, Paramagnetic Labels, and Organic Rings
103416. Isotope Tracers in Catchment Hydrology
103417. Heat Pumps for Energy Efficiency and Environmental Progress
103418. Microchemistry. Spectroscopy and Chemistry in Small Domains
103419. Farm Land Erosion. in Temperate Plains Environments and Hills
103420. RNA: Catalysis, Splicing, Evolution
103421. Halogenated Biphenyls, Terphenyls, Naphthalenes, Dibenzodioxins and Related Products
103422. Handbook of Mutagenicity Test Procedures
103423. IFIP Glossary of Terms Used in Production Control
103424. Nanochemistry
103425. Monitoring Water Quality. Pollution Assessment, Analysis, and Remediation
103426. Band Structure and Nuclear Dynamics. Proceedings of the International Conference on Band Structure and Nuclear Dynamics Tulane University, New Orleans
103427. Practical Approaches to Biological Inorganic Chemistry
103428. New and Future Developments in Catalysis. Activation of Carbon Dioxide
103429. New and Future Developments in Catalysis. Batteries, Hydrogen Storage and Fuel Cells
103430. New and Future Developments in Catalysis. Hybrid Materials, Composites, and Organocatalysts
103431. New and Future Developments in Catalysis. Catalysis by Nanoparticles
103432. New and Future Developments in Catalysis. Solar Photocatalysis
103433. New and Future Developments in Catalysis. Catalysis for Remediation and Environmental Concerns
103434. Essential Statistical Methods for Medical Statistics
103435. Pem Fuel Cell Testing and Diagnosis
103436. Passivation of Metals and Semiconductors, and Properties of Thin Oxide Layers. A Selection of Papers from the 9th International Symposium, Paris, France, 27 June – 1 July 2005
103437. Geobiology: Objectives, Concepts, Perspectives
103438. Free Electron Lasers 2003. Proceedings of the 25th International Free Electron Laser Conference and the 10th FEL Users Workshop, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan, 8–12 September 2003
103439. Free Electron Lasers 2002. Proceedings of the 24th International Free Electron Laser Conference and the 9th FEL Users Workshop, Argonne, Illinois, U.S.A., September 9–13, 2002
103440. Proceedings of the 31st International Conference on High Energy Physics Ichep 2002
103441. Bio-Assays for Oxidative Stress Status
103442. Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics 2001. Practice and Theory — Proceedings of the Parallel CFD 2001 Conference Egmondaan Zee, The Netherlands (May 21–23, 2001)
103443. Numerical Analysis: Historical Developments in the 20th Century
103444. Ecotox. Ecological Modelling and Ecotoxicology
103445. Invertebrate Biodiversity as Bioindicators of Sustainable Landscapes. Practical Use of Invertebrates to Assess Sustainable Land Use
103446. Introduction to Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry
103447. Windbreak Technology
103448. Stereochemical and Stereophysical Behaviour of Macrocycles
103449. Basic Gas Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry. Principles and Techniques
103450. Tropical Rain Forest Ecosystems. Biogeographical and Ecological Studies
103451. Windship Technology. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Windship Technology (WINDTECH ' 85), Southampton, U.K., April 24–25, 1985
103452. Trace-Element Contamination of the Environment
103453. Regional Studies and Specific Deposits
103454. Contemporary Practice of Chromatography
103455. Wind Engineering 1983. Proceedings of the Sixth international Conference on Wind Engineering, Gold Coast, Australia, March 21–25, And Auckland, New Zealand, April 6–7 1983; held under the auspices of the International Association for Wind Engineering
103456. Wind Engineering 1983. Proceedings of the Sixth international Conference on Wind Engineering, Gold Coast, Australia, March 21–25, And Auckland, New Zealand, April 6–7 1983; held under the auspices of the International Association for Wind Engineering
103457. Wind Engineering 1983. Proceedings of the Sixth international Conference on Wind Engineering, Gold Coast, Australia, March 21–25, And Auckland, New Zealand, April 6–7 1983; held under the auspices of the International Association for Wind Engineering
103458. Microbiological Aspects of Pollution Control
103459. Fundamentals of Gas–Particle Flow
103460. Bibliography and Ore Occurrence Data. Indexes: Volumes 8–10
