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72001. Economics, Law and Intellectual Property: Seeking Strategies for Research and Teaching in a Developing Field
72002. Cellular Engineering and Cellular Therapies: Proceedings of the Twenty-Seventh International Symposium on Blood Transfusion, Groningen, Organized by the Sanquin Division Blood Bank North-East, Groningen
72003. Percutaneous Vertebroplasty
72004. Interventional and Endovascular Therapy of the Nervous System: A Practical Guide
72005. PACS: A Guide to the Digital Revolution
72006. The Postmortem Brain in Psychiatric Research
72007. Recent Developments in Nonlinear Cointegration with Applications to Macroeconomics and Finance
72008. Computational Methods in Decision-Making, Economics and Finance
72009. Market Imperfections and Macroeconomic Dynamics
72010. A Comprehensive Assessment of the Role of Risk in U.S. Agriculture
72011. Estimating Trade Elasticities
72012. Government Deficit and Fiscal Reform in Japan
72013. Mathematical Models in Population Biology and Epidemiology
72014. Evidence-Based Diagnosis: A Handbook of Clinical Prediction Rules
72015. Exchange and Deception: A Feminist Perspective
72016. Minimally Invasive Cancer Management
72017. Advancing Federal Sector Health Care: A Model for Technology Transfer
72018. The Process Approach to Personality: Perceptgeneses and Kindred Approaches in Focus
72019. Technology Investment: A Game Theoretic Real Options Approach
72020. Economic Impact of EU Membership on Entrants: New Methods and Issues
72021. The Preparation of Monetary Policy: Essays on a Multi-Model Approach
72022. Semi-Infinite Programming: Recent Advances
72023. Rationality in Extensive Form Games
72024. Econometric Modelling of Stock Market Intraday Activity
72025. Migration, Unemployment and Trade
72026. Liver-Directed Therapy for Primary and Metastatic Liver Tumors
72027. History and Climate: Memories of the Future?
72028. Pensions: More Information, Less Ideology: Assessing the Long-Term Sustainability of European Pension Systems: Data Requirements, Analysis and Evaluations
72029. Labor Market Policies in Canada and Latin America: Challenges of the New Millennium
72030. Catholic Schools: Private and Social Effects
72031. Handbook of Rural Health
72032. Creating a Comprehensive Trauma Center: Choices and Challenges
72033. Creating Customer Value Through Strategic Marketing Planning: A Management Approach
72034. Fundamentals of Molecular Similarity
72035. Drug and Alcohol Abuse: A Clinical Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment
72036. Game Theory: Stochastics, Information, Strategies and Cooperation
72037. Thyroid Ultrasound and Ultrasound-Guided FNA Biopsy
72038. Agricultural Biotechnology in Developing Countries: Towards Optimizing the Benefits for the Poor
72039. Diagnostic and Interventional Catheterization in Congenital Heart Disease
72040. Genetic Immunization
72041. Productivity, Technology and Economic Growth
72042. Advances in Breast Cancer Management
72043. Parametric Statistical Change Point Analysis
72044. Eclipsing Binary Stars: Modeling and Analysis
72045. Introduction to Nursing Informatics
72046. Fundamentals of Biomechanics: Equilibrium, Motion, and Deformation
72047. Ethical Issues in Cancer Patient Care
72048. Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery
72049. Cardiac Ischemia: From Injury to Protection
72050. Impact of Natural Hazards on Oil and Gas Extraction: The South Caspian Basin
72051. Network Economics: A Variational Inequality Approach
72052. Exchange Rate Modelling
72053. Reproducing Kernels and their Applications
72054. Skeletal Tissue Mechanics
72055. Common Surgical Diseases: An Algorithmic Approach to Problem Solving
72056. Fundamentals of Nuclear Pharmacy
72057. Astrophysical Concepts
72058. Handbook of Substance Abuse: Neurobehavioral Pharmacology
