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48001. Advances in Structural Analysis
48002. Viscosity and Relaxation
48003. Silica Glass and its Application
48004. Network Routing
48005. Network Models
48006. Transportation
48007. Simulation
48008. Discrete Optimization
48009. Supply Chain Management: Design, Coordination and Operation
48010. Stochastic Programming
48011. Financial Engineering
48012. Advances in Composite Tribology
48013. Application of Fracture Mechanics to Composite Materials
48014. Interlaminar Response of Composite Materials
48015. Fatigue of Composite Materials
48016. Friction and Wear of Polymer Composites
48017. Atomic Mechanics of Solids
48018. Gauge Theory and Defects in Solids
48019. Constitutive Equations for Anisotropic and Isotropic Materials
48020. Visual and Oculomotor Functions: Advances in Eye Movement Research
48021. Facets of Dyslexia and its Remediation
48022. Optimal Spacecraft Rotational Maneuvers
48023. Optimal Trajectories in Atmospheric Flight
48024. Optimal Space Trajectories
48025. The Three-Body Problem
48026. Intercellular Communication through Gap Junctions
48027. The band 3 proteins: Anion transporters, binding proteins and senescent antigens
48028. Control of membrane function: Short-term and long-term
48029. Thirty Years of Progress in Mitochondrial Bioenergetics and Molecular Biology
48030. Polymer Solutions
48031. Absorbent Polymer Technology
48032. Plastics
48033. Polymer Thermodynamics by Gas Chromatography
48034. Molecular Conformation and Dynamcis of Macromolecules in Condensed Systems
48035. Biodegradable Plastics and Polymers
48036. Polymer Solutions, Blends, and Interfaces
48037. Control methods in polymer processing
48038. Elastomers and Rubber Compounding Materials: Manufacture, Properties and Applications
48039. Solvent Crazing of Polymers
48040. Quarkonia
48041. The Standard Model Higgs Boson
48042. Large-Order Behaviour of Perturbation Theory
48043. Particle Physics and Cosmology: Dark Matter
48044. Superstring Construction
48045. String Theory in Four Dimensions
48046. Vacuum Structure and QCD Sum Rules
48047. Elastic Wave Field Extrapolation
48048. Electrotechnology in Mining
48049. Mining Modelling
48050. Mine Winding and Transport
48051. Design of Underground Hard-Coal Mines
48052. Reclamation, Treatment and Utilization of Coal Mining Wastes: Nottingham, England, September 7-11,1987
48053. Underground Mining Methods and Technology
48054. Electromagnetic Compatibility in Underground Mining: Selected Problems
48055. Helium Isotopes in Nature
48056. Microdialysis in the Neurosciences
48057. Experimental Analysis of Behavior, Part 2
48058. Neglected Factors in Pharmacology and Neuroscience Research: Biopharmaceutics, Animal characteristics Maintenance, Testing conditions
48059. Methods in Neurotransmitter and Neuropeptide Research, Part 1
48060. Methods in Behavioral Pharmacology
48064. Ion-Selective Electrode Reviews
48068. Ion-Selective Electrode Reviews
48069. Managing Transnational Firms: Resources, Market Entry and Strategic Alliances
48070. Advanced MOS Device Physics
48071. Advanced CMOS Process Technology
48072. Yeast Gene Analysis
48073. Immunology of Infection
48074. Plasmid Technology
48076. Methods in Microbiology
48077. Microbial Synthetic Biology
48078. The Common Agricultural Policy Beyond the Macsharry Reform
48079. Contingent Valuation: A Critical Assessment
48080. Reviving Private Investment in Developing Countries: Empirical Studies and Policy Lessons
48081. Environmental Policy and the Economy
48082. Economic Control Structures: A non-Walrasian Approach
48083. Multicriteria Evaluation in Physical Planning
48084. The Political Economy of Social Security
48085. A Basic Needs Policy Model: A General Equilibrium Analysis with Special Reference to Ecuador
48086. The Agro-Technological System Towards 2000A European Perspective
48087. Filtering and Control of Macroeconomic Systems: A Control System Incorporating the Kaiman Filter for the Indian Economy
48088. Stabilization Policy in France and the Federal Republic of Germany
48089. Social Choice and Welfare
48090. Agriculture, Growth and Redistribution of Income: Policy Analysis with a General Equilibrium Model of India
48091. Introduction to Digital Filtering in Geophysics
48092. Spectral Analysis in Geophysics
48093. Physical Volcanology
48094. The Physical Principles of Rock Magnetism
48095. Mathematical Aspects of Seismology
48096. Electromagnetism and the Earth's Interior
48097. Thermal Geophysics
48098. European Seismological Commission
48099. Seismic Migration: Imaging of Acoustic Energy by Wave Field Extrapolation, A. Theoretical Aspects
48100. Seismic Migration: Imaging of Acoustic Energy by Wave Field Extrapolation: B. Practical Aspects
48101. Theory of the Earth's Shape
48102. Seismic Migration: Imaging of Acoustic Energy by Wave Field Extrapolation
48103. Elastic Waves in the Earth
48104. Transient Waves in Visco-Elastic Media
48105. The Earth's Crust and Mantle
48106. Anatomy of Seismograms
48107. Triassic-Jurassic Rifting: Continental Breakup and the Origin of the Atlantic Ocean and Passive Margins
48122. Wheat Studies–Retrospect and Prospects–
48123. Ballistic Materials and Penetration Mechanics
48124. Microweighing in Vacuum and Controlled Environments
48125. Applications of Piezoelectric Quartz Crystal Microbalances
48144. Optical Instruments
48151. Low and High Frequency Asymptotics: Acoustic, Electromagnetic and Elastic Wave Scattering
48152. Problem Solving with Microbeam Analysis
48153. Solvation, Ionic and Complex Formation Reactions in Non-Aqueous Solvents: Experimental Methods for their Investigation
48154. Quantitative Analysis of Steroids
48155. Guide-Lines to Planning Atomic Spectrometric Analysis
48156. Nondestructive Activation Analysis: With Nuclear Reactors and Radioactive Neutron Sources
48157. The Principles of Ion-Selective Electrodes and of Membrane Transport
48158. Structural Analysis of Organic Compounds: Combined Application of Spectroscopic Methods
48159. Analytical Absorption Spectrophotometry in the Visible and Ultraviolet: The Principles
48160. Drainage Geochemistry
48161. Regolith Exploration Geochemistry in Arctic and Temperate Terrains
48162. Regolith Exploration Geochemistry in Tropical and Subtropical Terrains: Handbook of Exploration Geochemistry
48163. Rock Geochemistry in Mineral Exploration
48164. Statistics and Data Analysis in Geochemical Prospecting
48165. Analytical Methods in Geochemical Prospecting
48166. III-V Semiconductor Materials and Devices
48167. Silicon Processing for Photovoltaics II
48168. Silicon Processing for Photovoltaics I
48169. Dry Etching for Microelectronics
48170. Laser Materials Processing
48171. Impurity Doping Processes in Silicon
48172. Fine Line Lithography
48173. Welding: Theory and Practice
48174. Optical Orientation
48175. Light Scattering Near Phase Transitions
48176. Nonradiative Recombination in Semiconductors
48177. Elastic Strain Fields and Dislocation Mobility
48178. Mesoscopic Phenomena in Solids
48179. Nonlinear Surface Electromagnetic Phenomena
48180. Hopping Transport in Solids
48181. Landau Level Spectroscopy
48182. Helium Three
48183. Charge Density Waves in Solids
48184. The Dielectric Function of Condensed Systems
48185. Optical Properties of Mixed Crystals
48186. Spin Waves and Magnetic Excitations
48187. Spectroscopy of Solids Containing Rare Earth Ions
48188. Semimetals: Graphite and its Compounds
48189. Carrier Scattering in Metals and Semiconductors
48190. Solitons
48191. Incommensurate Phases in Dielectrics2. Materials
48192. Medium-Energy Ion Reflection from Solids
48193. Electron–Electron Interactions in Disordered Systems
48194. Surface Polaritons: Electromagnetic Waves at Surfaces and Interfaces
48195. Quantum Tunnelling in Condensed Media
48196. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Plant Hormones
48197. Molecular Action of Toxins and Viruses
48198. The Hormonal Control of Gene Transcription
48199. Sampling of Particulate Matrrials Theory and Practice
48200. Introduction to the Mathematics of Inversion in Remote Sensing and Indirect Measurements
48201. Geostatistical Ore Reserve Estimation
48202. Variational Methods in Geosciences
48203. Dynamic Plasticity
48204. Wave Propagation in Elastic Solids
48205. Greenhouse-Gas-Induced Climatic Change: A Critical Appraisal of Simulations and Observations
48206. Man's Impact on Climate
48207. Thermodynamics of Point Defects and Their Relation with Bulk Properties
48208. Etching of Crystals: Theory, Experiment, and Application
48209. Colloid Chemistry in Mineral Processing
48210. Housing of Animals: Construction and Equipment of Animal Houses
48211. Vehicle Traction Mechanics
48212. Land and Stream Salinity
48213. Soil Compaction in Crop Production
48214. Agricultural Engineering Soil Mechanics
48215. Controlled Atmosphere Storage of Grains
48216. Gas Fluidization
48217. Dispersing Powders in Liquids
48218. Solid—Gas Separation
48219. Particle Size Enlargement
48220. Phase Theory: The Thermodynamics of Heterogeneous Equilibria
48221. Computational Statistical Mechanics
48222. Radiation Damage of Structural Materials
48223. Cyclic Deformation and Fatigue of Metals
48224. Corrosion of Metals and Hydrogen-Related Phenomena: Selected Topics
48225. Solid State Electrochemistry and its Applications to Sensors and Electronic Devices
48226. Materials Data for Cyclic Loading: PART E: CAST AND WELDED METALS
48227. Materials Data for Cyclic Loading: Part D: Aluminium and Titanium Alloys
48228. Materials Data for Cyclic Loading: High-Alloy Steels
48229. Materials Data for Cyclic Loading: Part A: Unalloyed Steels
48230. Comparison of Forest Water and Energy Exchange Models
48231. Management and Analysis of Biological Populations
48232. Management of Semi-Arid Ecosystems
48233. Soil Disinfestation
48234. Ecology of Root Pathogens
48235. Interactions Between Non-Pathogenic Soil Microorganisms and Plants
48236. Cycling of Mineral Nutrients in Agricultural Ecosystems
48237. Tropical Forests
48238. Nitrogen management and ground water protection
48239. Shrub-Steppe: Balance and Change in a Semi-Arid Terrestrial Ecosystem
48240. Tree Ecology and Preservation: Developments in Agricultural and Managed-Forest Ecology, 2
48241. Towards a Second Green Revolution: From Chemical to New Biological Technologies in Agriculture in the Tropics
48242. Tree Crop Physiology
48243. Soil Microbial Associationscontrol of structures and functions
48244. Floodplain Forest Ecosystem: I. Before Water Management Measures
48245. Floodplain Forest Ecosystem: II. After Water Management Measures
48246. Forest Amelioration
48247. Evapotranspiration from Plant Communities
48248. plant production and management under drought conditions
48249. Wetlands of Bottomland Hardwood Forests
48250. Plant Modification for More Efficient Water Use
48251. Structure and Functioning of Seminatural Meadows
48252. Valuation Methods and Policy Making in Environmental Economics, Selected and integrated papers from the Congress “Environmental Policy in a Market Economy”
48253. Qsar and Drug Design: New Developments and Applications
48254. The Chemistry and Pharmacology of TaxolВ® and its Derivatives
48255. Small Peptides: Chemistry, Biology and Clinical Studies
48256. Trends in Receptor Research: Proceedings of the 8th Camerino-Noordwijkerhout Symposium, Camerino, Italy, 8–12 September 1991
48257. The Geotechnics of Real Materials: The Оµ, Оµ Method
48258. Canal and River LevГ©es
48259. The Penetrometer and Soil Exploration: Interpretation of penetration diagrams – theory and practice
48260. Ceramic Fabrication Processes: Treatise on Materials Science and Technology
48261. Treatise on Materials Science and Technology
48262. Microstructures of Irradiated Materials
48263. Plastic Deformation of Materials
48264. Treatise on Materials Science and Technology
48265. Auger Electron Spectroscopy
48266. Structural Ceramics
48267. Treatise on Materials Science & Technology 27
48268. Glass IVTreatise on Materials Science and Technology
48269. Glass IIITreatise on Materials Science and Technology
48270. Electronic Structure and Properties
48271. Ultrarapid Quenching of Liquid Alloys
48272. Neutron Scattering
48273. Wear
48274. Glass I: Interaction with Electromagnetic Radiation: Treatise on Materials Science and Technology
48275. Properties and Microstructure
48276. Properties of Solid Polymeric Materials, Part BTreatise on Materials Science and Technology
48277. Properties of Solid Polymeric Materials, Part ATreatise on Materials Science and Technology
48278. Aluminum Alloys—Contemporary Research and Applications
48316. Neural and Behavioral Specificity
48317. Aspects of Neurogenesis
48318. Behavioral Embryology
48319. Early Influences
48324. Rotational Effects on the Behavior of Excited Molecules
48325. The Endocrinology of Pregnancy and Parturition
48327. Fetal Endocrinology and Metabolism
48328. Cuenorhubditis elegans: Modern Biologcal Analysis of an Organism
48339. Survey of Biological Progress, Vol. 2
48340. Survey of Biological Progress, Vol. 1
48341. Biological Progress
48342. Recent Advances in Magnetic Insulators – From Spintronics to Microwave Applications
48343. Thin-Film Diamond I
48344. Refractory Glasses, Glass—Ceramics, and Ceramics: High Temperature Oxides, Part IV
48345. High Temperature Oxides: Oxides of Rare Earths, Titanium, Zirconium, Hafnium, Niobium and Tantalum
48346. Magnesia, Alumina, Beryllia Ceramics: Fabrication, Characterization and Properties: High Temperature Oxides, Part III
48351. Nuclear Spectroscopy
48352. Nuclear Spectroscopy
48353. Absorption and Dispersion of Ultrasonic Waves
48354. Mathematics in Physics and Engineering
48355. Group Theory: And its Application to the Quantum Mechanics of Atomic Spectra
48356. Nuclear Spectroscopy and Reactions, Part C
48357. Nuclear Spectroscopy and Reactions, Part B
48358. Nuclear Spectroscopy and Reactions, Part A
48359. Spectral Line Broadening by Plasmas
48360. The Optics of Rays, Wavefronts, and Caustics
48361. Methods in Nonlinear Plasma Theory
48362. Electron Scattering from Complex Nuclei, Part A
48363. Electron Scattering from Complex Nuclei, Part B
48364. Mathematical Techniques and Physical Applications
48365. Introduction to Electrodynamics and Radiation
48366. Multiplets of Transition-Metal Ions in Crystals
48367. Theory of Quantum Fluids
48368. Topics in Atomic Collision Theory
48369. Principles of Quantum Electrodynamics
48370. High Energy Physics
48371. The Method of Second Quantization
48372. Nuclear Moments
48373. Nuclear Shell Theory
48374. An Introduction to Elementary Particles
48375. The Quantum Mechanics of Many-Body Systems
48376. Aggregates of Particles
48377. Elements
48378. Electron Impact Phenomena: The Properties of Gaseous Ions [Revised Edition]
48379. Nuclear Spectroscopy and Reactions, Part D
48382. Perspectives in Brain Research
48383. Somatosensory and Visceral Receptor Mechanisms, Proceedings of an International Symposium held in Leningrad, U.S.S.R.