103461. Regional and Specific Deposits
103462. Vapor-liquid Equilibria Using Unifac. A Group-Contribution Method
103463. Dielectrics in Time-dependent Fields
103464. Trace Element Contamination of the Environment
103465. Applied Salt-Rock Mechanics. The in-situ behavior of salt rocks
103466. Au, U, Fe, Mn, Hg, Sb, W, and P Deposits
103467. Cu, Zn, Pb, and Ag Deposits
103468. Regional Studies
103469. Supergene and Surficial Ore Deposits. Textures and Fabrics
103470. Geochemical Studies
103471. Classifications and Historical Studies
103472. Conference Terminology. In English, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, German and Hungarian
103473. Theory of Electric Polarization. Dielectrics in Static Fields
103474. Spot Tests in Inorganic Analysis
103475. Corrosion Guide
103476. Spot Tests in Organic Analysis
103477. Claude Bloch. Scientific Works Oeuvre Scientifique
103478. Few Particle Problems. in the Nuclear Interaction
103479. Progress in Electromagnetics Research
103480. Robotics Sourcebook
103481. Basic Methods in Molecular Biology
103482. Interaction of Translational and Transcriptional Controls in the Regulation of Gene Expression
103483. Computer-Based Medical Consultations: Mycin
103484. Palliative Care: A Practical Guide for the Health Professional. Finding meaning and purpose in life and death
103485. Restorative Dentistry
103486. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
103487. Oral Medicine
103488. Brain Tumors
103490. Performance Psychology
103491. Energy and Urban Built Form
103492. Managing Human Resources
103493. Pediatric Surgery
103494. Mosby's Field Guide to Occupational Therapy for Physical Dysfunction
103495. Obstetric and Gynecologic Anesthesia. The Requisites in Anesthesiology
103496. The MPEG Handbook. MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4
103497. Nuts and Bolts Filmmaking. Practical Techniques for the Guerilla Filmaker
103498. More Contemporary Cinematographers on Their Art
103499. Panaflex User's Manual
103500. The New Darkroom Handbook. A Complete Guide to the Best Design, Construction, and Equipment
103501. Molecular Imaging. FRET Microscopy and Spectroscopy
103502. Recombinant DNA Laboratory Manual
103503. Hydration and Intermolecular Interaction. Infrared Investigations with Polyelectrolyte Membranes
103504. Behavioral and Department Models
103505. Cytogenetics, Host–Parasite Interactions, and Physiology
103506. Morphology, Anatomy, Taxonomy, and Ecology
103507. Knowledge-Based Process Planning for Construction and Manufacturing
103508. Handbook of Quality Integrated Circuit Manufacturing
103509. Quantum Mechanics for Organic Chemists
103510. Drugs and the Cell Cycle
103511. Mitosis/Cytokinesis
103512. Fundamentals of Week Science
103513. Portable Health Administration
103514. Elementary Processes At High Energy
103515. Elementary Processes At High Energy
103516. The Chemical Bond. Structure and Dynamics
103517. Photosynthesis, Photorespiration, and Plant Productivity
103518. Biotechnology in Plant Science. Relevance to Agriculture in the Eighties
103519. Chloride Transport in Biological Membranes
103520. The Node of Ranvier
103521. Maternal Substance Abuse and the Developing Nervous System
103522. Wood Microbiology. Decay and Its Prevention
103523. Molecular Structure of Human Chromosomes
103524. Human Chromosome Methodology
103525. Elementary Particles: Science, Technology, and Society
103526. The Biology and Utilization of Grasses
103527. Physiological Adaptations. Desert and Mountain
103528. Functions of the Right Cerebral Hemisphere
103529. Manual Specialization and the Developing Brain
103530. Hückel Molecular Orbital Theory
103531. Introduction to Molecular Energy Transfer
103532. Humoral Factors in Host Defense
103533. Lipid Peroxides in Biology and Medicine
103534. New Frontiers in Rare Earth Science and Applications
103535. Radiometric Calibration: Theory and Methods
103536. Recombinant DNA Methodology II
103537. Introduction to Forest Genetics
103538. The Pentose Phosphate Pathway
103539. Material Concepts in Surface Reactivity and Catalysis
103540. Methods in Immunology and Immunochemistry
103541. Insect-fungus Interactions
103542. The Foundations of Quantum Theory
103543. Nuclear-Cytoplasmic Interactions in the Cell Cycle