72059. The Development of Logic in Adulthood: Postformal Thought and Its Applications
72060. Handbook of Child Abuse Research and Treatment
72061. Visceral Perception: Understanding Internal Cognition
72062. Personal Control in Action: Cognitive and Motivational Mechanisms
72063. Econometric Advances in Spatial Modelling and Methodology: Essays in Honour of Jean Paelinck
72064. Communicating about Risks to Environment and Health in Europe
72065. New Trends in Mathematical Programming: Homage to Steven Vajda
72066. Small States Inside and Outside the European Union: Interests and Policies
72067. Quantified Societal Risk and Policy Making
72068. Environmental Standards: Scientific Foundations and Rational Procedures of Regulation with Emphasis on Radiological Risk Management
72069. Endothelin: Molecular Biology, Physiology, and Pathology
72070. Bone Densitometry in Clinical Practice: Application and Interpretation
72071. Molecular Biology of B-Cell and T-Cell Development
72072. Allergy and Allergic Diseases: The New Mechanisms and Therapeutics
72073. Alternative Medicine and Ethics
72074. Sleep Disorders: Diagnosis and Treatment
72075. Modern Antennas
72076. Cytokine Knockouts
72077. Modern Applied Statistics with S-PLUS
72078. Geriatric Medicine
72079. Comets and the Origin and Evolution of Life
72080. Evaluation Methods in Medical Informatics
72081. Cultural Psychology and Qualitative Methodology: Theoretical and Empirical Considerations
72082. Sexual Mutilations: A Human Tragedy
72083. Recollections of Trauma: Scientific Evidence and Clinical Practice
72084. Food Emulsifiers and Their Applications
72085. Beliefs and Decision Rules in Public Good Games: Theory and Experiments
72086. Computational Approaches to Economic Problems
72087. Panels for Transportation Planning: Methods and Applications
72088. Verbal Decision Analysis for Unstructured Problems
72089. The Dopamine Receptors
72090. Computational Solution of Large-Scale Macroeconometric Models
72091. Diseases of the Thyroid
72092. Allergic Diseases: Diagnosis and Treatment
72093. Molecular Diagnostics: For the Clinical Laboratorian
72094. Protocols for Neural Cell Culture
72095. Endocrinology of Critical Disease
72096. Coalition Formation and Social Choice
72097. Sexual and Reproductive Neurorehabilitation
72098. Mathematical Modeling of Groundwater Pollution
72099. Methods of Moments and Semiparametric Econometrics for Limited Dependent Variable Models
72100. Surgical Pathology Dissection: An Illustrated Guide
72101. Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery
72102. Information Retrieval: A Health Care Perspective
72103. Clinical Sociology: An Agenda for Action
72104. Conjoint Behavioral Consultation: A Procedural Manual
72105. Circular Dichroism and the Conformational Analysis of Biomolecules
72106. Conservation Genetics: Case Histories from Nature
72107. Multicriteria Methodology for Decision Aiding
72108. Transport, Land-Use and the Environment
72109. Dehydration of Foods
72110. Test Equating: Methods and Practices
72111. Healthcare Information Management Systems: A Practical Guide
72112. Prehistoric Cultural Ecology and Evolution: Insights from Southern Jordan
72113. Surface Phenomena and Latexes in Waterborne Coatings and Printing Technology
72114. How to Write a Successful Research Grant Application: A Guide for Social and Behavioral Scientists
72115. Cytochrome P450: Structure, Mechanism, and Biochemistry
72116. Transforming Health Care Through Information: Case Studies
72117. Cellular Cancer Markers
72118. The Sclera
72119. Strategy and Architecture of Health Care Information Systems
72120. Diagnostic Interviewing
72121. The Health Care Ethics Consultant
72122. The Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors
72123. Reeder and Felson’s Gamuts in Radiology: Comprehensive Lists of Roentgen Differential Diagnosis