48384. Hormones, Homeostasis and the Brain, Proceedings of the Vth International Congress of the International Society of Psychoneuroendocrinology
48385. Advances in Vasopressin and Oxytocin — From Genes to Behaviour to Disease
48386. Physics of Thin Films: Advances in Research and Development
48387. Physics of Thin Films: Advances in Research and Development
48388. Plasma Sources for Thin Film Deposition and Etching
48389. Mechanic and Dielectric Properties: Advances in Research and Development
48390. Thin Films for Emerging Applications
48391. Thin Films for Advanced Electronic Devices
48392. Physics of Thin Films: Advances in Research and Development
48393. Physics of Thin Films: Advances in Research and Development
48394. Optical Characterization of Real Surfaces and Films
48395. Photochemistry of Air Pollution
48396. The Variation Method in Quantum Chemistry
48397. The Chemisorptive Bond: Basic Concepts
48398. Theory of Unimolecular Reactions
48399. Molecular Crystals and Molecules
48400. The Radiation Chemistry of Water
48401. Chemical Bonds and Bond Energy
48402. Physical Surfaces
48403. Chemisorption and Reactions Metallic Films
48404. Phase Equilibria
48405. Active Nitrogen
48406. Rotational Spectra and Molecular Structure
48407. Fundamentals
48408. Electron Densities in Molecules and Molecular Orbitals
48409. Cycloaddition Reactions of Heterocumulenes
48410. 1,4-Cycloaddition Reactions: The Diels-Alder Reaction in Heterocyclic Syntheses
48411. Ylid Chemistry
48412. Oxidation in Organic Chemistry, Part C
48413. Oxidation in Organic Chemistry, Part B
48414. Oxidation in Organic Chemistry, Part D
48415. The Proton: Applications to Organic Chemistry
48416. Thermal Electrocyclic Reactions
48417. Pyrolytic Methods in Organic Chemistry: Application of Flow and Flash Vacuum Pyrolytic Techniques
48418. Fundamentals of Carbanion Chemistry
48419. Prostaglandin Research
48420. Polymer Syntheses
48421. Polymer Syntheses
48422. Organic Syntheses with Noble Metal Catalysts
48423. Organic Reactive Intermediates
48424. The Isoquinoline Alkaloids: Chemistry and Pharmacology
48425. Carbon-13 NMR Spectroscopy
48426. Reaction Mechanisms in Sulphuric Acid: And other Strong Acid Solutions
48427. Conformational Analysis: Scope and Present Limitations
48428. Isonitrile Chemistry
48429. Bridged Aromatic Compounds
48430. The Chemistry of Indoles
48431. Carboxylic Ortho Acid Derivatives: Preparation and Synthetic Applications
48432. Ring-Forming Polymerizations
48433. Ring-Forming Polymerizations: Part B, 2: Heterocyclic Rings
48434. Dehydrobenzene and Cycloalkynes
48435. Cyclobutadiene and Related Compounds
48436. Transition Metal Organometallics in Organic Synthesis
48437. Hetero Diels—Alder Methodology in Organic Synthesis
48443. Geophysics: Field Measurements
48444. Electronic Methods
48445. Hormone Action Part F: Protein Kinases
48446. Biomembranes Part L: Membrane Biogenesis: Processing and Recycling
48447. Biomembranes Part K: Membrane Biogenesis: Assembly and Targeting (Prokaryotes, Mitochondria, and Chloroplasts)
48448. Biomembranes Part J: Membrane Biogenesis: Assembly and Targeting (General Methods, Eukaryotes)
48449. Cumulative Subject Index to Volumes 61-74, 76-80
48450. Polyamines
48451. Immunochemical Techniques Part F: Conventional Antibodies, Fc Receptors, and Cytotoxicity
48452. Immunochemical Techniques Part E: Monoclonal Antibodies and General Immunoassay Methods
48453. Enzyme Structure Part I
48454. Carbohydrate Metabolism - Part E
48455. Carbohydrate Metabolism
48456. Carbohydrate Metabolism - Part D
48457. Biomembranes Part I: Visual Pigments and Purple Membranes II
48458. Enzyme Kinetics and Mechanism - Part C: Intermediates, Stereochemistry, and Rate Studies
48459. Structural and Contractile Proteins Part B: The Contractile Apparatus and the Cytoskeleton
48460. Immunochemical Techniques Part D: Selected Immunoassays
48461. Complex Carbohydrates Part D
48462. Structural and Contractile Proteins Part A: Extracellular Matrix
48463. Biomembranes - Part H: Visual Pigments and Purple Membranes - I
48464. Proteolytic Enzymes, Part C
48465. Complex Carbohydrates
48466. Interferons - Part B
48467. Interferons Part A
48468. Detoxication and Drug Metabolism: Conjugation and Related Systems
48469. Hemoglobins
48470. Cumulative Subject Index, Volumes 31, 32 and 34-60
48471. Immunochemical Techniques - Part C
48472. Immunochemical Techniques: Part B
48473. Lipids Part D
48474. Lipids Part C
48475. Cumulative Subject Index
48476. Photosynthesis and Nitrogen Fixation - Part C
48477. Vitamins and Coenzymes Part F
48478. Vitamins and Coenzymes Part E
48479. Nucleic Acids Part I
48480. Enzyme Kinetics and Mechanism - Part B: Isotopic Probes and Complex Enzyme Systems
48481. Enzyme Kinetics and Mechanism Part A Initial Rate and Inhibitor Methods
48482. Vitamins and Coenzymes Part D
48483. Enzyme Structure Part H
48484. Nucleic Acids and Protein Synthesis Part H
48485. Nucleic Acids and Protein Synthesis Part G
48486. Bioluminescence and Chemiluminescence
48487. Biomembranes Part G: Bioenergetics: Biogenesis of Mitochondria, Organization, and Transport
48488. Biomembranes Part F: Bioenergetics: Oxidative Phosphorylation
48489. Biomembranes - Part E: Biological Oxidations
48490. Research Methods in Biomineralization Science
48491. Biomembranes - Part D: Biological Oxidations
48492. Laboratory Methods in Enzymology: DNA
48493. Hydrogen Peroxide and Cell Signaling, Part C
48494. Hydrogen Peroxide and cell signaling, Part B
48495. Hydrogen Peroxide and Cell Signaling, Part A
48496. Cilia, Part B
48497. Cilia, Part A
48498. Methods in Protein Design
48499. G Protein Coupled Receptors: Modeling, Activation, Interactions and Virtual Screening
48500. G Protein Coupled Receptors: Trafficking and Oligomerization
48501. G Protein Coupled Receptors: Structure
48502. Biomembranes - Part C: Biological Oxidations
48503. Fluorescence Fluctuation Spectroscopy (FFS), Part B
48504. Fluorescence Fluctuation Spectroscopy (FFS), Part A
48505. Natural Product Biosynthesis by Microorganisms and Plants, Part C
48506. Natural Product Biosynthesis by Microorganisms and Plants, Part B
48507. Natural Product Biosynthesis by Microorganisms and Plants, Part A
48508. Ghrelin
48509. Nucleosomes, Histones & Chromatin Part B
48510. Nucleosomes, Histones & Chromatin Part A
48511. RNA helicases
48512. Cellulases
48513. Nanomedicine: Infectious Diseases, Immunotherapy, Diagnostics, Antifibrotics, Toxicology and Gene Medicine
48514. Nanomedicine: Cancer, Diabetes, and Cardiovascular, Central Nervous System, Pulmonary and Inflammatory Diseases
48515. Gene Transfer Vectors for Clinical Application
48516. Imaging and Spectroscopic Analysis of Living Cells: Imaging Live Cells in Health and Disease
48517. Imaging and Spectroscopic Analysis of Living Cells: Live Cell Imaging of Cellular Elements and Functions
48518. Imaging and Spectroscopic Analysis of Living Cells: Optical and Spectroscopic Techniques
48519. Protein Engineering for Therapeutics, Part A
48520. Complex Carbohydrates Part C
48522. Synthetic Biology, Part BComputer Aided Design and DNA Assembly
48523. Research on Nitrification and Related Processes, Part B
48524. Methods in Methane Metabolism, Part A
48525. Biothermodynamics, Part D
48526. Enzyme Structure Part G
48527. Biothermodynamics, Part C
48528. Constitutive Activity in Receptors and Other Proteins, Part B
48529. Enzyme Structure Part F
48530. Guide to Techniques in Mouse Development, Part B: Mouse Molecular Genetics, 2nd Edition
48531. Guide to Techniques in Mouse Development, Part A: Mice, Embryos, and Cells, 2nd Edition
48532. Thiol Redox Transitions in Cell Signaling, Part B: Cellular Localization and Signaling
48533. Thiol Redox Transitions in Cell Signaling, Part A: Chemistry and Biochemistry of Low Molecular Weight and Protein Thiols
48534. Single Molecule Tools: Fluorescence Based Approaches, Part A
48535. Enzyme Structure Part E
48536. Guide to Protein Purification, 2nd Edition
48537. Affinity labeling
48538. Complex Enzymes in Microbial Natural Product Biosynthesis, Part B: Polyketides, Aminocoumarins and Carbohydrates
48539. Complex Enzymes in Microbial Natural Product Biosynthesis, Part A: Overview Articles and Peptides
48540. Autophagy in Disease and Clinical Applications, Part C
48541. Autophagy in Mammalian Systems, Part B
48542. Part B: Proteolytic Enzymes
48543. Programmed Cell Death, The Biology and Therapeutic Implications of Cell Death, Part B
48544. Programmed Cell Death,General Principles for: Studying Cell Death, Part A
48545. Nitric Oxide, Part G Oxidative and Nitrosative Stress in Redox Regulation of Cell Signaling
48546. Immobilized Enzymes
48547. Translation Initiation: Cell Biology, High‐Throughput Methods, and Chemical‐Based Approaches
48548. Micro: RNA Methods
48549. Two‐Component Signaling Systems, Part B
48550. Amyloid, Prions, and Other Protein Aggregates, Part C
48551. DNA Microarrays, Part A: Array Platforms and Wet-Bench Protocols
48552. Carbohydrate Metabolism, Part B
48553. DNA Repair, Part A
48554. Mass Spectrometry: Modified Proteins and Glycoconjugates
48555. Biological Mass Spectrometry
48556. Part E: Hormone Action
48557. Ubiquitin and Protein Degradation, Part B
48558. Ubiquitin and Protein Degradation, Part A
48559. Environmental Microbiology
48560. Molecular Evolution: Producing the Biochemical Data
48561. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Biological Macromolecules
48562. Circadian Rhythms
48563. Regulators of G-Protein Signaling, part B
48564. Hormone Action Part D Isolated Cells, Tissues, and Organ Systems
48565. Regulators of G-Protein Signaling, Part A
48566. Protein Engineering
48567. Chromatin and Chromatin Remodeling Enzymes, Part A
48568. RNA Polymerases and Associated Factors, Part D
48569. RNA Polymerases and Associated Factors, Part C
48570. Hormone Action Part B
48571. Macromolecular Crystallography, Part C
48572. Protein Phosphatases
48573. Recognition of Carbohydrates in Biological Systems, Part B: Specific Applications
48574. Recognition of Carbohydrates in Biological Systems, Part A: General Procedures
48575. Biophotonics, Part B
48576. Biophotonics, Part A
48577. Nitric Oxide, Part D: Oxide Detection, Mitochondria and Cell Functions, and Peroxynitrite Reactions
48578. Bacterial Pathogenesis Part C: Identification, Regulation, and Function of Virulence Factors
48579. Subject Index to Volumes 33, 75, 95, 120, 140, 175, 199, 229, 265, 285 and 320
48580. Redox Cell Biology and Genetics Part B
48581. Redox Cell Biology and Genetics Part A
48582. Lipids Part B
48583. Protein Sensors and Reactive Oxygen Species - Part B: Thiol Enzymes and Proteins
48584. Protein Sensors and Reactive Oxygen Species - Part A: Selenoproteins and Thioredoxin
48585. G Protein Pathways Part C: Effector Mechanisms
48586. G Protein Pathways, Part B: G Proteins and their Regulators
48587. G Protein Pathways Part A: Ribonucleases
48588. Ribonucleases - Part B
48589. Ribonucleases - Part A
48590. Affinity Techniques - Enzyme Purification: Part B
48591. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Biological Macromolecules - Part B
48592. Microbial Growth in Biofilms - Part B: Special Environments and Physicochemical Aspects
48593. Microbial Growth in Biofilms - Part A: Developmental and Molecular Biological Aspects
48594. Flavonoids and Other Polyphenols
48595. Hyperthermophilic enzymes Part B
48596. Hyperthermophilic Enzymes Part A
48597. Cumulative Subject Index
48598. Regulators and Effectors of Small GTPases Part E: GTPases Involved in Visicular Traffic
48599. Applications of Chimeric Genes and Hybrid Proteins - Part C: Protein-Protein Interactions and Genomics
48600. Applications of Chimeric Genes and Hybrid Proteins Part A: Gene Expression and Protein Purification
48601. Branched-Chain Amino Acids, Part B
48602. Energetics of Biological Macromolecules, Part C
48603. Numerical Computer Methods, Part C