103544. Concepts in Radiation Cell Biology
103545. The Mathematics of Finite Elements and Applications. Mafelap 1984
103546. Laser and Electron Beam Processing of Materials
103547. Analysis of Wildlife Radio-Tracking Data
103548. Contemporary Problems in Plant Anatomy
103549. General Methods, Glycosaminoglycans, and Glycoproteins
103550. General Carbohydrate Method
103551. Limnology
103552. Oxocarbons
103553. Ventilation, Blood Flow, and Diffusion
103554. Dimensions in Health Research: Search for the Medicines of Tomorrow
103555. Molecular Mechanisms of Protein Biosynthesis
103556. Organized Multienzyme Systems: Catalytic Properties
103557. Primer on Cerebrovascular Diseases
103558. High Collection Nonimaging Optics
103559. Cyclitols and Phosphoinositides
103560. Object-Oriented Magnetic Resonance. Classes and Objects, Calculations and Computations
103561. Charged-Particle Reaction List 1948–1971
103562. Internal Conversion Coefficients for Multipolarities E1,..., E4, M1,..., M4
103563. Pesticide Management and Insecticide Resistance
103564. Social Behavior of Female Vertebrates
103565. Biological Environmental Impact Studies. Theory and Methods
103566. Transport and Transfer Process in Plants
103567. Spectroscopy of Condensed Media. Dynamics of Molecular Interactions
103568. Photochemistry and Photobiology of Nucleic Acids. Biology
103569. Photochemistry and Photobiology of Nucleic Acids. Chemistry
103570. Digital Circuit Testing. A Guide to DFT and Other Techniques
103571. Biochemical and Structural Dynamics of the Cell Nucleus
103572. Biopolymers
103573. Information Linkage Between Applied Mathematics and Industry
103574. Partitioning in Aqueous Two-Phase System. Theory, Methods, Uses, And Applications To Biotechnology
103575. Chromatographic Systems. Maintenance And Troubleshooting
103576. Lipid Metabolism
103577. Biology of Halophytes
103578. The Mammalian Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain
103579. Organometallic Chemistry of Titanium, Zirconium, and Hafnium
103580. The Breast. Morphology, Physiology, and Lactation
103581. Sequence Analysis in Molecular Biology. Treasure Trove or Trivial Pursuit
103582. General Biophysics
103583. Nucleic Acid-Protein Recognition
103584. Current Research in Protein Chemistry. Techniques, Structure and Function
103585. Physiological Mechanisms of Marine Pollutant Toxicity
103586. Biological Monitoring of Marine Pollutants
103587. Marine Pollution. Functional Responses
103588. Physiological Responses of Marine Biota to Pollutants
103589. The Chemistry of Synthetic Dyes
103590. The Chemistry of Synthetic Dyes
103591. The Chemistry of Synthetic Dyes. Reactive Dyes
103592. The Chemistry of Synthetic Dyes
103593. The Chemistry of Synthetic Dyes
103594. The Photosynthetic Apparatus: Molecular Biology and Operation. Cell Culture and Somatic Cell Genetics of Plants
103595. Scale-up and Automation in Plant Propagation. Cell Culture and somatic cell Genetics of Plants
103596. The Molecular Biology of Plastids. Cell Culture and Somatic Cell Genetics of Plants
103597. Cell Culture in Phytochemistry
103598. Plant Regeneration and Genetic Variability
103599. Laboratory Procedures and their Applications
103600. Plant Improvement and Somatic Cell Genetics
103601. Vibrational Spectra of Benzene Derivatives
103602. Serology and Immunochemistry of Plant Viruses
103603. Analytical Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy. Selected Methods
103604. The Ecosystem Concept in Natural Resource Management
103605. Immune Recognition and Evasion: Molecular Aspects of Host–Parasite Interaction
103606. Principles of Plant Infection
103607. Host-pathogen Interactions in Plant Disease
103608. Comparative Biochemistry of Parasites
103609. Nuclear Fission
103610. Pheromones and Reproduction in Mammals
103611. Multiple Light Scattering. Tables, Formulas, and Applications
103612. Spectrometric Techniques
103613. Nonlinear Electromagnetics
103614. Electromagnetic Scattering
103615. Psychobiology of Stress. A Study of Coping Men
103616. Comparative Mechanisms of Cold Adaptation
103617. Macrophage Regulation of Immunity
103618. Experiments for Living Chemistry
103619. Transparency Masters for Basics for Chemistry
103620. Study Guide to Accompany Basics for Chemistry