72124. Learning Disabilities and Brain Function: A Neuropsychological Approach
72125. Fundamentals of Operating Systems
72126. Introduction to Nursing Informatics
72127. Combat Stress Reaction: The Enduring Toll of War
72128. Gender, Interaction, and Inequality
72129. Convection in Porous Media
72130. Americans Abroad: A Comparative Study of Emigrants from the United States
72131. Future Greats and Heartbreaks: A Year Undercover in the Secret World of NHL Scouts
72132. Welfare Economics and Externalities In An Open Ended Universe: A Modern Austrian Perspective
72133. Nonlinear Synthesis: Proceedings of a IIASA Workshop held in Sopron, Hungary June 1989
72134. Pathology of the Human Embryo and Previable Fetus: An Atlas
72135. Control of Uncertain Systems: Proceedings of an International Workshop Bremen, West Germany, June 1989
72136. Perspectives in Control Theory: Proceedings of the Sielpia Conference, Sielpia, Poland, September 19–24, 1988
72137. Family-Oriented Primary Care: A Manual for Medical Providers
72138. Geriatric Medicine
72139. Children at Risk: An Evaluation of Factors Contributing to Child Abuse and Neglect
72140. Individual and Small Group Decisions
72141. Neuroanatomical Tract-Tracing Methods 2: Recent Progress
72142. Shock Wave Lithotripsy 2: Urinary and Biliary Lithotripsy
72143. Automation in blood transfusion: Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Symposium on Blood Transfusion, Groningen 1988, organized by the Red Cross Blood Bank Groningen-Drenthe
72144. Astrophysical Concepts
72145. Emotions and Psychopathology
72146. Water-Soluble Polymers for Petroleum Recovery
72147. The Kidney and Hypertension in Diabetes Mellitus
72148. The Political Economy of Rent-Seeking
72149. Medicine: Preserving the Passion
72150. Plane Answers to Complex Questions: The Theory of Linear Models
72151. Testing Statistical Hypotheses
72152. Renal Physiology: Principles, Structure, and Function
72153. The Vitreous and Vitreoretinal Interface
72154. Cell Surface Receptors: A Short Course on Theory and Methods
72155. Learning Disabilities and Brain Function: A Neuropsychological Approach
72156. Mathematics for Econometrics
72157. Myelin
72158. The Messages of Tourist Art: An African Semiotic System in Comparative Perspective
72159. Cardiovascular Disease in the Elderly
72160. Fourth Workshop on Grand Unification: University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia April 21–23, 1983
72161. The New Cosmos
72162. Lectures from Markov Processes to Brownian Motion
72163. Development of Nonverbal Behavior in Children
72164. Potential Energy Surfaces and Dynamics Calculations: for Chemical Reactions and Molecular Energy Transfer
72165. Acute Disorders of the Abdomen: Diagnosis and Treatment
72166. Auger Electron Spectroscopy Reference Manual: A Book of Standard Spectra for Identification and Interpretation of Auger Electron Spectroscopy Data
72167. Electron Microscopy of the Kidney: In Renal Disease and Hypertension : A Clinicopathological Approach
72168. Pulverized-Coal Combustion and Gasification: Theory and Applications for Continuous Flow Processes
72169. Sensory Mechanisms of the Spinal Cord
72170. The Neural Basis of Oral and Facial Function
72171. Statistics of Random Processes I: General Theory
72172. Aging, Carcinogenesis, and Radiation Biology: The Role of Nucleic Acid Addition Reactions
72173. Time-Resolved Fluorescence Spectroscopy in Biochemistry and Biology
72174. Viscosity
72175. Theoretical and Computational Dynamics of a Compressible Flow
72176. Tables of Spectral Lines
72177. Statistical Thermodynamics for Chemists and Biochemists
72178. Principles and Methods in Receptor Binding
72179. Other Organic Ligands
72180. Native Languages of the Americas: Volume 2
72181. Native Languages of the Americas: Volume 1