48604. Cumulative Subject Index to Volumes 290-319
48605. Biomembranes Part B
48606. Singlet Oxygen, UV-A, and Ozone
48607. Vertebrate Phototransduction and the Visual Cycle, Part B
48608. Vertebrate Phototransduction and the Visual Cycle, Part A
48609. Sphingolipid Metabolism and Cell Signaling, Part B
48610. Sphingolipid Metabolism and Cell Signaling Part A
48611. Biofilms
48612. Biomembranes Part A
48613. Enzyme kinetics and mechanism Part E: Energetics of Enzyme Catalysis
48614. Bioluminescence and Chemiluminescence Part C
48615. c: DNA Preparation and Characterization
48616. Green Fluorescent Protein
48617. Nitric Oxide Part C: Biological and Antioxidant Activities
48618. Oxidants and Antioxidants Part B
48619. Nucleic Acids and Protein Synthesis Part F
48620. Photosynthesis: Molecular Biology of Energy Capture
48621. Neurotransmitter Transporters
48622. Energetics of Biological Macromolecules Part B
48623. Ion Channels Part C
48624. Ion Channels Part B
48625. ABC Transporters: Biochemical, Cellular, and Molecular Aspects
48626. Caged Compounds
48627. Nucleic Acids and Protein Synthesis Part E
48628. Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis
48629. Chemokine Receptors
48630. Chemokines
48631. Lipases Part B: Enzyme Characterization and Utilization
48632. Cumulative Subject Index to Volumes 263, 264, 266-289
48633. Lipases, Part A: Biotechnology
48634. Vitamins and Coenzymes Part J
48635. Complex Carbohydrates Part B
48636. Flourescence Spectroscopy
48637. Macromolecular Crystallography Part B
48638. Macromolecular Crystallography Part A
48639. Viral Polymerases and Related Proteins
48640. Cytochrome P450, Part B
48641. Part D: Enzyme Structure
48642. Nitric Oxide Part B: Physiological and Pathological Processes
48643. Nitric Oxide Part A: Sources and Detection of NO; NO Synthase
48644. Cumulative Subject Index, Volumes 228, 230-262
48645. Mitochondrial Biogenesis and Genetics Part B
48646. Plasma Lipoproteins Part C: Quantitation
48647. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Nucleic Acids
48648. Mitochondrial Biogenesis and Genetics Part A
48649. Enzyme Structure, Part C
48650. Energetics of Biological Macromolecules
48651. Small GTPases and Their Regulators Part C: Proteins Involved in Transport
48652. Adhesion of Microbial Pathogens
48653. Lipid Modifications of Proteins
48654. Enzyme Structure, Part B
48655. Enzyme Kinetics and Mechanism Part D: Developments in Enzyme Dynamics
48656. Neoglycoconjugates, Part B: Biomedical Applications
48657. Biochemical Spectroscopy
48658. Extracellular Matrix Components
48659. Proteolytic Enzymes: Serine and Cysteine Peptidases
48660. Inorganic Microbial Sulfur Metabolism
48661. Neoglycoconjugates Part A: Synthesis
48662. Retroviral proteases
48663. Part B: Numerical Computer Methods
48664. Photosynthesis and Nitrogen Fixation Part B
48665. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Part C
48666. Bacterial Pathogenesis Part B: Interaction of Pathogenic Bacteria with Host Cells
48667. Oxygen Radicals in Biological Systems Part D
48668. Oxygen Radicals in Biological Systems Part C
48669. Hemoglobins Part B: Biochemical and Analytical Methods
48670. Guide to Techniques in Glycobiology
48671. Photosynthesis and Nitrogen Part A
48672. Cumulative Subject Index to Volumes 195-198 and 200-227
48673. Metallobiochemistry Part C: Spectroscopic and Physical Methods for Probing Metal Ion Environments in Metalloenzymes and Metalloproteins
48674. Proteolytic Enzymes in Coagulation, Fibrinolysis, and Complement Activation Part B: Complement Activation, Fibrinolysis, and Nonmammalian Blood Coagulation Factors and Inhibitors
48675. Proteolytic Enzymes in Coagulation, Fibrinolysis, and Complement Activation Part A: Mammalian Blood Coagulation Factors and Inhibitors
48676. Membrane Fusion Techniques Part B
48677. Membrane Fusion Techniques Part A
48678. Enzyme purification and related techniques
48679. Reconstitution of Intracellular Transport
48680. Platelets: Receptors, Adhesion, Secretion Part B
48681. Carotenoids Part B: Metabolism, Genetics, and Biosynthesis
48682. Carotenoids Part A: Chemistry, Separation, Quantitation, and Antioxidation
48683. DNA Structures Part B: Chemical and Electrophoretic Analysis of DNA
48684. DNA Structures Part A: Synthesis and Physical Analysis of DNA
48685. Numerical Computer Methods
48686. Nucleic Acids, Part D
48687. Phospholipid Biosynthesis
48688. Protein \\3- DNA Interactions
48689. Ion Channels
48690. Cytochrome P450
48691. Bacterial Genetic Systems
48692. Molecular Design and Modeling: Concepts and Applications Part B: Antibodies and Antigens, Nucleic Acids, Polysaccharides, and Drugs
48693. Protein Phosphorylation Part B: Analysis of Protein Phosphorylation, Protein Kinase Inhibitors, and Protein Phosphatases
48694. Protein Phosphorylation Part A: Protein Kinases: Assays, Purification, Antibodies, Functional Analysis, Cloning, and Expression
48695. Part C: Nucleic Acids and Protein Synthesis
48696. Peptide Growth Factors Part C
48697. Phospholipases
48698. Molecular Motors and the Cytoskeleton
48699. Adenylyl Cyclase, G Proteins, and Guanylyl Cyclase
48700. Guide to Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology
48701. Biomembranes Part W: Cellular and Subcellular Transport: Epithelial Cells
48702. Biomembranes Part V: Cellular and Subcellular Transport: Epithelial Cells
48703. Hydrocarbons and Methylotrophy
48704. Arachidonate Related Lipid Mediators
48705. Oxygen Radicals in Biological Systems Part B: Oxygen Radicals and Antioxidants
48706. RNA Processing Part B: Specific Methods
48707. RNA Processing Part A: General Methods
48708. Vitamins and Coenzymes
48709. Complex Carbohydrates Part F
48710. Antibodies, Antigens, and Molecular Mimicry
48711. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Part B Structure and Mechanism
48712. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Part A: Spectral Techniques and Dynamics
48713. Cumulative Subject Index for Volumes 135-139, 141-167
48714. Biomembranes Part U: Cellular and Subcellular Transport: Eukaryotic (Nonepithelial) Cells
48715. Biomembranes Part T
48716. Biomembranes Part S
48717. Biomembranes Part R
48718. Nucleosomes
48719. Platelets: Receptors, adhesion, secretion Part A
48720. Hormone Action Part K: Neuroendocrine Peptides
48721. Branched-Chain Amino Acids
48722. Microbial Toxins: Tools in Enzymology
48723. Immunochemical Techniques Part M: Chemotaxis and Inflammation
48724. Immunochemical Techniques Part L: Chemotaxis and Inflammation
48725. Biomass Part B: Lignin, Pectin, and Chitin
48726. Fast Reactions
48727. Initiation and Termination of Cyclic Nucleotide Action
48728. Metallobiochemistry Part A
48729. Biomembranes Part Q: ATP-Driven Pumps and Related Transport: Calcium, Proton, and Potassium Pumps
48730. Biomembranes Part P: ATP-Driven Pumps and Related Transport: The Na,K-Pump
48731. Immunochemical Techniques Part K: In Vitro Models of B and T Cell Functions and Lymphoid Cell Receptors
48732. Steroids and Terpenoids
48733. Drug and Enzyme Targeting Part B
48734. Plant Cell Membranes
48735. Structural and Contractile Proteins Part E: Extracellular Matrix
48736. Structural and Contractile Proteins Part D: Extracellular Matrix
48737. Lipids
48738. Immobilized Enzymes and Cells Part B
48739. Bioluminescence and Chemiluminescence Part B
48740. Immunochemical Techniques Part J
48741. Citric Acid Cycle
48742. Plasma Lipoproteins Part B: Characterization, Cell Biology, and Metabolism
48743. Plasma Lipoproteins Part A: Preparation, Structure, and Molecular Biology
48744. Biomembranes Part O: Protons and Water: Structure and Translocation
48745. Biomembranes Part M
48746. Hormone Action Part J: Neuroendocrine Peptides
48747. Vitamins and Coenzymes Part H
48748. Vitamins and Coenzymes Part G
48749. Cumulative Subject Index to Volumes 81-94 and 96-101
48750. Nucleic Acids, Part B
48751. Plant Molecular Biology
48752. Immunochemical Techniques Part H
48753. Diffraction Methods for Biological Macromolecules Part B
48754. Diffraction Methods for Biological Macromolecules Part A
48755. Glutamate, Glutamine, Glutathione, and Related Compounds
48756. Steroids and Isoprenoids Part B
48757. Steroids and Isoprenoids, Part A
48758. Hormone Action Part I: Peptide Hormones
48759. Immunochemical Techniques, Part G
48760. Posttranslational Modifications Part B
48761. Oxygen Radicals in Biological Systems
48762. Hormone Action Part H: Neuroendocrine Peptides
48763. Hormone Action Part G
48764. Controlled Fusion
48765. Vibrational Properties of Solids
48766. Radio Astronomy
48767. Geophysics
48768. Seismology: Body Waves and Sources
48769. Seismology: Surface Waves and Earth Oscillations
48770. Atomic and Molecular Scattering
48771. General Circulation Models of the Atmosphere
48772. Doxorubicin: Anticancer Antibiotics
48773. Anticonvulsants
48774. Molecular Connectivity in Chemistry and Drug Research
48775. Antimalarial Agents: Chemistry and Pharmacology
48776. Molecular Orbital Theory in Drug Research
48777. Quantitative Structure–Activity Relationships of Drugs
48778. Recent advances in the use of Drosophila in neurobiology and neurodegeneration
48779. Metal Related Neurodegenerative Disease
48780. New Perspectives of Central Nervous System Injury and Neuroprotection
48781. Biomarkers of Neurological and Psychiatric Disease
48782. Monoamine Oxidase and their Inhibitors
48790. Progress in Hodgkin's Disease
48791. Transition Metal Toxicity
48793. Membranes
48815. Bacterial Infections of the Central Nervous System
48816. Stroke Part III: Investigation and Management
48817. Stroke Part II: Clinical Manifestations and Pathogenesis
48818. Stroke
48819. Neuromuscular Junction Disorders
48820. Neuropsychology and Behavioral Neurology
48821. Epilepsy
48822. Muscular Dystrophies
48830. Computed Electron Micrographs and Defect Identification
48831. Carriers and Membrane Transport Proteins
48832. The Centrosome in Cell Replication and Early Development
48842. Selected Topics in the History of Biochemistry Personal Recollections. III
48843. A History of Biochemistry: Selected Topics in the History of Biochemistry Personal Recollections. II.
48844. Selected Topics in the History of Biochemistry Personal Recollections. I
48858. Immunomodulation in Domestic Food Animals
48859. Domestic Animal Cytogenetics: Advances in Veterinary Science and Comparative Medicine
48860. Experimental and Comparative Toxicology
48861. Research on Nonhuman Primates
48870. DNA and Chromatin Damage Caused by Radiation
48871. Effects of Low Dose and Low Dose Rate Radiation
48872. Relative Radiation Sensitivities of Human Organ Systems, Part III
48874. Relative Radiation Sensitivities of Human Organ Systems
48878. Proceedings of MEST 2012: Exponential Type Orbitals for Molecular Electronic Structure Theory
48894. The Organotransition Metal Chemistry of Poly(pyrazolyl)borates. Part 1
48911. Microwave Filters and Circuits: Contributions from Japan
48925. À meia-noite, no Horto - e outras histórias do Galo campeão da América
48926. Iniciação à Filosofia
48927. Tecniche di analisi per la ricerca comparata trans-nazionale
48928. Esquisse d'une sémiophysique : Physique aristotélicienne et théorie des catastrophes
48929. High Priest
48930. Київський літопис XII століття. Історичне дослідження
48931. Between Giants; The Battle for the Baltics in World War II,
48932. Linguistic Diversity in Space and Time
48933. Between Mind and Nature: A History of Psychology
48934. When Pigs Could Fly and Bears Could Dance: A History of the Soviet Circus
48935. Le petit livre du hacker 2013
48936. Dictionary of Computer Vision and Image Processing
48937. The Development of Children and Adolescents: An Applied Perspective
48938. Reading Aristotle Physics VII.3. What Is Alteration?
48939. Computational Number Theory and Modern Cryptography
48940. [Article] Computed Tomographic Imaging of the Coronary Arterial Tree-Use of Local Tomography