103621. Student Guide for Living Chemistry
103622. Heat and Concentration Waves. Analysis and Application
103623. Introduction to Chemistry
103624. Thermal Characterization of Polymeric Materials
103625. Inelastic Ion–Surface Collisions
103626. Physiological Aspects of Digestion and Metabolism in Ruminants. Proceedings of the Seventh International Symposium on Ruminant Physiology
103627. The Theory and Applications of Reliability with Emphasis on Bayesian and Nonparametric Methods
103628. Current Biochemical Research in China
103629. Basic Principles in Nucleic Acid Chemistry. Volume 2
103630. Basic Principles in Nucleic Acid Chemistry. Volume 1
103631. Coupled Processes Associated with Nuclear Waste Repositories
103632. Function of Quinones in Energy Conserving Systems
103633. The Natural History of an Arctic Oil Field. Development and the Biota
103634. Voltage Regulator Circuit Manual
103635. Design Guidelines for Surface Mount Technology
103636. Biological Response Modifiers. New Approaches to Disease Intervention
103637. Spontaneous Phenomena. A Mathematical Analysis
103638. A User's Guide to Ellipsometry
103639. Marine Phytoplankton. A Guide to Naked Flagellates and Coccolithophorids
103640. Foundations of Modern Auditory Theory
103641. Wood as an Energy Resource
103642. Fuels and Energy from Renewable Resources
103643. Incineration of Municipal and Hazardous Solid Wastes
103644. Wood Combustion. Principle, Processes, and Economics
103645. Controlled Environment Guidelines for Plant Research
103646. Alloy and Microstructural Design
103647. Superalloys, Supercomposites and Superceramics
103648. Plant Tissue Culture. Methods and Application in Agriculture
103649. Assessment of Immune Status by the Leukocyte Adherence Inhibition Test
103650. Naturally Occurring Quinones
103651. Gastrointestinal Endocrinology. Receptors and post-Receptor Mechanisms
103652. Neural Mechanisms of Goal-directed Behavior and Learning
103653. Quantitative Genetic Variation
103654. Organometallic Compounds and Living Organisms
103655. Fragrance Chemistry. The Science of the Sense of Smell
103656. Fusion. Magnetic Confinement, Part B
103657. Fusion. Magnetic Confinement, Part A
103658. Radiation Exchange. An Introduction
103659. Molecular Genetics
103660. Diseases of Shade Trees. Revised Edition
103661. Electron Transfer Reactions of Complex Ions in Solution
103662. Physiology and Electrochemistry of Nerve Fibers
103663. Laboratory Methods in Vesicular and Vectorial Transport
103664. Glutathione Centennial. Molecular Perspectives and Clinical Implications
103665. Solid Acids and Bases. Their Catalytic Properties
103666. The Living State. With Observations on Cancer
103667. Fluid Flow Phenomena in Metals Processing
103668. Prejudice. The Target's Perspective
103669. Evaluation of Diagnostic Systems
103670. Mutagenic Effects of Environmental Contaminants
103671. Molecular Medical Microbiology
103672. The Red Blood Cell
103673. Crystal Chemistry and Semiconduction in Transition Metal Binary Compounds
103674. Science and Technology of Rare Earth Materials
103675. Vacuum Technology, Thin Films, and Sputtering. An Introduction
103676. Times, Cells, and Aging
103677. U-shaped Behavioral Growth
103678. Adenosine in the Nervous System
103679. Plants, Chemicals and Growth
103680. Plants, Chemicals and Growth
103681. Plant Physiology. A Treatise: Physiology of Development: From Seeds to Sexuality
103682. Plant Physiology. A Treatise: Physiology of Development: The Hormones
103683. Plant Physiology. A Treatise: Growth and Development
103684. Plant Physiology. A Treatise: Water and Solutes in Plants
103685. Plant Physiology. A Treatise: Nitrogen Metabolism
103686. Plant Physiology. A Treatise: Physiology of Development: Plants and Their Reproduction
103687. Three-dimensional Confocal Microscopy. Investigation of Biological Specimens
103688. Molecular Biology of RNA Tumor Viruses
103689. Neurobiology of Social Communication in Primates. An Evolutionary Perspective
103690. Recombinant DNA and Cell Proliferation
103691. Critical Materials Problems in Energy Production
103692. Channels, Carriers, and Pumps. An Introduction to Membrane Transport
103693. Chromosomal Proteins and their Role in the Regulation of Gene Expression