72182. Ligand Field: Energy Diagrams
72183. Interacting Bose-Fermi Systems in Nuclei
72184. Aging and Cell Function
72185. Neuropharmacology of Ethanol: New Approaches
72186. Breast Cancer Immunodiagnosis and Immunotherapy
72187. Coatings of High - Temperature Materials
72188. Induced Rhythms in the Brain
72189. Theory of Elastic Waves in Crystals
72190. Almost-Periodic Functions and Functional Equations
72191. EXAFS Spectroscopy: Techniques and Applications
72192. AIDS Epidemiology: Methodological Issues
72193. A Programmed Review Of Engineering Fundamentals
72194. Bacterial Infections of Humans: Epidemiology and Control
72195. Statistical Quality Control for the Food Industry
72196. Nutrition and Feeding of Fish
72197. Bacterial Infections of Humans: Epidemiology and Control
72198. Optical Properties of Solids: Papers from the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Optical Properties of Solids Held August 7–20, 1966, at Freiburg, Germany
72199. Changes of State
72200. Density Functional Methods In Physics
72201. Pathological Neurochemistry
72202. Stimulus Properties of Drugs
72203. Developments in Applied Spectroscopy
72204. Hormones and Energy Metabolism
72205. Cell Impairment in Aging and Development
72206. Acid Proteases:Structure, Function, and Biology
72207. Conditioning: Representation of Involved Neural Functions
72208. Ferroelectric Materials and Ferroelectricity
72209. The Mobile Receptor Hypothesis: The Role of Membrane Receptor Lateral Movement in Signal Transduction
72210. Advances in Molten Salt Chemistry: Volume 2
72211. Conservation in Highly Fragmented Landscapes
72212. Dynamics of Molecular Collisions: Part B
72213. Chemiluminescence and Bioluminescence
72214. Consciousness and Self-Regulation
72215. Hearing, Speech, and Communication Disorders: Cumulated Citations 1973
72216. Advances in Human Genetics
72217. Coagulation Kinetics and Structure Formation
72218. Chemical and Cellular Architecture
72219. Advances in Microbial Ecology
72220. Total Steroid Synthesis
72221. Stimulants
72222. Advances in Molten Salt Chemistry: Volume 1
72223. Hamster Immune Responses in Infectious and Oncologic Diseases
72224. Seismic Wave Propagation in Real Media / Modeli Real’nykh Sred I Seismicheskie Volnovye Polya / Модели à еальных Сред И Сейсмические Волновые Поля
72225. Current Approaches to Therapy
72226. Vascular Mechanisms of the Brain / Функция Сосудистыx Механизмов Головного Мозга / Funktsiya Sosudistykh Mekhanizmov Golovnogo Mozga
72227. The Hall Effect in Metals and Alloys
72228. The Chemistry of Tobacco and Tobacco Smoke: Proceedings of the Symposium on the Chemical Composition of Tobacco and Tobacco Smoke held during the 162nd National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Washington, D.C., September 12–17, 1971
72229. Rule-Governed Behavior: Cognition, Contingencies, and Instructional Control
72230. Imagery and Visual Expression in Therapy
72231. Atherosclerotic Plaques: Advances in Imaging for Sequential Quantitative Evaluation
72232. Ecological Genetics and Evolution
72233. Birch Reduction of Aromatic Compounds
72234. Conscious Mind, Sleeping Brain: Perspectives on Lucid Dreaming
72235. Bioactive Polymeric Systems: An Overview
72236. Taurine in Nutrition and Neurology
72237. Advanced Topics on Radiosensitizers of Hypoxic Cells
72238. Flows of Energy and Materials in Marine Ecosystems: Theory and Practice
72239. Excitotoxins: Proceedings of an International Symposium held at The Wenner-Gren Center, Stockholm, August 26–27, 1982
72240. Carbon-Functional Organosilicon Compounds
72241. Fundamental Problems of Gauge Field Theory
72242. Cardiorespiratory and Cardiosomatic Psychophysiology
72243. Laboratory Data and Patient Care
72244. Advanced Abnormal Psychology
72245. The Theory of Crystal Structure Analysis
72246. Invertebrate Biology: A Functional Approach