48941. The Heidegger Change: On the Fantastic in Philosophy
48942. Iniciação à Filosofia
48943. Flashbacks
48944. Рождение новой математики
48945. Magical Spells for Your Home: How to Bring Magic into Every Area of Your Life
48946. Lock On No. 20 - Grumman A-6E, KA-6D Intruder, EA-6B Prowler
48947. Wines of the Southern Hemisphere: The Complete Guide
48948. Six Sigma Demystified, 2nd Edition
48949. Encapsulation and Controlled Release Technologies in Food Systems
48950. Practical Text Mining with Perl
48951. The Life of Abraham Lincoln
48952. Civil War: Weapons and Equipment
48953. International Dimensions of Organizational Behavior
48954. Musculoskeletal Examination
48955. SEO ReExplored - The New Mantras after PANDA and PENGUIN
48956. Album
48957. Atlas of Schizophrenia
48958. Loud and Clear: The Memoir of an Israeli Fighter Pilot
48959. Wind Energy Explained: Theory, Design and Application
48960. Human-Computer Interaction: An Empirical Research Perspective
48961. Handbook of Vitamin D in Human Health: Prevention, Treatment and Toxicity
48962. Everyday Prepping for Beginners
48963. Practical Numerical Algorithms for Chaotic Systems
48964. Clinical Companion for Fundamentals of Nursing: Just the Facts, 8e
48965. The Ship Model Builder's Assistant
48966. Small Animal Ear Diseases: An Illustrated Guide, 2e
48967. Adventures of a Waterboy
48968. Hands and Heals: The Autobiography
48969. Healing Herbs A to Z: A Handy Reference to Healing Plants
48970. Unthinkable: Iran, the Bomb, and American Strategy
48971. DIY Coffee
48972. Who Was George Washington?
48973. PHP and MySQL For Dummies
48974. Logic for Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence
48975. Ecotextiles: The way forward for sustainable development in textiles
48976. The Omnivorous Mind: Our Evolving Relationship with Food
48977. 201 Ways to Turn Any Employee Into a Star Player
48978. Ernest Hemingway in Context
48979. Multiculturalism and Education
48980. Backstage with Julia: My Years with Julia Child
48981. How Can I Smile at a Time Like This?: Awakening to the precious Dharma teachings hidden within our everyday problems
48982. Antidiabetic Agents: Recent Advances in their Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology, Volume 27
48983. High Voltage Devices and Circuits in Standard CMOS Technologies
48984. Combinatorial Algorithms for Computers and Calculators
48985. The Art of Multiprocessor Programming, Revised Reprint
48986. I'll See You Again
48987. Coal Waste Impoundments: Risks, Responses, and Alternatives
48988. The Village Against The World
48989. How Do You Kill 11 Million People?: Why the Truth Matters More Than You Think
48990. Web Design in a Nutshell
48991. The Vegan Scoop: 150 Recipes for Dairy-Free Ice Cream that Tastes Better Than the \"Real\" Thing
48992. Mayan Calendar Prophecies: Predictions for 2012-2052: What the Mayan civilization's history and mythology can tell us about our future.
48993. Integrative Psychiatry
48994. Creating Mobile Apps with Sencha Touch 2
48995. Open Heart
48996. Why Yoga? A Cultural History of Yoga
48997. Run, Swim, Throw, Cheat: The Science Behind Drugs in Sport
48998. Digital Television: Satellite, Cable, Terrestrial, IPTV, Mobile TV in the DVB Framework
48999. British Airships 1905-30
49000. More Readings From One Man's Wilderness: The Journals of Richard L. Proenneke
49001. The Penguin History of Latin America
49002. Models and Games
49003. Double Entry
49004. Surfaces and Essences: Analogy as the Fuel and Fire of Thinking
49005. The History Buff's Guide to World War II: Top Ten Rankings of the Best, Worst, Largest, and Most Lethal People and Events of World War II
49006. Lonely Planet New Zealand's South Island
49007. Essential College Physics with MasteringPhysics
49008. Boxes & Chests: How to Make and Decorate 15 Traditional Country Projects
49009. Operations and Process Management: Principles and Practice for Strategic Impact
49010. Aggressivity, Narcissism, and Self-Destructiveness in the Psychoterapeutic Relationship: New Developments in the Psychopathology and Psychotherapy of Severe Personality Disorders
49011. Hitting Back: The Autobiography
49012. Hitting Back: The Autobiography
49013. History of Functional Analysis
49014. The Preemie Primer: A Complete Guide for Parents of Premature Babies--from Birth through the Toddler Years and Beyond
49015. The Farmer's Wife Guide To Fabulous Fruits And Berries: Growing, Storing, Freezing, and Cooking Your Own Fruits and Berries
49016. Learning Ext JS 4
49017. A Beginners Guide To Urban Gardening
49018. The New Sugar Busters!
49019. Man's Unconquerable Mind
49020. Fighting the Banana Wars and Other Fairtrade Battles
49021. A Guidebook to Contemporary Architecture in Vancouver
49022. Forensic Science in Healthcare: Caring for Patients, Preserving the Evidence
49023. Fundamentals of Compressible Flow
49024. The Art of Scouting: How The Hockey Experts Really Watch The Game and Decide Who Makes It
49025. Tropical Root and Tuber Crops
49026. Making the Modern World: Materials and Dematerialization
49027. Oxford Readings in Lucretius
49028. Electronics for Dummies
49029. Dinanderie: A History And Description Of Mediæval Art Work In Copper, Brass And Bronze
49030. Moral Wisdom: Lessons and Texts from the Catholic Tradition
49031. Twentieth-Century Analytic Philosophy
49032. The Body Ecology Guide To Growing Younger: Anti-Aging Wisdom for Every Generation
49033. An Analog Electronics Companion: Basic Circuit Design for Engineers and Scientists
49034. God of War: The Epic Story of Alexander the Great
49035. Eye Essentials: Rigid Gas-Permeable Lens Fitting, 1e
49036. The Condensed Handbook of Measurement and Control, 3rd Edition
49037. Portrait Photography: Art and Techniques
49038. Frommer's London Day By Day
49039. Up Your Business!: 7 Steps to Fix, Build, or Stretch Your Organization
49040. Iconoclast: A Neuroscientist Reveals How to Think Differently
49041. Biochemistry
49042. Nefertiti: Egypt's Sun Queen
49043. Conduct Disorders - A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References
49044. Weekend Homesteader: August
49045. Lords of the Land: The War for Israel's Settlements in the Occupied Territories, 1967-2007
49046. Endless Performance: Building for Performing Arts
49047. 366 Delicious Ways to Cook Rice, Beans, and Grains
49048. Process Theology: A Guide for the Perplexed
49049. Soap Making: A Quick Soap Making Book, Including Homemade Soap Recipes, Soap Making Supplies, Lye, Process and More!
49050. The Sea and Civilization: A Maritime History of the World
49051. Tennis Skills & Drills
49052. The Power of Your Past: The Art of Recalling, Recasting, and Reclaiming
49053. The 100 Healthiest Foods to Eat During Pregnancy
49054. The Italian Baker, Revised: The Classic Tastes of the Italian Countryside--Its Breads, Pizza, Focaccia, Cakes, Pastries, and Cookies
49055. A New History of Documentary Film: Second Edition
49056. Principles and Practice of Behavioral Assessment
49057. Gallipoli: The FInal Battles and Evacuation of ANZAC
49058. Pushing the Limits: New Adventures in Engineering
49059. The Ten Faces of Innovation: IDEO's Strategies for Defeating the Devil's Advocate and Driving Creativity Throughout Your Organization
49060. The Perfect Egg: and Other Secrets
49061. How I Escaped My Certain Fate: The Life and Deaths of a Stand-Up Comedian
49062. Being Successful: Things That Successful People Do That You Could Learn From
49063. Is Your Thyroid Making You Fat: The Doctor's 28-Day Diet that Tests Your Metabolism as You Lose Weight
49064. Lectures on Differential Geometry
49065. ZooKeeper: Distributed process coordination
49066. Business Cycles: Fact, Fallacy and Fantasy
49067. Introduction to Neural Networks for C#, 2nd Edition
49068. Dilbert Gives You the Business: A Dilbert Book
49069. Perceiving Reality: Consciousness, Intentionality, and Cognition in Buddhist Philosophy
49070. Beyond Snapshots: How to Take That Fancy DSLR Camera Off \"Auto\" and Photograph Your Life like a Pro
49071. Africa and the Blues
49072. Learn German - Word Power 101
49073. In the Light of Evolution: Volume 1. Adaptation and Complex Design
49074. Berlin Games: How the Nazis Stole the Olympic Dream
49075. A Life of Picasso: The Triumphant Years, 1917-1932
49076. The Portable Atheist: Essential Readings for the Nonbeliever
49077. Constituting Objectivity: Transcendental Perspectives on Modern Physics
49078. Expert Trading Systems: Modeling Financial Markets with Kernel Regression
49079. Aging and Mental Health
49080. Globalisation: A Systematic Marxian Account
49081. Genki: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese Workbook I [Second Edition]
49082. Art Lab for Kids: 52 Creative Adventures in Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Paper, and Mixed Media—For Budding Artists of All Ages
49083. Storm Landings: Epic Amphibious Battles in the Central Pacific
49084. Lock On No. 2: General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon
49085. The Googlization of everything (and why we should worry)
49086. OS X Mountain Lion Bible
49087. History Without Borders: The Making of an Asian World Region, 1000-1800
49088. Eat to Lose, Eat to Win: Your Grab-n-Go Action Plan for a Slimmer, Healthier You
49089. Emptiness Dancing
49090. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Litigation: Guidelines for Forensic Assessment
49091. Spy Handler: Memoir of a KGB Officer - The True Story of the Man Who Recruited Robert Hanssen and Aldrich Ames
49092. Shop
49093. A Horrible Experience of Unbearable Length: More Movies That Suck
49094. Stop the Retirement Rip-off: How to Keep More of Your Money for Retirement
49095. Corporate Governance, Organization and the Firm: Co-operation and Outsourcing in the Global Economy
49096. Sociodrama and Collective Trauma
49098. Office 2013 For Dummies
49099. The Art of the Japanese Garden
49100. The Sea Road: A Viking Voyage Through Scotland
49101. Advanced Techniques of Hypnosis
49102. Mobile HTML5
49103. Ultimate Paleolithic Collection: 4 Weeks of Fabulous Paleolithic Breakfasts, Lunches, and Dinners with Appetizers and Desserts ALL IN ONE!
49104. A History of Women in Russia: From Earliest Times to the Present
49105. Photonic Crystals: Molding the Flow of Light
49106. Softbox Lighting Techniques for Professional Photographers
49107. The Rise of Nuclear Fear
49108. Pro DNS and BIND 10
49109. Speed Cleaning
49110. The Machiavellian's Guide to Flirting: For Both Men and Women
49111. Embedded Android: Porting, Extending, and Customizing
49112. Every Night the Trees Disappear: Werner Herzog and the Making of Heart of Glass
49113. The DNA of Healing: A Five-Step Process for Total Wellness and Abundance
49114. I Ching
49115. Becomings: Explorations in Time, Memory, and Futures
49116. The Toddler Bistro: Child-Approved Recipes and Expert Nutrition Advice for the Toddler Years
49117. The Southerner's Handbook: A Guide to Living the Good Life
49118. Many Faces of PTSD: Does Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Have a Grip On Your Life?
49119. Pizza: More than 60 Recipes for Delicious Homemade Pizza
49120. The Google Guys: Inside the Brilliant Minds of Google Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin
49121. In the Fire of Eastern Front: The Experiences of a Dutch Waffen-SS Volunteer, 1941-45
49122. Where Women Create: Book of Inspiration: In the Studio and Behind the Scenes with Extraordinary Women
49123. Understanding Controversial Therapies for Children with Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder, and Other Learning Disabilities: A Guide to Complementary
49124. Sugar Baby: Confections, Candies, Cakes, & Other Delicious Recipes for Cooking with Sugar
49125. An Introduction to Environmental Chemistry
49126. Recent Advances in Environmental Economics
49127. Mod Knots: Creating Jewelry and Accessories with Macrame
49128. Masked Voices: Gay Men and Lesbians in Cold War America
49129. Beginning iPad Development for iPhone Developers: Mastering the iPad SDK
49130. Evangelizing the American Jew
49131. The Guidebook to Happiness: Learn the Specific DO's and DON'Ts to Raise Your Default Level of Happiness
49132. A Bead in Time: 35 Jewelry Projects Inspired by Slices of Life
49133. Overcoming Insomnia: A Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Approach Therapist Guide
49134. An Osteopathic Approach to Children, 1e
49135. Beginning Windows 8 Application Development – XAML Edition
49136. Here Is Where: Discovering America's Great Forgotten History
49137. Fat, Fate, and Disease: Why exercise and diet are not enough
49138. The Crabby Cook Cookbook: Recipes and Rants
49139. Bad Astronomy: Misconceptions and Misuses Revealed, from Astrology to the Moon Landing \"Hoax"
49140. Writing Skills Made Fun: Parts of Speech: Grades 2-3 with Poster
49141. Digital Photography Masterclass
49142. Overcoming the Trauma of Your Motor Vehicle Accident: A Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment Program Workbook
49143. Demanding the Impossible?: Human Nature and Politics in Nineteenth-Century Social Anarchism
49144. Forgiveness: The Greatest Healer of All
49145. Gambrel Barn and Shed Plans Construction Blueprints
49146. Flim-Flam! Psychics, ESP, Unicorns, and Other Delusions
49147. Scientology Exposed: The Truth About the World's Most Controversial Religion
49148. Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind
49149. Rowan Junior
49150. Gender Identity Disorder - A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References
49151. Effective Programming: More Than Writing Code
49152. Tennis Anatomy
49153. 101 Ways to Work Out with Weights: Effective Exercises to Sculpt Your Body and Burn Fat!
49154. Wiley CPAexcel Exam Review 2014 Study Guide, Regulation
49155. InDesign CS5 Bible
49156. Those Who Have Borne the Battle: A History of America's Wars and Those Who Fought Them
49157. Becoming Bulletproof
49158. Me, Myself, and Them: A Firsthand Account of One Young Person's Experience with Schizophrenia
49159. Assessment and Intervention
49160. Size Matters Not: The Extraordinary Life and Career of Warwick Davis
49161. Golf All-in-One For Dummies
49162. Chicken Diseases Help - A Quick Guidebook on Chicken in Sickness and Health
49163. From the Forest: A Search for the Hidden Roots of our Fairytales
49164. Mastering Microsoft Lync Server 2013
49165. Encyclopaedia of Sacred Sexuality: From Aphrodisiacs and Ecstasy to Yoni Worship and Zap-lam Yoga
49166. Jazz Piano: The Left Hand
49167. Neuroanatomy: Draw It to Know It
49168. Hand Made, Hand Played: The Art & Craft of Contemporary Guitars
49169. René Cassin and Human Rights: From the Great War to the Universal Declaration
49170. American Loyalist Troops 1775-84
49171. How Carrots Won the Trojan War: Curious
49172. A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge
49173. 25 Kickass Paleo Desserts: Quick and Easy Low Carb, Low Fat, and Gluten-Free Dessert Recipes
49174. The Story of Mathematics: From Creating the Pyraminds to Exploring Infinity
49175. From Techie to Boss: Transitioning to Leadership
49176. The Covert War Against Rock: What You Don't Know About the Deaths of Jim Morrison, Tupac Shakur, Michael Hutchence, Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Phil Ochs, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, John Lennon, and .....