103694. Molecular and Cellular Approaches to the Control of Proliferation and Differentiation
103695. Transport and Diffusion Across Cell Membranes
103696. Cell Shape. Determinants, Regulation, And Regulatory Role
103697. The Movement of Molecules Across Cell Membranes
103698. Biochemical Aspects of Reactions on Solid Supports
103699. Liquid Scintillation Counting. Recent Development
103700. Vinyl Cations
103701. Phase Transfer Catalysis. Principles and Techniques
103702. Free Radical Telomerization
103703. Workbook to Accompany Physics for Students of Science and Engineering
103704. Application of Optical Fourier Transforms
103705. From Kitchen to Consumer. The Entrepreneur's Guide to Commercial Food Preparation
103706. The Biology and Agronomy of Stylosanthes
103707. Artificial Intelligence in Engineering Design. Knowledge Acquisition, Commercial Systems, and Integrated Environments
103708. Artificial Intelligence in Engineering Design. Models of Innovative Design, Reasoning about Physical Systems, and Reasoning about Geometry
103709. Artificial Intelligence in Engineering Design. Design Representation and Models of Routine Design
103710. Principles of Desalination
103711. The Retinoids
103712. A Territorial Antelope: the Uganda Waterbuck
103713. Visual Perception. The Neurophysiological Foundations
103714. Clinical Biochemistry. Contemporary Theories and Techniques
103715. Clinical Biochemistry. Contemporary Theories and Techniques
103716. Clinical Biochemistry. Contemporary Theories and Techniques
103717. Principles of Desalination
103718. Invertebrate Pathology Noncommunicable Diseases
103719. Pathophysiology of Parasitic Infection
103720. Human Cholinesterases and Anticholinesterases
103721. Chemical Ecology
103722. Wood a Agricultural Residues. Research on Use For Feed, Fuels, and Chemicals
103723. Guiding, Diffraction, and Confinement of Optical Radiation
103724. Random Fatigue. From Data to Theory
103725. Ether Lipids: Chemistry and Biology
103726. Organochromium Compounds
103727. Social Play in Primates
103728. Tree Pathology. A short Introduction
103729. Sperm Competition and the Evolution of Animal Mating Systems
103730. Immune Surveillance
103731. Interleukin 2
103732. A Textbook of Plant Virus Diseases
103733. Theory and Practice of Emulsion Technology
103734. Molecular Approaches to Immunology
103735. Catalysis in Organic Syntheses 1977
103736. Pest Control Strategies
103737. Plant Tissue Culture. Techniques and Experiments
103738. Extracellular Matrix Influences on Gene Expression
103739. The Comparative Molecular Biology of Extracellular Matrices
103740. Control Dynamics of Robotic Manipulators
103741. Introduction to Chemical Kinetics
103742. Genetic Control of Natural Resistance to Infection and Malignancy
103743. Techniques in Wildlife Investigations. Design and Analysis of Capture Data
103744. Botulinum Neurotoxin and Tetanus Toxin
103745. Skeletal Research: an Experimental Approach
103746. Network Re-engineering. Foundations of enterprise computing
103747. Paul Ehrlich's Receptor Immunology. The Magnificent Obsession
103748. Particle Size Analysis in Industrial Hygiene
103749. The Acoustic Reflex. Basic Principles and Clinical Applications
103750. Dynamic Modeling of Transport Process Systems
103751. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Shift Reagents
103752. An Introduction to Direct Access Storage Devices
103753. Molecular Approaches to Gene Expression and Protein Structure
103754. Improved Oil Recovery by Surfactant and Polymer Flooding
103755. Energy Conservation Through Control
103756. Water Quality Management Under Conditions of Scarcity
103757. Water Renovation and Reuse
103758. An Introduction to Astrophysical Hydrodynamics
103759. Chemistry and Biological Activities of Bacterial Surface Amphiphiles
103760. Tracer Methods for in Vivo Kinetics. Theory and Applications
103761. Semiconductor Silicon Crystal Technology
103762. Biochemistry of Vision
103763. Input Devices
103764. Metal-catalyzed Oxidations of Organic Compounds. Mechanistic Principles and Synthetic Methodology Including Biochemical Processes
103765. Hydronautics
103766. The Gunn-hilsum Effect
103767. Determinants of Neuronal Identity
103768. Hot Carriers in Semiconductor Nanostructures. Physics and Applications