49177. Complex Variables: Introduction and Applications
49178. New Foundations in Mathematics: The Geometric Concept of Number
49179. The Body Ecology Guide To Growing Younger: Anti-Aging Wisdom for Every Generation
49180. Eat, Drink & Be Vegan: Everyday Vegan Recipes Worth Celebrating
49181. The Disappearance of the Social in American Social Psychology
49182. The Daily Trading Coach: 101 Lessons for Becoming Your Own Trading Psychologist
49183. Wildlife Responses to Climate Change: North American Case Studies
49184. Microstrip Lines and Slotlines 2nd Ed.
49185. SAS Desert Survival
49186. The Sims 3 Late Night - Prima Essential Guide: Prima Official Game Guide
49187. Platone e la scrittura della filosofia
49188. Handbook of Pediatric Retinal Disease
49189. The Art of Controversy: Political Cartoons and Their Enduring Power
49190. The 100 Best Stocks to Buy in 2013
49191. Curried Cultures: Globalization, Food, and South Asia
49192. Environmental Radioactivity from Natural, Industrial & Military Sources, Fourth Edition: From Natural, Industrial and Military Sources
49193. Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy
49194. Vietnam Firebases 1965-73: American and Australian Forces
49195. The Effective Executive: The Definitive Guide to Getting the Right Things Done
49196. Stiletto Network: Inside the Women's Power Circles That Are Changing the Face of Business
49197. Windows Store App Development: C# and XAML
49198. New Theories of Everything
49199. 802.11ac: A Survival Guide
49200. 50 Graphic Organizers for Reading, Writing & More
49201. Forensic Psychology and Law
49202. Phoenix: The Fall & Rise of Videogames
49203. Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 Cookbook
49204. Why Marx Was Right
49205. American Psychosis: How the Federal Government Destroyed the Mental Illness Treatment System
49206. Complex Analysis
49207. Medical Herbalism: The Science Principles and Practices Of Herbal Medicine
49208. Christian the Lion
49209. Zeppelins: German Airships 1900-40
49210. Taipei: City of Displacements
49211. Restoring Your Eyesight: A Taoist Approach
49212. Self and Emotional Life: Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, and Neuroscience
49213. Excel 2013: The Missing Manual
49214. Basic Tactics for Listening: Test Booklet with Audio CD
49215. Backpacking Nevada
49216. Українська усна словесність
49217. Polish Air Force 1939-1945 - Foreign Air Forces series
49218. God's Fury, England's Fire: A New History of the English Civil Wars
49219. The Medieval Health Handbook -- Tacuinum Sanitatis
49220. Introduction to Management in the Hospitality Industry
49221. Mixed Effects Models and Extensions in Ecology with R
49222. Bankrupting the Enemy: The U.S. Financial Siege of Japan Before Pearl Harbor
49223. Steak with Friends: At Home, with Rick Tramonto
49224. Eco-Sex: Go Green Between the Sheets and Make Your Love Life Sustainable
49225. Hacking VoIP: Protocols, Attacks, and Countermeasures
49226. Breakfast in Bed: More Than 150 Recipes for Delicious Morning Meals
49227. Magnificent Century
49228. Virtualization For Dummies
49229. The Fate of the Forest: Developers, Destroyers, and Defenders of the Amazon, Updated Edition
49230. Les Liaisons Dangereuses
49231. A Million Little Bricks: The Unofficial Illustrated History of the LEGO Phenomenon
49232. Organic Vegetable & Fruit Growing & Preserving Month by Month
49233. Adulting: How to Become a Grown-up in 468 Easy
49234. The Reasoned Schemer
49235. The Cave Painters: Probing the Mysteries of the World's First Artists
49236. Curve & Surface Fitting
49237. Na kamenu u Počitelju
49238. The World's Funniest Proverbs
49239. Indigenous Australia for Dummies
49240. How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python
49241. LEGO Space: Building the Future
49242. Novi Beograd - Osporeni modernizam
49243. How to Think Like Sherlock
49244. Invisible Chess Moves: Discover Your Blind Spots and Stop Overlooking Simple Wins
49245. How to Can and Preserve
49246. Virtual Screening: Volume 48 - Principles, Challenges, and Practical Guidelines
49247. How to Grow Beans and Peas: Planting and Growing Organic Green Beans, Sugar Snap Peas, and Heirloom Dry Beans and Peas
49248. Teach Yourself VISUALLY PowerPoint 2013
49249. 25 Kites That Fly
49250. The Logician and the Engineer: How George Boole and Claude Shannon Created the Information Age
49251. Windows 8 All-in-One For Dummies
49252. The Maritime Engineering Reference Book: A Guide to Ship Design, Construction and Operation
49253. Thermodynamics For Dummies
49254. Taste of Home Comfort Food Diet Cookbook: Lose Weight with 433 Foods You Crave!
49255. Being Agile: Your Roadmap to Successful Adoption of Agile
49256. Construction Funding: The Process of Real Estate Development, Appraisal, and Finance
49257. The Demon of Writing: Powers and Failures of Paperwork
49258. Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences
49259. 1,000 Retail Graphics: From Signage to Logos and Everything for In-Store
49260. The $7 a Meal Slow Cooker Cookbook: 301 Delicious, Nutritious Recipes the Whole Family Will Love!
49261. Red Mutiny: Eleven Fateful Days on the Battleship Potemkin
49262. Mastering Digital Photography: Jason Youn's Essential Guide to Understanding the Art & Science of Aperture, Shutter, Exposure, Light, & Composition
49263. Investigating Internet Crimes: An Introduction to Solving Crimes in Cyberspace
49264. Adventures in Design: The Ultimate Visual Guide, 153 Spectacular Quilts, Activities & Exercises
49265. In the Fire of Eastern Front: The Experiences of a Dutch Waffen-SS Volunteer, 1941-45
49266. Ionized Water: Life Without Disease
49267. Backyard Chickens' Guide to Coops and Tractors: Planning, Building, and Real-Life Advice
49268. Mind Design II: Philosophy, Psychology, and Artificial Intelligence
49269. Laplace Transform Theory
49270. Last Night at the Viper Room: River Phoenix and the Hollywood He Left Behind
49271. The Birth of Modern Britain: A Journey Into Britain's Archaeological Past: 1550 to the Present
49272. A Concise History of the Middle East: Ninth Edition
49273. jQuery Hotshot
49274. Overcoming Insomnia: A Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Approach Workbook
49275. Building Hybrid Android Apps with Java and JavaScript: Applying Native Device APIs
49276. Closing the Attitude Gap: How to Fire Up Your Students to Strive for Success
49277. The Semantic Sphere 1: Computation, Cognition and Information Economy
49278. The XX Factor: How the Rise of Working Women Has Created a Far Less Equal World
49279. A First Course in Noncommutative Rings
49280. The Jewish Annotated New Testament
49281. The Craft & Business Of Writing: Essential Tools For Writing Success
49282. VCP4 Exam Cram: VMware Certified Professional
49283. What Philosophy Can Tell You About Your Lover
49284. Professional Practice for Podiatric Medicine
49285. The Great War: A Combat History of the First World War
49286. Siblings in Adoption and Foster Care: Traumatic Separations and Honored Connections
49287. American Psychosis: How the Federal Government Destroyed the Mental Illness Treatment System
49288. Take My Rooks
49289. Baking Artisan Pastries and Breads: Sweet and Savory Baking for Breakfast, Brunch, and Beyond
49290. The Longevity Kitchen: Satisfying, Big-Flavor Recipes Featuring the Top 16 Age-Busting Power Foods [120 Recipes for Vitality and Optimal Health]
49291. The Untold History of the United States
49292. The Minimalist Photographer
49293. Play the Grunfeld: Detailed coverage of this Kasparov favourite
49294. Control: Exposing the Truth About Guns
49295. The Egyptian Book of the Dead
49296. Let Me Tell You Something: Life as a Real Housewife, Tough-Love Mother, and Street-Smart Businesswoman
49297. Smashing Mobile Web Development
49298. Love and Orgasm
49299. 50 Top Slow Cooker Recipes - Easy One Pot Recipes For The Whole Family
49300. Classic Candy: America's Favorite Sweets, 1950-80
49301. Frommer's Bermuda
49302. Introduction to Film Studies
49303. The Healing Remedies Sourcebook: Over 1000 Natural Remedies to Prevent and Cure Common Ailments
49304. The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks
49305. PROGRAMMING WITH JAVA A PRIMER --2000 publication.
49306. Limit Theorems for Large Deviations
49307. Item Response Theory
49308. A Guide to British Medieval Seals
49309. A People and a Nation: A History of the United States, Volume II: Since 1865
49310. In My Shoes: A Memoir
49311. The Panic Free Job Search: Unleash the Power of the Web and Social Networking to Get Hired
49312. Enchanted Adornments
49313. Foodopoly: The Battle Over the Future of Food and Farming in America
49314. Kucers' The Use of Antibiotics Sixth Edition: A Clinical Review of Antibacterial, Antifungal and Antiviral Drugs
49315. 33 Movies to Restore Your Faith in Humanity: Ebert's Essentials
49316. The Story of Art
49317. The Handbook of Political Sociology: States, Civil Societies, and Globalization
49318. The Stargate Conspiracy
49319. Ruckman's Battlefield Notes
49320. Weight Training-4th Edition: Steps to Success
49321. Ruckman's Battlefield Notes
49322. Water And Ice
49323. Vaadin 7 Cookbook
49324. The Domain of the Word: Scripture and Theological Reason
49325. The Martial Artist's Book of Yoga: Improve Flexibility, Balance and Strength for Higher Kicks, Faster Strikes, Smoother Throws, Safer Falls, and Stronger Stances
49326. The Freelancer's Bible: Everything You Need to Know to Have the Career of Your Dreams - On Your Terms
49327. Bicycle Transportation, Second Edition: A Handbook for Cycling Transportation Engineers
49328. Encyclopedia of the Sciences of Learning
49329. Creative Portraits: Digital Photography Tips and Techniques
49330. Watercolor: Watercolor 1
49331. The Man and the Statesman: The Correspondence and Articles on Politics
49332. The Jena System, 1804-05: Logic and Metaphysics
49333. Unleash the Power of the Female Brain: Supercharging Yours for Better Health, Energy, Mood, Focus, and Sex
49334. Apache Sqoop Cookbook
49335. The Spanish-American War and Philippine Insurrection: 1898-1902
49336. Digital Signal Processing Laboratory, Second Edition
49337. Swerve: How the Renaissance Began
49338. Digital Wedding Photography Secrets
49339. AngularJS
49340. Grenadiers: The Story of Waffen SS General Kurt \"Panzer\" Meyer
49341. The Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet: Know What Goes Into Every Bite with More Than 200 of the Most Deliciously Nutritious Homemade Baby Food ... More Than 60 Purees Your Baby Will Love
49342. Introduction to Algebraic and Constructive Quantum Field Theory
49343. Українське відродження чи нова русифікація? Наукове видання
49344. Scene Design and Stage Lighting
49345. Implementing SSL / TLS Using Cryptography and PKI
49346. Best Tent Camping: Michigan
49347. After the Reich
49348. Strategic Thinking for Leaders, The Systems Thinking Approach
49349. Materials, Structures, and Standards: All the Details Architects Need to Know But Can Never Find
49350. Healthy Recipes for Smoothies & Juices: Smooth & Juicy - 130+ smoothies, juices & cocktails for YOU!
49351. The Smart Guide to Chemistry
49352. Painting Flowers on Rocks
49353. Fundamentals of Animal Science
49354. Encyclopedia of Homelessness, 2 Volume Set
49355. Your Mind at Work: Developing Self-knowledge for Business Success
49356. Sneakiest Uses for Everyday Things: How to Make a Boomerang with a Business Card, Convert a Pencil into a Microphone and more
49357. First Aid, Survival, and CPR: Home and Field Pocket Guide
49358. The Last of His Kind: The Life and Adventures of Bradford Washburn, America's Boldest Mountaineer
49359. Teach Yourself VISUALLY Office 2013
49360. Project X: What a Waste: Max the Detective
49361. Complete Kicking: The Ultimate Guide to Kicks for Martial Arts Self-defense & Combat Sports
49362. Biobanks: Patents or open science?
49363. Commando
49364. The Barbara Pym Cookbook
49365. The Fat Lady Sang
49366. Printing a Mediterranean World: Florence, Constantinople, and the Renaissance of Geography
49367. Flash Foresight: How to See the Invisible and Do the Impossible
49368. Climbers' Guide to Treating Medical Emergencies
49369. M103 Heavy Tank 1950-74
49370. Krav Maga for Women: Your Ultimate Program for Self Defense
49371. Social and Communication Development in Autism Spectrum Disorders: Early Identification, Diagnosis, and Intervention
49372. Freestyle Machine Embroidery
49373. The Conversion of Europe
49374. Birds of Melanesia: Bismarcks, Solomons, Vanuatu and New Caledonia
49375. Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Older Adults: Holistic Approaches to Healthy Aging
49376. The Gap
49377. War and Genocide: A Concise History of the Holocaust
49378. On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen
49379. Classroom Bullying Prevention, Pre-K-4th Grade: Children's Books, Lesson Plans, and Activities
49380. For the Thrill of It: Leopold, Loeb, and the Murder That Shocked Chicago
49381. How To Win Friends and Influence People
49382. Historic Scotland - Iona
49383. 100 Ways to Make Good Photos Great: Tips & Techniques for Improving Your Digital Photography
49384. Parallel Complexity Theory
49385. Sophus Lies 1880: Transformation Paper
49386. What Your Child Needs to Know About Sex
49387. A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using R, Second Edition
49388. The Speed of Light: Constancy and Cosmos
49389. Rich Dad's Rich Kid, Smart Kid: Giving Your Child a Financial Head Start
49390. Persuasion and Influence For Dummies
49391. Good Housekeeping The Little Book of Baking: 55 Homemade Cookies, Cakes, Cupcakes & Pies to Make & Share
49392. Rich Dad's Rich Kid, Smart Kid: Giving Your Child a Financial Head Start
49393. لذات فلسفه
49394. Gettysburg: The Last Invasion
49395. Industrial Network Security: Securing Critical Infrastructure Networks for Smart Grid, SCADA, and Other Industrial Control Systems
49396. Building Afghanistan's Security Forces in Wartime: The Soviet Experience
49397. Fodor's California 2014
49398. A Survival Guide for Working with Humans: Dealing with Whiners, Back-Stabbers, Know-It-Alls, and Other Difficult People
49399. The Bloody Forest
49400. Selection Theorems and Their Applications
49401. The Mammoth Book of Conspiracies
49402. Couponing for the Rest of Us: The Not-So-Extreme Guide to Saving More
49403. The Egoscue Method of Health Through Motion: A Revolutionary Program That Lets You Rediscover the Body's Power To Protect and Rejuvenate Itself
49404. Бойові мечі з музейного зібрання Ужгородського замку
49405. Service Design
49406. A Better Brain at Any Age: The Holistic Way to Improve Your Memory, Reduce Stress, and Sharpen Your Wits
49407. Phoenix: The Fall & Rise of Videogames
49408. Cell Signalling
49409. Process Dynamics and Control: Modeling for Control and Prediction
49410. Yes!: 50 secrets from the science of persuasion
49411. The Prediabetes Diet Plan: How to Reverse Prediabetes and Prevent Diabetes through Healthy Eating and Exercise
49412. The Fundamentals of International Human Rights Treaty Law
49413. The American Civil War: A Military History
49414. Java Concepts: Early Objects
49415. Unlimited Sales Success: 12 Simple Steps for Selling More Than You Ever Thought Possible
49416. The Definitive Guide to Storing Gold & Silver
49417. Spine Secrets Plus, 2e
49418. Networking: Work Your Contacts to Supercharge Your Career
49419. Essential Guide to Blood Coagulation
49420. Handbook of Dialysis Therapy, 4e
49421. Warrior 79: US Doughboy 1916-19
49422. The Big Book of Desserts and Pastries: Dozens of Recipes for Gourmet Sweets and Sauces
49423. Intelligence and How to Get It: Why Schools and Cultures Count
49424. Poetry in Person: Twenty-five Years of Conversation with America's Poets
49425. The Most Effective Ways to Live Longer: The Surprising, Unbiased Truth About What You Should Do to Prevent Disease, Feel Great, and Have Optimum Health and Longevity
49426. Modular Construction Using Light Steel Framing: An Architect's Guide
49427. Writing as Enlightenment: Buddhist American Literature Into the Twenty-First Century
49428. Lost to Time: Unforgettable Stories That History Forgot
49429. The Food Police: A Well-Fed Manifesto About the Politics of Your Plate
49430. The Downing Street Years
49431. US Army Infantryman in Vietnam 1965-73
49432. Essential German Grammar
49433. Deviant and Criminal Behavior in the Workplace
49434. Priscilla Hauser's Basic Painting Skills
49435. 365 Sex Positions: A New Way Every Day for a Steamy, Erotic Year
49436. English Unlimited Intermediate Coursebook with e-Portfolio
49437. Asterisk: The Definitive Guide
49438. Body Type 2: More Typographical Tattoos
49439. Mindful Economics: How the U.S. Economy Works, Why it Matters, and How it Could Be Different
49440. Paella: The Ultimate Recipe Guide - Over 30 Delicious & Best Selling Recipes
49441. 36 Healing Herbs: The World's Best Medicinal Plants
49442. Investing With Giants: Tried and True Stocks That Have Sustained the Test of Time
49443. Secrets of Rosslyn
49444. The Wine Deck: 50 Ways to Choose, Serve, and Enjoy Great Wines
49445. Quantum Theory: A Very Short Introduction
49446. Superman versus the Ku Klux Klan: The True Story of How the Iconic Superhero Battled the Men of Hate
49447. Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist
49448. MacLeod's Introduction to Medicine: A Doctor's Memoir
49449. Clara's War: One Girl's Story of Survival
49450. Google+ for Business Owners
49451. The Book of Secrets: Who am I? Where Did I Come From? Why am I Here?
49452. Children of the Days: A Calendar of Human History
49453. Delish Just Four Ingredients Fast!
49454. The Daily Trading Coach: 101 Lessons for Becoming Your Own Trading Psychologist
49455. The Filipino Cookbook: 85 Homestyle Recipes to Delight Your Family and Friends
49456. Flash Foresight: How to See the Invisible and Do the Impossible
49457. Asanas: 608 Yoga Poses
49458. Race for Empire: Koreans as Japanese and Japanese as Americans during World War II
49459. WordPress Web Application Development
49460. China and Vietnam: The Politics of Asymmetry
49461. Fast Real Estate Profits in Any Market: The Art of Flipping Properties--Insider Secrets from the Experts Who Do It Every Day
49462. Scala in Action
49463. Hitler and the Holocaust
49464. Never Apply for a Job Again!: Break the Rules, Cut the Line, Beat the Rest
49465. Wild Brews: Culture and Craftsmanship in the Belgian Tradition
49466. War Against the Weak: Eugenics and America's Campaign to Create a Master Race, Expanded Edition
49467. Everest: The West Ridge
49468. Special Relativity: From Einstein to Strings
49469. php/architect's Guide to PHP 5 Migration
49470. The Portable MBA in Project Management
49471. Fire Your Boss
49472. Get Your Pitchfork On!: The Real Dirt on Country Living
49473. Civic Agriculture: Reconnecting Farm, Food, and Community
49474. Financial Accounting: Reporting and Analysis
49475. Charts and Graphs: Microsoft Excel 2010
49476. Veterinary Euthanasia Techniques: A Practical Guide
49477. The Fountain of Truth: Outsmart Hype, False Hope, and Heredity to Recalibrate How You Age
49478. Is Your Thyroid Making You Fat: The Doctor's 28-Day Diet that Tests Your Metabolism as You Lose Weight
49479. The Data Warehouse Toolkit: The Definitive Guide to Dimensional Modeling
49480. How To Win Friends and Influence People
49481. The Global Minotaur: America, Europe and the Future of the Global Economy
49482. Svetasvataropanisad: The Knowledge That Liberates
49483. How to Read a Person Like a Book
49484. The Most Beautiful Hotels in the World
49485. 30 Great Myths about Shakespeare
49486. The Crusades [4 Volumes]: An Encyclopedia: The Crusades: An Encyclopedia 4 Volume Set
49487. Preparedness Report: How to Be Emergency Ready - Low Cost and Common Sense Steps You Can Take Today in Your Home
49488. Algorithms
49489. More Health, Less Care: How to Take Charge of Your Medical Care and Write Your Own Personal Prescription for Lifelong Health
49490. Timing the Market: How to Profit in Bull and Bear Markets with Technical Analysis
49491. Trigger Point Therapy for Myofascial Pain: The Practice of Informed Touch
49492. Super Searchers Go to School: Sharing Online Strategies with K-12 Students, Teachers, and Librarians
49493. Double Victory: How African American Women Broke Race and Gender Barriers to Help Win World War II
49494. Pot Pies: Yumminess in a Dish
49495. Transportation Decision Making: Principles of Project Evaluation and Programming
49496. Practical Household Uses Of Vinegar: Home cures, recipes, everyday hints and tips
49497. The Tender Cut: Inside the Hidden World of Self-Injury
49498. Shepherds of the Sea: Destroyer Escorts in World War II
49499. Ethics and Technology: Controversies, Questions, and Strategies for Ethical Computing, 4th Edition
49500. Labyrinths of Reason: Paradox, Puzzles, and the Frailty of Knowledge
49501. Quantifier Scope in German
49502. Competitive Intelligence: Gathering, Analysing And Putting It to Work
49503. Knowledge - The Urban Skillz Dictionary
49504. Learn Unity for 2D Game Development
49505. Irish is Fun!
49506. Genius: The Life and Science of Richard Feynman
49507. Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?
49508. The Jewish Phenomenon: Seven Keys to the Enduring Wealth of a People
49509. Designs and Patterns for Embroiderers and Craftspeople
49510. Best iPad Apps: The Guide for Discriminating Downloaders
49511. The History Buff's Guide to World War II: Top Ten Rankings of the Best, Worst, Largest, and Most Lethal People and Events of World War II
49512. Embedded Systems Architecture: A Comprehensive Guide for Engineers and Programmers
49513. Pro Objective-C
49514. Power and the Spirit of God: Toward an Experience-Based Pneumatology
49515. 20 Totally Awesome & Totally Easy Language Arts Bulletin Boards
49516. Nanoscience: Underlying Concepts and Phenomena
49517. Photographic Possibilities: The Expressive Use of Equipment, Ideas, Materials, and Processes
49518. Photoshop CC For Dummies
49519. Laptops For Seniors For Dummies
49520. Gebirgsjäger: German Mountain Trooper 1939-45
49521. US Helicopter Pilot in Vietnam
49522. Unleash the Power of the Female Brain: Supercharging Yours for Better Health, Energy, Mood, Focus, and Sex
49523. Bonding with Your Dog: A Trainer's Secrets for Building a Better Relationship
49524. The Path to Power
49525. Margaret Fulton Favourites: The Much-Loved, Essential Recipes from a Lifetime of Cooking
49526. Computer and Machine Vision: Theory, Algorithms, Practicalities
49527. Cleft Palate & Craniofacial Anomalies: Effects on Speech and Resonance
49528. Great Sex Notes: 76 Ways to Please, Tease, Excite and Ignite
49529. Wellington's Dutch Allies 1815
49530. How to Start a Business in North Carolina
49531. Introduction to global analysis, Volume 91
49532. Quintessentially Perfume
49533. Questioning Krishnamurti
49534. Biotic Interactions in the Tropics: Their Role in the Maintenance of Species Diversity
49535. 10 Cool LEGO Mindstorms Robotics Invention System 2 Projects: Amazing Projects You Can Build in Under an Hour
49536. Operation Storm: Japan's Top Secret Submarines and Its Plan to Change the Course of World War II
49537. Ninja: 1,000 Years of the Shadow Warrior
49538. WordPress All-in-One For Dummies
49539. U.S. Health in International Perspective: Shorter Lives, Poorer Health
49540. International Criminal Justice and the Politics of Compliance
49541. Flash on English: Transport and Logistics
49542. Mythology
49543. Magnificent Century
49544. Bitesize: Tartlets, Quichettes & Cute Things
49545. The Death of Santini: The Story of a Father and His Son
49546. Babynomics: Moneysaving tips for smart parents
49547. Psychedelic Shamanism: The Cultivation, Preparation, and Shamanic Use of Psychotropic Plants
49548. Implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 with Sure Step 2012
49549. Punishing Race: A Continuing American Dilemma
49550. Card Games Properly Explained: Poker, Canasta, Cribbage, Gin Rummy, Whist, and Much More
49551. Hankie Couture: Hand-Crafted Fashions from Vintage Handkerchiefs
49552. Cure Tooth Decay: Remineralize Cavities and Repair Your Teeth Naturally with Good Food [Second Edition]
49553. Songwriting Without Boundaries: Lyric Writing Exercises for Finding Your Voice
49554. Healing Crisis and Trauma with Mind, Body, and Spirit
49555. iPhone and iPad Apps for Absolute Beginners
49556. Supporting Women After Domestic Violence: Loss, Trauma and Recovery
49557. Textbook of Obesity: Biological, Psychological and Cultural Influences
49558. Delusional Disorders - A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References
49559. The Eat This, Not That! No-Diet Diet: The World's Easiest Weight-Loss Plan!
49560. Applications of ATILA FEM software to smart materials: Case studies in designing devices
49561. Medical Nutrition Therapy: A Case Study Approach
49562. The Unsayable: The Hidden Language of Trauma
49563. Byzantine To Modern Pottery In The Aegean
49564. Suicide
49565. Systematic Instruction of Functional Skills for Students and Adults With Disabilities
49566. DBT Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide to Dialectical Behavior Therapy
49567. The Miracle of Honey: Practical Tips for Health, Home & Beauty
49568. Alone on Guadalcanal: A Coastwatcher's Story
49569. Official Book Club Selection: A Memoir According to Kathy Griffin
49570. Des Bankers neue Kleider: Was bei Banken wirklich schief läuft und was sich ändern muss
49571. Beekeeping for Dummies
49572. SAS/ETS 9.1 User's Guide - 4 Volume Set
49573. Becoming a Supple Leopard: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance
49574. Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services with MDX and DAX
49575. The 100 Most Influential Scientists of All Time
49576. 101 Things Everyone Should Know About Economics: A Down and Dirty Guide to Everything from Securities and Derivatives to Interest Rates and Hedge Funds - And What They Mean For You
49577. Simple Emergency Food Storage
49578. The Physical Properties of Organic Monolayers
49579. Japanese Army Air Force Aces 1937-1945
49580. Statistical Analysis with Excel For Dummies
49581. Heroes of the Soviet Union 1941-45
49582. Shanghai Reflections: Architecture, Urbanism, and the Search for an Alternative Modernity
49583. Gallipoli: The FInal Battles and Evacuation of ANZAC
49584. Past Simple: Learning English Through British History and Culture. by David Ronder, Peter Thompson
49585. 50/50: Secrets I Learned Running 50 Marathons in 50 Days -- and How You Too Can Achieve Super Endurance!