103769. Thermal Uses and Properties of Carbohydrates and Lignins
103770. Group Theoretical Methods in Physics
103771. Chemisorption and Magnetization
103772. Photothermal Investigations of Solids and Fluids
103773. Pertussis Toxin
103774. Nerve, Organ, and Tissue Regeneration. Research Perspectives
103775. Molecular of Cloning of Recombinant DNA
103776. Azides and Nitrenes. Reactivity and Utility
103777. Mobilization and Reassembly of Genetic Information
103778. The Biology of Frankia and Actinorhizal Plants
103779. Flux Control in Biological Systems. From Enzymes to Populations and Ecosystems
103780. Chemistry. Imagination and Implication
103781. The Molecular Basis of Electron Transport
103782. Molecular Epidemiology. Principles and Practices
103783. Methods in Plant Molecular Biology
103784. Genetics and Morphogenesis in the Basidiomycetes
103785. Hormonally Induced Changes to the Mind and Brain
103786. Power Plant Entrainment. A Biological Assessment
103787. Development, Maturation, and Senescence of Neuroendocrine Systems. A Comparative Approach
103788. The Endocrinology of Growth, Development, and Metabolism in Vertebrates
103789. Manganese in Metabolism and Enzyme Function
103790. Techniques for Image Processing and Classifications in Remote Sensing
103791. Xenobiotics and Inflammation. Roles of Cytokines and Growth Factors
103792. Information Linkage Between Applied Mathematics and Industry
103793. Quantitative Ecology. Spatial and Temporal Scaling
103794. An Introduction to Dynamic Light Scattering by Macromolecules
103795. Coagulation. Current Research and Clinical Applications
103796. The Togaviruses. Biology, Structure, Replication
103797. Anti-inflammatory Agents. Chemistry and Pharmacology
103798. Anti-inflammatory Agents. Chemistry and Pharmacology
103799. The Impact of Protein Chemistry on the Biomedical Sciences
103800. Lipoprotein (A)
103801. Biochemical and Photosynthetic Aspects of Energy Production
103802. Inactivity: Physiological Effects
103803. Extracellular Matrix Genes
103804. Polar Covalence
103805. Light and Electron Microscopy of Cells and Tissues
103806. Cytoplasmic Genes and Organelles
103807. Pigment of the Imagination. A History of Phytochrome Research
103808. Pade and Rational Approximation. Theory and Applications
103809. Determinants of Spatial Organization
103810. Molecular Control of Proliferation and Differentiation
103811. Macromolecules Regulating Growth and Development
103812. Control Mechanisms in the Expression of Cellular Phenotypes
103813. Standard Methods of Clinical Chemistry
103814. Catalytic Hydrogenation in Organic Syntheses
103815. Catalytic in Organic Syntheses
103816. Expert Systems for Engineering Design
103817. From Gene to Protein: Information Transfer in Normal and Abnormal Cells
103818. Medical Engineering. Projections for Health Care Delivery
103819. The Laws of Energy Consumption in Nutrition
103820. Adsorption of Gases on Heterogeneous Surfaces
103821. Solutions Manual for the Elements of Polymer Science and Engineering
103822. Molecular Basis of Aging
103823. Fishery Development
103824. Role of the Gut Flora in Toxicity and Cancer
103825. Modified Cellulosics
103826. Optical Techniques in Biological Research
103827. Structural and Resonance Techniques in Biological Research
103828. The Kidney Morphology, Biochemistry, Physiology
103829. Biochemical Approaches to Aging
103830. Plasma Protein Metabolism. Regulation of Synthesis, Distribution , and Degradation
103831. Growth, Nutrition, and Metabolism of Cells in Culture
103832. Growth, Nutrition, and Metabolism of Cells in Culture
103833. Growth, Nutrition, and Metabolism of Cells in Culture
103834. Interpretation of Metallographic Structures
103835. Interpretation of Metallographic Structures
103836. Plant Nonprotein Amino and Imino Acids. Biological, Biochemical, and Toxicological Properties
103837. Origins of Clinical Chemistry. The Evolution of Protein Analysis
103838. Herbivores: Their Interactions with Secondary Plant Metabolites. Volume I: The Chemical Participants
103839. The Autoimmune Diseases II
103840. Economic Microbiology: Primary Products of Metabolism
103841. Molecular and Cellular Aspects of Basement Membranes. Cell Biology
103842. Cells and Tissues. An Introduction to Histology and Cell Biology