49586. Sweating the Metal: Flying Under Fire
49587. Flash on English: Cooking, Catering and Reception
49588. Anal Pleasure and Health: A Guide for Men, Women and Couples
49589. IraqiGirl: Diary of a Teenage Girl in Iraq
49590. The Story of Art
49591. Inventions and Inventors
49592. Sassanian Elite Cavalry AD 224-642
49593. Jingwu: The School that Transformed Kung Fu
49594. Swim: Why We Love the Water
49595. The Irrational Bundle: Predictably Irrational, The Upside of Irrationality, and The Honest Truth About Dishonesty
49596. Learning and Performance Matters
49597. Delirious Delhi: Inside India's Incredible Capital
49598. Cell and Developmental Biology of Arabinogalactan-Proteins
49599. 50 Reasons to Hate the French
49600. Radio-Frequency and Microwave Communications Circuits: Analysis and Design
49601. Atheism For Dummies
49602. Open Doors: 2: Workbook
49603. Agile User Experience Design: A Practitioner's Guide to Making It Work
49604. Municipal Architecture
49605. Hack
49606. The Nexus One Pocket Guide
49607. Advanced Graphics Programming Using OpenGL
49608. The Resiliency Advantage: Master Change, Thrive Under Pressure, and Bounce Back from Setbacks
49609. Mosaic Knitting
49610. Vitamin D For Dummies
49611. Language Beyond Postmodernism: Saying and Thinking in Gendlin Philosophy
49612. The Sprouted Kitchen: A Tastier Take on Whole Foods
49613. An Introduction to Search Engines and Web Navigation
49614. Green Juicing Diet: Green Juice Detox Plan for Beginners-Includes Green Smoothies and Green Juice Recipes
49615. The Sultan's Admiral: Barbarossa: Pirate and Empire Builder
49616. Healing Eating Disorders With Psychodrama and Other Action Methods: Beyond the Silence and the Fury
49617. Challenging Gender Inequality in Tax Policy Making: Comparative Perspectives
49618. The Wild Medicine Solution: Healing with Aromatic, Bitter, and Tonic Plants
49619. Understanding Business Accounting for Dummies, Second UK Edition
49620. Fantastic Fabric Folding: Innovative Quilting Projects
49621. Dreamweaver CS6 Mobile and Web Development with HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery Mobile
49622. The Everything Quick Meals Cookbook: Whip up easy and delicious meals for you and your family
49623. Developing Biomedical Devices: Design, Innovation and Protection
49624. Diary of a Napoleonic Foot Soldier
49625. Biology Success in 20 Minutes A Day
49626. Cultural Foundations of Learning: East and West
49627. The Transformation of Ireland 1900-2000
49628. The Five Percent: Finding Solutions to Seemingly Impossible Conflicts
49629. Past Simple: Learning English Through British History and Culture. by David Ronder, Peter Thompson
49630. The Wild Medicine Solution: Healing with Aromatic, Bitter, and Tonic Plants
49631. Гравитация. От хрустальных сфер до кротовых нор
49632. Cosmic Fusion: The Inner Alchemy of the Eight Forces
49633. Developing Mobile Games with Moai SDK
49634. Primer on Risk Analysis: Decision Making Under Uncertainty
49635. Australia
49636. Teaching Happiness and Well-Being in Schools: Learning to ride elephants
49637. Reversing Disease Naturally: Natural Non-toxic Remedies and Forbidden Cures They Do Not Want You to Know About
49638. Hockey Coaching: The ABCs of International Hockey
49639. Science Is Culture: Conversations at the New Intersection of Science + Society
49640. Kokkari: Contemporary Greek Flavors
49641. Baby Steps: Having the Child I Always Wanted
49642. Divine Invasions: A Life of Philip K. Dick
49643. Electrical Power Cable Engineering: Second: Edition,
49644. The Spice Kitchen: Everyday Cooking with Organic Spices
49645. The Death of Santini: The Story of a Father and His Son
49646. Taste of Home Fast Fixes with Mixes New Edition: 314 Delicious No-Fuss Recipes
49647. Root Cellaring: Natural Cold Storage of Fruits & Vegetables
49648. Dealing with Pest and Plant Disease
49649. Elizabeth of York: A Tudor Queen and Her World
49650. Algebra Readiness Made Easy: Grade 3
49651. Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Active Filters
49652. The Cherokees: A Population History
49653. About Face: Amazing Transformations Using the Secrets of the Top Celebrity Makeup Artist
49654. Life at the Extremes: [The Science of Survival]
49655. Napoleon's Commanders
49656. Mathematics in Popular Culture: Essays on Appearances in Film, Fiction, Games, Television and Other Media
49657. Atomic Obsession: Nuclear Alarmism from Hiroshima to Al-Qaeda
49658. Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Recipes for Two
49659. In the Cockpit 2: Inside History-Making Aircraft of World War II
49660. 500 Days: Secrets and Lies in the Terror Wars
49661. Sew & Stow: 31 Fun Sewing Projects to Carry, Hold, and Organize Your Stuff, Your Home, and Yourself!
49662. Teach Yourself VISUALLY PowerPoint 2013
49663. The Truth About What Nonprofit Boards Want: The Nine Little Things That Matter Most
49664. Planting Plan Design System - how to combine plants to create beautiful planting schemes for stunning garden borders
49665. Faberge's Eggs: The Extraordinary Story of the Masterpieces That Outlived an Empire
49666. The Book: Playing the Percentages in Baseball
49667. 25 Kickass Paleo Desserts: Quick and Easy Low Carb, Low Fat, and Gluten-Free Dessert Recipes
49668. The Power Meter Handbook: A User's Guide for Cyclists and Triathletes
49669. Griftopia: Bubble Machines, Vampire Squids, and the Long Con That Is Breaking America
49670. Mindful Birthing: Training the Mind, Body, and Heart for Childbirth and Beyond
49671. Who Was William Shakespeare: An Introduction to the Life and Works
49672. Niccolo Machiavelli: The Laughing Lion and the Strutting Fox
49673. Computer Chess
49674. Learning PHP Design Patterns
49675. iPad for Digital Photographers
49676. The British Home Front 1939-45
49677. The Confident Creative: Drawing to Free the Hand and Mind
49678. The Corvette in the Barn: More Great Stories of Automotive Archaeology
49679. Fruit and Seed Production: Aspects of Development, Environmental Physiology and Ecology
49680. The American Holistic Health Association's Complete Guide to Alternative Medicine
49681. The Psychology of Aristotle, The Philosopher: A Psychoanalytic Therapist's Perspective
49682. Master Lighting Guide for Portrait Photographers
49683. Life and Food in the Caribbean
49684. Empty Pleasures: The Story of Artificial Sweeteners from Saccharin to Splenda
49685. Mastering Windows Network Forensics and Investigation
49686. The Everything Gluten-Free Slow Cooker Cookbook: Includes Butternut Squash with Walnuts and Vanilla, Peruvian Roast Chicken with Red Potatoes, Lamb ... Pumpkin Spice Lattes...and hundreds more!
49687. Определитель сосудистых растений Орловской области
49688. Digital Photography For Dummies
49689. Global Warming: A Very Short Introduction
49690. Flora Vegetativa: Ein Bestimmungsbuch für Pflanzen der Schweiz im blütenlosen Zustand
49691. Coping Skills Therapy for Managing Chronic and Terminal Illness
49692. Turkey Hunting Tactics
49693. The Alkaloids: Chemistry and Physiology V19, Volume 19
49694. Secret Team: The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World
49695. Who Was Paul Revere?
49696. The Gluten Free Diet Quick Start Guide: Six Steps to Gluten-Free living PLUS 47 Fast, Scrumptious Recipes
49697. Млекопитающие Крыма
49698. Sex, Murder, and the Meaning of Life: A Psychologist Investigates How Evolution, Cognition, and Complexity are Revolutionizing our View of Human Nature
49699. Cengage Advantage Books: A People and a Nation: A History of the United States, Volume II
49700. PostTranscriptional Regulation by STAR Proteins: Control of RNA Metabolism in Development and Disease
49701. THE JOY OF RITUAL: Spiritual Recipes to Celebrate Milestones, Ease Transitions, and Make Every Day Sacred
49702. The Electromagnetic Origin of Quantum Theory and Light
49703. Instant Interviews: 101 Ways to Get the Best Job of Your Life
49704. Why Birds Sing: A Journey Into the Mystery of Bird Song
49705. Ninja and Their Secret Fighting Art
49706. How Animals Talk: And Other Pleasant Studies of Birds and Beasts
49707. Seriously Bitter Sweet: The Ultimate Dessert Maker's Guide to Chocolate
49708. Bismarck: The Man and Statesman
49709. Stop the Retirement Rip-off: How to Keep More of Your Money for Retirement
49710. Fifty Shades of Ecstasy: Fifty Secret Sex Positions for Mind-Blowing Orgasms
49711. Second-Act Careers: 50+ Ways to Profit from Your Passions During Semi-Retirement
49712. Knitter's Handy Book of Top-Down Sweaters: Basic Designs in Multiple Sizes and Gauges
49713. Math tricks, brain twisters, and puzzles
49714. My Chinese Picture Dictionary
49715. Measuring What We Spend: Toward a New Consumer Expenditure Survey
49716. U.S. Army Werewolf Sniper Manual
49717. Woodstock Revisited: 50 Far Out, Groovy, Peace-Loving, Flashback-Inducing Stories From Those Who Were There
49718. Paleo Diet For Beginners - The Complete Paleo Diet Guide Including 21 Delicious Paleo Recipes!
49719. An Edible Mosaic: Middle Eastern Fare with Extraordinary Flair
49720. Sencha Touch 2 Up and Running
49721. Chicken
49722. Handbook of Philosophical Logic
49723. Alluring Lettuces: And Other Seductive Vegetables for Your Garden
49724. American Arsenal: A Century of Waging War
49725. Ten Years Later: Six People Who Faced Adversity and Transformed Their Lives
49726. Killer Politics: How Big Money and Bad Politics Are Destroying the Great American Middle Class
49727. Excel Formulas and Functions For Dummies
49728. Ivan the Terrible
49729. An Introduction to Hamiltonian Optics
49730. Chinese Medicine for Maximum Immunity: Understanding the Five Elemental Types for Health and Well-Being
49731. Lonely Planet Bangkok
49732. Quantum Field Theory for Mathematicians
49733. Asian Informal Workers: Global Risks Local Protection
49734. Armies of the East India Company 1750-1850
49735. Raising chickens in your backyard: a no-fluff guide to chicken breeds, coops, runs, tractors and more
49737. Handbook of Environmental Protection and Enforcement: Principles and Practice
49738. Yen Path: Taking Steps Towards What You Want in Life
49739. The Medieval English Landscape, 1000-1540
49740. Phrygian Rock-cut Shrines: Structure, Function, and Cult Practice
49741. Adobe Edge Animate CC For Dummies
49742. Vortex Element Methods for Fluid Dynamic Analysis of Engineering Systems
49743. Nutritious Foods: Nutritious Grain Free Recipes and Delicious Smoothies
49744. Real World Adobe Illustrator CS4
49745. Steampunk Style Jewelry: Victorian, Fantasy, and Mechanical Necklaces, Bracelets, and Earrings
49746. Love First: A Family's Guide to Intervention
49747. 7 Weeks to 10 Pounds of Muscle: The Complete Day-by-Day Program to Pack on Lean, Healthy Muscle Mass
49748. Jack the Ripper and the Case for Scotland Yard's Prime Suspect
49749. Notes on a Cowardly Lion: The Biography of Bert Lahr
49750. The Vikings: A Very Short Introduction
49751. Flag-transitive Steiner Designs
49752. Microelectronic Circuits
49753. 7 Days of Rice - Rice Cooker Recipes
49754. Historical Dictionary of Baroque Music
49755. The Constitution of Agency: Essays on Practical Reason and Moral Psychology
49756. Atkins Diabetes Revolution: The Groundbreaking Approach to Preventing and Controlling Type 2 Diabetes
49757. Affluence and Influence: Economic Inequality and Political Power in America
49758. Science Fiction Puzzle Tales
49759. Rape: Challenging Contemporary Thinking
49760. Art Models: Life Nudes for Drawing Painting and Sculpting by Johnson, Maureen; Johnson, Douglas published by Live Model Books Paperback
49761. Handknit Skirts: From Tricoter
49762. The Ultimate Casseroles Book: More than 400 Heartwarming Dishes from Dips to Desserts
49763. Mental Traps
49764. Taekwondo Grappling Techniques: Hone Your Competitive Edge for Mixed Martial Arts
49765. A Lion Called Christian: The True Story of the Remarkable Bond Between Two Friends and a Lion
49766. History of the Future: The Shape of the World to Come Is Visible Today
49767. Fall and Winter Gardening: 25 Organic Vegetables to Plant and Grow for Late Season Food
49768. Cherished
49769. Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World
49770. 2012 Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market
49771. Heartfelt: The Dark House Collection
49772. Anatomy of Medical School Admissions: Need-to-Know Information about Getting into Med School, the MCAT, and What it Takes to Be a Doctor