103843. Recent Advances in Acarology
103844. Theoretical of Aspects of Aging
103845. The Physiology of Insecta
103846. The Physiology of Insecta
103847. Molecular Genetic Mechanisms in Development and Aging
103848. Soil Acidity and Plant Growth
103849. Cell-cell Signaling in Vertebrate Development
103850. Higher Excited States of Polyatomic Molecules
103851. Higher Excited States of Polyatomic Molecules
103852. Higher Excited States of Polyatomic Molecules
103853. Cell Surface and Extracellular Glycoconjugates. Structure and Function
103854. Feeding Behavior. Neural and Humoral Controls
103855. Proteolysis and Physiological Regulation
103856. Nucleosides, Nusleotides and their Biological Applications
103857. Allozyme Electrophoresis. A Handbook for Animal Systematics and Population Studies
103858. Systematic Materials Analysis
103859. Systematic Materials Analysis
103860. Systematic Materials Analysis
103861. Recombinant DNA. Science, Ethics and Politics
103862. The Psychobiology of Attachment and Separation
103863. Excitons. Their Properties and Uses
103864. Immunity to Cancer
103865. Nonlinear Optical Parametric Processes in Liquids and Gases
103866. Tissue Printing. Tools for the Study of Anatomy, Histochemistry, And Gene Expression
103867. Diazo Compounds. Properties and Synthesis
103868. The Growth of Bulbs. Applied aspects of the physiology of ornamental bulbous crop plant
103869. Nanostructure Physics and Fabrication. Proceedings of the International Symposium, College Station, Texas, March 13*b115, 1989.
103870. Effects of High-Power Laser Radiation
103871. Methods in Mycoplasmology. Diagnostic Mycoplasmology
103872. Methods in Mycoplasmology. Mycoplasma Characterization
103873. Eye Movements in Reading. Perceptual and Language Processes
103874. The Initiation of DNA Replication
103875. The Isolated Hepatocyte. Use in Toxicology and Xenobiotic Biotransformations
103876. Physical Activity. Human Growth and Development
103877. Spectroscopy of the Earth's Atmosphere and Interstellar Medium
103878. Molecular Spectroscopy: Modern Research
103879. Molecular Spectroscopy. Modern Research
103880. Premature Chromosome Condensation. Application in Basic, Clinical, and Mutation Research
103881. Further Challenging Problems in Organic Reaction Mechanisms
103882. Challenging Problems in Organic Reaction Mechanisms
103883. Theory of Particulate Processes. Analysis and Techniques of Continuous Crystallization
103884. Theory of Particulate Processes. Analysis and Techniques of Continuous Crystallization
103885. Polymer Sequence Determination. Carbon-13 NMR Method
103886. Heavy Particle Radiotherapy
103887. A Biochemical Phylogeny of the Protists
103888. Magnetism. Magnetic Properties of Metallic Alloys
103889. A New Look at Mechanisms in Bioenergetics
103890. Reconstitutions of Transporters, Receptors, and Pathological States
103891. Quantum Electronics: A Treatise
103892. The Plasma Proteins. Structure, Function, and Genetic Control
103893. The Plasma Proteins. Structure, Function, and Genetic Control
103894. The Plasma Proteins. Structure, Function, and Genetic Control
103895. The Plasma Proteins. Structure, Function, and Genetic Control
103896. Frontiers in Physicochemical Biology
103897. Protein Targeting
103898. Frontiers of Free Radical Chemistry
103899. Melanins and Melanogenesis
103900. Electrodermal Activity in Psychological Research
103901. Biological Horizons in Surface Science
103902. Microemulsions Theory and Practice
103903. Regulation of Hmg-coa Reductase
103904. Reproduction of Eukaryotic Cells
103905. Heredity and Society
103906. Relaxation in Magnetic Resonance. Dielectric and Mossbauer Applications
103907. Laser Annealing of Semiconductors
103908. Biochemistry of the Glycosidic Linkage: An Integrated View
103909. The Origins of Agriculture in the Lowland Neotropics
103910. Transgenic Animal Technology. A Laboratory Handbook
103911. The Chemistry of Catalytic Hydrocarbon Conversions
103912. Insects, Science & Society
103913. The Ecology of Natural Disturbance and Patch Dynamics
103914. Physics of High-Tc Superconductors
103915. Spermiogenesis
103916. Ionic Interactions. From Dilute Solution to Fused Salts
103917. Basic Sleep Mechanisms
103918. Ornithology in Laboratory and Field
103919. Regulatory T Lymphocytes
103920. Processing and Presentation of Antigens
103921. Cell of Immunoglobulin Synthesis
103922. Microbial Technology. Microbial Processes
103923. Modification of Lipid Metabolism
103924. Cell Biology of the Major Histocompatibility Complex
103925. Optical Characterization of Semiconductors. Infrared, Raman, and Photoluminescence Spectroscopy
103926. Pathology in Marine Science
103927. Cognitive Processing in the Right Hemisphere
103928. Handbook of Membrane Channels. Molecular and Cellular Physiology
103929. Dynamics of Curved Fronts
103930. Circannual Clocks. Annual Biological Rhythms
103931. Liquid Scintillation Counting, Recent Applications and Development. Sample Preparation and Applications
103932. Habituation, Sensitization, and Behavior
103933. Habituation. Behavioral Studies
103934. Embedded Controller FORTH: For the 8051 Family
103935. Electrical Stimulation Research Techniques
103936. Biological Oscillators: their Mathematical Analysis
103937. Accelerator Health Physics
103938. Polymer Blends
103939. A Practical Guide to HPLC Detection
103940. Some Biological Techniques in Electron Microscopy
103941. Morphological Considerations
103942. Bivalvia Through Reptilia
103943. Protozoa Through Insecta
103944. Combustion Technology. Some Modern Developments
103945. An Introduction to Biological Rhythms
103946. Optoacoustic Spectroscopy and Detection
103947. Chemistry and Action of Herbicide Antidotes
103948. Enzymes As Targets for Drug Design
103949. Genetic Expression in the Cell Cycle
103950. Planning for Groundwater Protection
103951. Thermophysics: Applications to Thermal Design of Spacecraft
103952. Experiences in Biochemical Perception
103953. Molecular Basis of Thyroid Hormone Action
103954. Organoborane Chemistry
103955. Receptors and Hormone Action
103956. Fundamentals of Electrochemical Science
103957. Optimal Expansion of a Water Resources System
103958. Optical Fibers
103959. Three-Dimensional Imaging Techniques
103960. Polymer–Polymer Miscibility
103961. The Mechanism of Gated Calcium Transport Across Biological Membranes
103962. Handbook of Mucosal Immunology
103963. The Geographical Distribution of Animal Viral Diseases
103964. Sexual Interactions in Eukaryotic Microbes
103965. Signal Transduction During Biomembrane Fusion
103966. Pineal and Retinal Relationships
103967. Handbook of Infrared and Raman Spectra of Inorganic Compounds and Organic Salts. Infrared Spectra of Inorganic Compounds
103968. Diffusion in Crystalline Solids
103969. Diffusion in Solids. Recent Developments
103970. Anelastic Relaxation in Crystalline Solids
103971. The Neuroendocrine Aspects of Reproduction
103972. Circulatory System Dynamics
103973. Senescence and Aging in Plants
103974. Chemistry and Technology of Silicones
103975. The Nuclear Overhauser Effect
103976. Biotic Crises in Ecological and Evolutionary Time
103977. Cellular Mechanism for Calcium Transfer and Homeostasis
103978. Applied Superconductivity
103979. The Proteins
103980. Analysis of Sterols and Other Biologically Significant Steroids
103981. Cardiac Muscle: the Regulation of Excitation and Contraction
103982. Molecular Biology of the Fission Yeast
103983. Synthesis and Applications of DNA and RNA
103984. Photodetectors and Fiber Optics
103985. Daylight Illumination: Color-Contrast Tables for Full-Form Objects
103986. Problems with Temperature Regulation During Exercise
103987. Determination of Organic Structures by Physical Methods
103988. Determination of Organic Structures by Physical Methods
103989. Determination of Organic Structures by Physical Methods
103990. Determination of Organic Structures by Physical Methods
103991. Chemical and Molecular Basis of Nerve Activity
103992. Chemical Approaches to Brain Function
103993. Constitutional Psychophysiology. Research in Review
103994. Cholesterol Metabolism, Ldl, and the Ldl Receptor
103995. Coelenterate Biology. Reviews and New Perspectives
103996. Astrocytes. Pharmacology and Function
103997. Metallurgical Applications of Bacterial Leaching and Related Microbiological Phenomena
103998. Cation Flux Across Biomembranes
103999. Diatomic Molecules. Results of ab Initio Calculations
104000. Neurotransmitters and Anterior Pituitary Function
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