49773. Gluten Is My Bitch: Rants, Recipes, and Ridiculousness for the Gluten-Free
49774. Greater Mekong: A Culinary Journey from China to Vietnam
49775. What Is Calculus About?
49776. Pour Your Heart Into It: How Starbucks Built a Company One Cup at a Time
49777. Industrial Organization and the Digital Economy
49778. Popular Woodworking Pocket Shop Reference
49779. Essays on the Theory of Numbers
49781. Elite 97: The Kaiser's Warlords
49782. Great Operas
49783. Definitions, Solved and Unsolved Problems, Conjectures, and Theorems in Number Theory and Geometry
49784. Divided by a Common Language: A Guide to British and American English
49785. Listverse.com's Ultimate Book of Bizarre Lists: Fascinating Facts and Shocking Trivia on Movies, Music, Crime, Celebrities, History, and More
49786. New Hotels
49787. RX from the Garden: 101 Food Cures You Can Easily Grow
49788. 3D Game Development with Microsoft Silverlight 3: Beginner's Guide
49789. In a Persian Kitchen: Favorite Recipes from the Near East
49790. OneNote 2013 For Dummies
49791. The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex: The Most Complete Sex Manual Ever Written
49792. Spiral Up Yoga: Five Minutes Per Day Lifelong Self-Care Foundation for Body, Mind and Soul
49793. 50 Android Hacks
49794. Modern Blocks: 99 Quilt Blocks from Your Favorite Designers
49795. Cooking and Recipes: Going Natural the Gluten Free Way featuring Raw Foods and the Paleo Diet
49796. German Automatic Rifles 1941-45: Gew 41, Gew 43, FG 42 and StG 44
49797. Unmasking the Face: A Guide to Recognizing Emotions From Facial Expressions
49798. Oracle ADF 11gR2 Development Beginner's Guide
49799. The Vitamin D Cure, Revised
49800. Endless Forms Most Beautiful: The New Science of Evo Devo
49801. Vegetarian Greats: The Top 395 Best Light, Fresh and Easy Recipes - Delicious Great Food for Good Health and Smart Living
49802. The Apocryphal Gospels: Texts and Translations
49803. Transform Tomorrow: Awakening the Super Saver In Pursuit of Retirement Readiness
49804. Defeat Chronic Pain Now!: Groundbreaking Strategies for Eliminating the Pain of Arthritis, Back and Neck Conditions, Migraines, Diabetic Neuropathy, and Chronic Illness
49805. The Yummy Mummy Kitchen: 100 Effortless and Irresistible Recipes to Nourish Your Family with Style and Grace
49806. Dos Caminos Mexican Street Food: 120 Authentic Recipes to Make at Home
49807. Bunker Hill: A City, a Siege, a Revolution
49808. The Unfair Advantage: Sell with NLP!
49809. Introduction to Mathematical Statistics
49810. Seven days to self-defense
49811. Native American Mounted Rifleman 1861-65
49812. Markov Processes, Brownian Motion, and Time Symmetry
49813. Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja
49814. Implementing NAP and NAC Security Technologies: The Complete Guide to Network Access Control
49815. Cooking and Recipes: Going Natural the Gluten Free Way featuring Raw Foods and the Paleo Diet
49816. Consciousness and Intentionality
49817. Mae Murray: The Girl with the Bee-Stung Lips
49818. Cybercrime Investigative Case Management: An Excerpt from Placing the Suspect Behind the Keyboard
49819. Web Application Defender's Cookbook: Battling Hackers and Protecting Users
49820. Have Fun, Get Paid: How to Make a Living with Your Creativity
49821. Greatest Guide to Photography: Because It's More Than Pushing the Button
49822. U.S. Army Werewolf Sniper Manual
49823. Salad Days: Recipes for Delicious Organic Salads and Dressings for Every Season
49824. Principles of Macroeconometric Modeling, Volume 36
49825. You Are What You Wear: What Your Clothes Reveal About You
49826. Budgeting Basics and Beyond
49827. How to Master Anxiety: All You Need to Know to Overcome Stress.
49828. Karpov's Strategic Wins 2: The Prime Years: 1986-2010
49829. Pregnancy & Childbirth: Everything You Need To Know From Conception To Labor And Delivery
49830. Just In Time Algebra
49831. Obstetrics and Gynecology: An Illustrated Colour Text, 1e
49832. The Ray and Wave Theory of Lenses
49833. Designing for Behavior Change: Applying Psychology and Behavioral Economics
49834. The Genius of Andrea Mantegna
49835. Fish On: Seafood Dishes that Make a Splash
49836. Urban Gardening: How To Grow Food In Any City Apartment Or Yard No Matter How Small
49837. Clinical Manual of Alzheimer Disease and Other Dementias
49838. Starting an Online Business All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies
49839. The Big Trade: Simple Strategies for Maximum Market Returns
49840. Handbook of Product and Service Development in Communication and Information Technology
49841. Aladdin's Lamp: How Greek Science Came to Europe Through the Islamic World
49842. How To Prep A Car Finish To Prevent Paint Failure
49843. Obsessed: America's Food Addiction--and My Own
49844. Exploring the Bismarck
49845. Weimar Cinema: An Essential Guide to Classic Films of the Era
49846. Even More True Stories: An Intermediate Reader, Second Edition
49847. How to Build A Portable Chicken Coop Plans and Videos
49848. Osteoporosis in Men: The Effects of Gender on Skeletal Health
49849. Angliyskiy yazyk. Grammaticheskiy spravochnik s uprazhneniyami. 2 klass. FGOS
49850. Introduction to geometrical optics
49851. Aeroguide 20 - McDonnell Douglas F-18A Hornet
49852. The Crafter's Devotional: 365 Days of Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for Unlocking Your Creative Spirit
49853. Vintage Baby Knits: More Than 40 Heirloom Patterns from the 1920s to the 1950s
49854. Creative Wooden Boxes from the Scroll Saw: 28 Useful & Surprisingly Easy-to-Make Projects
49855. Hegel's Concept of Experience: With a Section from Hegels Phenomenology of Spirit in the Kenley Royce Dove Translation
49856. The Empire Trap: The Rise and Fall of U.S. Intervention to Protect American Property Overseas, 1893-2013
49857. Tyler's Ultimate: Brilliant Simple Food to Make Any Time
49858. Klansville, U.S.A.: The Rise and Fall of the Civil Rights-Era Ku Klux Klan
49859. Teaching the Critical Vocabulary of the Common Core: 55 Words That Make or Break Student Understanding
49860. La Grh Dans La Fonction Publique
49861. Excel 2013: The Missing Manual
49862. The Personality Puzzle
49863. Iberia: Spanish Travels and Reflections
49864. Précis de phonétique historique
49865. Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics: Questions for Self Assessment, Third edition
49866. Death Zones and Darling Spies: Seven Years of Vietnam War Reporting
49867. Hot and Fast: Sexy, Spontaneous Quickies for Passionate Orgasms
49868. Autodesk Revit Architecture 2014: No Experience Required Autodesk Official Press
49869. Educational Testing and Measurement: Classroom Application and Practice
49870. Waffen SS in Action - Combat Troops No. 3
49871. Vogue Knitting on the Go: Vintage Knits
49872. Instant LinkedIn Customization How-to
49873. Canning and Preserving For Dummies
49874. The Latin Renovatio of Byzantium
49875. Teachings in the Science of Osteopathy
49876. The Psychiatrist As Expert Witness, Second Edition
49877. The Amazing Wood-Gas Camping Stove: A Simple DIY Project
49878. Cleft Palate Speech: Assessment and Intervention
49879. Cuba and Its Music: From the First Drums to the Mambo
49880. Earth, Air, Fire & Water: More Techniques of Natural Magic
49881. Comparative Corporate Governance of Non-Profit Organizations
49882. Consciousness Recovered: Psychological functions and origins of conscious thought
49883. So Far from God: The U.S. War With Mexico, 1846-1848
49884. Lives of Confucius: Civilization's Greatest Sage Through the Ages
49885. Objectively Speaking: Ayn Rand Interviewed
49886. Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is about Help Not Hype
49887. ESOL Practice Grammar: Suplementary Grammar Support for ESOL Students: Entry Level 3
49888. Handbook of Mathematical Induction: Theory and Applications
49889. Caribbean Vegan: Meat-Free, Egg-Free, Dairy-Free Authentic Island Cuisine for Every Occasion
49890. Patterns of Plausible Inference
49891. The Concise Encyclopedia of The Great Recession 2007-2010
49892. Information Design Workbook: Graphic approaches, solutions, and inspiration plus 30 case studies
49893. Why Popcorn Costs So Much at the Movies: And Other Pricing Puzzles
49894. The Power of Neurodiversity: Unleashing the Advantages of Your Differently Wired Brain
49895. The Two of Us: My Life with John Thaw
49896. Handbook on Nondestructive Testing of Concrete Second Edition
49897. The Food of Vietnam
49898. Love Saves the Day: A History of American Dance Music Culture, 1970-1979
49899. Non-Linear Predictive Control: Theory & Practice
49900. Injustice On Appeal: The United States Courts of Appeals in Crisis
49901. Hidden in Paris -- The Cookbook
49902. Eco-Fascists: How Radical Conservationists Are Destroying Our Natural Heritage
49903. Graphically Speaking: A Visual Lexicon for Achieving Better Designer-client Communication
49904. The Roman West, AD 200-500: An Archaeological Study
49905. Split at the Root: A Memoir of Love and Lost Identity
49906. Reasoning About Knowledge
49907. Elsevier's Dictionary of Chemistry: Including Terms from Biochemistry
49908. Furniture Repair & Refinishing
49909. Airbrushing and Finishing Scale Models
49910. Il tao della biologia: saggio sulla comparsa dell'uomo
49911. The Jane Austen Handbook: A Sensible Yet Elegant Guide to Her World
49912. Il mito della grande madre
49913. Organic and Biochemistry for Today
49914. The Top 10 Jewish...
49915. Il crepuscolo dello scientismo. Critica della scienza pura e delle sue impurità
49916. Choclatique: 150 Simply Elegant Desserts
49917. The Hammer and the Cross: A New History of the Vikings
49918. Dopo Darwin. Critica all'evoluzionismo
49919. Winemaking: From Grape Growing to Marketplace
49920. Das Erstinterview in der Psychotherapie
49921. 1001 Fishing Tips: The Ultimate Guide to Finding and Catching More and Bigger Fish
49922. Backgammon
49923. Glencoe Literature: The Readers Choice Course 5
49924. Beyond Auto Mode: A Guide to Taking Control of Your Photography
49925. How the End Begins: The Road to a Nuclear World War III
49926. Awaken Healing Light of the Tao
49927. King and Court in Ancient Persia 559 to 331 BCE
49928. The Temple of High Witchcraft: Ceremonies, Spheres and The Witches' Qabalah
49929. The Designer's Guide to Doing Research: Applying Knowledge to Inform Design
49930. Lonely Planet Grand Canyon National Park
49931. Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength
49932. How to Draw the Garden: Drawing Book for Kids and Adults that Will Teach You How to Draw BIrds Step by Step
49933. Fev: In the Moment. by Brendan Fevola with Adam McNicol
49934. The Real McCaw: The Autobiography Of Richie McCaw
49935. Appcelerator Titanium: Up and Running
49936. Stahl's Essential Psychopharmacology: Neuroscientific Basis and Practical Applications
49937. Special Forces Camps in Vietnam 1961-70
49938. VJ: The Unplugged Adventures of MTV's First Wave
49939. The Enigma of Ferment: From the Philosopher's Stone to the First Biochemical Nobel Prize
49940. Carry Alongs
49941. How Can I Smile at a Time Like This?: Awakening to the precious Dharma teachings hidden within our everyday problems
49942. Advanced Nunchaku
49943. Killer Fish: How Eating Aquatic Life Endangers Your Health
49944. Christmas Baking: Fun and Delicious Holiday Treats
49945. Holism: A Shopper's Guide
49946. Gates to Buddhist Practice
49947. Street Corner Society: The Social Structure of an Italian Slum
49948. Paleo Diet For Beginners - The Complete Paleo Diet Guide Including 21 Delicious Paleo Recipes!
49949. The Elements of Photography: Understanding and Creating Sophisticated Images
49950. Networking For Dummies
49951. An Introduction to Forensic Genetics
49952. Most-Wanted 30 Soup Recipes: Most-Wanted, Easy And Healthy Soups For Just You!
49953. Sexy little numbers: how to grow your business using the data you already have
49954. Creating your CV as a self marketing tool
49955. Mind-Blowing Cakes From Scratch - 30 Cake Recipes That Will Make You Look Like A Cake Pro!
49956. Chi Self-Massage: The Taoist Way of Rejuvenation
49957. Programming C# 4.0: Building Windows, Web, and RIA Applications for the .NET 4.0 Framework
49958. Marijuana 101
49959. We Are the Road Crew, Vol. 1
49960. The Berenstain Bears' Home Sweet Tree
49961. Guitar Notes
49962. Cake Pops: Tips, Tricks, and Recipes for More Than 40 Irresistible Mini Treats
49963. Quantum Theory of Many-Particle Systems
49964. Take Control of iTunes 11: The FAQ
49965. The Dash Diet: Lower Blood Pressure, Lose Weight, And Feel Great
49966. Biogeography: An Ecological and Evolutionary Approach
49967. Improving Profit: Using Contribution Metrics to Boost the Bottom Line
49968. Frommer's Las Vegas Day by Day
49969. Flower families and ancestors
49970. Family and Friends Readers 2: The Camping Trip
49971. Personality: The Psychometric View
49972. God's Fury, England's Fire: A New History of the English Civil Wars
49973. Mickey Spillane on Screen: A Complete Study of the Television and Film Adaptations
49974. The Essence of Dielectric Waveguides
49975. Ribbonwork Gardens: The Ultimate Visual Guide to 122 Flowers, Leaves & Embellishment Extras
49976. Respiratory System and Artificial Ventilation
49977. Aquinas and the Supreme Court: Biblical Narratives of Jews, Gentiles and Gender
49978. Historical Dictionary of the Dirty Wars
49979. Algorithms
49980. First facts about the Vikings
49981. Lonely Planet Budapest
49982. Econometrics
49983. Українська діаспора. Соціологічні та історичні студії
49984. Essentials of Clinical Infectious Diseases
49985. Farrow & Ball: The Art of Color
49986. Постріли у спину через півстоліття
49987. Inventing Falsehood, Making Truth: Vico and Neapolitan Painting
49988. A Big Fat Crisis: The Hidden Forces Behind the Obesity Epidemic — and How We Can End It
49989. Backstage with Julia: My Years with Julia Child
49990. Fantastic Realms!: Draw Fantasy Characters, Creatures and Settings
49991. Anti-Nietzsche
49992. Heroku: Up and Running
49993. Foundations of College Chemistry
49994. Interactive Data Visualization for the Web
49995. Healthiest Meals on Earth: The Surprising, Unbiased Truth About What Meals to Eat and Why
49996. The New York City Bucket List - 50 Places you have to see before you leave -Updated Dec. 2013
49997. The Philosophy of Film Noir
49998. Horsekeeping: One Woman's Tale of Barn and Country Life
49999. 60 Quick Baby Blankets: Cute & Cuddly Knits in 220 Superwash® and 128 Superwash® from Cascade Yarns
50000. Duke 2000: Whatever It Takes
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