72247. Immunologic Defects in Laboratory Animals 1
72248. Electroluminescence / Elektrolyuminestsentsiya / Электролюминесценция: Proceedings (Trudy) of the P. N. Lebedev Physics Institute
72249. Dopamine Receptor Agonists
72250. Colon: Structure and Function
72251. Social and Personality Development: An Evolutionary Synthesis
72252. Sampling Normal and Schizophrenic Inner Experience
72253. Practical Distillation Control
72254. Moloy’s Evaluation of the Pelvis in Obstetrics
72255. Lithium Effects on Granulopoiesis and Immune Function
72256. Advances in Cryogenic Engineering: Proceeding of the 1970 Cryogenic Engineering Conference The University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado June 17–17, 1970
72257. The Semiotic Sphere
72258. The Physical Attractiveness Phenomena
72259. Marine Clastic Reservoirs: Examples and Analogues
72260. Ovarian Cancer 3
72261. Vacuum Microbalance Techniques: Volume 8 Proceedings of the Wakefield Conference, June 12–13, 1969
72262. Photoelectron and Auger Spectroscopy
72263. Electrode Processes and Electrochemical Engineering
72264. Advances in Nuclear Physics: Volume 1
72265. Turbulence in the Free Atmosphere
72266. Ion-Molecule Reactions: Volume 1
72267. The General Theory of Sorption Dynamics and Chromatography
72268. Nutritional and Toxicological Significance of Enzyme Inhibitors in Foods
72269. New Frontiers in Mammary Pathology
72270. Analytical Calorimetry: Proceedings of the American Chemical Society Symposium on Analytical Calorimetry, San Francisco, California, April 2–5, 1968
72271. Psychology and Productivity
72272. Hormonal Control of the Hypothalamo-Pituitary-Gonadal Axis
72273. Doctors’ Marriages: A Look at the Problems and Their Solutions
72274. Biological Regulation and Development: Molecular Organization and Cell Function
72275. Radar Cross Section Measurements
72276. Methods in Vitamin B-6 Nutrition: Analysis and Status Assessment
72277. Biochemistry of Food Proteins
72278. The Bounding Approach to VLSI Circuit Simulation
72279. Mycoplasma Infection of Cell Cultures
72280. Identity and Intimacy in Marriage: A Study of Couples
72281. Carbonate Microfabrics
72282. Cell Biology and Biotechnology: Novel Approaches to Increased Cellular Productivity
72283. The Logic of Logistics: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications for Logistics Management
72284. Etiopathogenesis
72285. Semiotics 1980
72286. Classical Loop-in-Loop Chains and their Derivatives
72287. Vision in Vertebrates
72288. Lectures on Gas Chromatography 1966: Based in Part on Lectures Presented at the Eighth Annual Gas Chromatography Institute, Held at Canisius College
72289. Specific Heats at Low Temperatures
72290. Recent Advances in Biological Psychiatry: The Proceedings of the Twenty-Second Annual Convention and Scientific Program of the Society of Biological Psychiatry, Detroit, Michigan, May 5–7, 1967
72291. In Vivo Immunology: Histophysiology of the Lymphoid System
72292. Bottom-Interacting Ocean Acoustics
72293. Biochemistry of Brain and Behavior: Proceedings of a Symposium held at The University of Wisconsin-Parkside, Kenosha, Wisconsin May 25–26, 1970
72294. Synthesis of Digital Automata / Problemy Sinteza Tsifrovykh Avtomatov / Проƃлемы Синтеза Цифровых Автоматов
72295. Progress in Lymphology
72296. Advanced Evoked Potentials
72297. Advances in Solar Energy: An Annual Review of Research and Development, Volume 1 · 1982
72298. Advances in Corrosion Science and Technology: Volume 6
72299. Urolithiasis: Clinical and Basic Research
72300. Studies in Constructive Mathematics and Mathematical Logic: Part I
72301. Orthostatic Disorders of the Circulation: Mechanisms, Manifestations, and Treatment
72302. Drugs, Systemic Diseases, and the Kidney
72303. The Chemistry of Imidoyl Halides
72304. Vascular Endothelium in Health and Disease
72305. Urogenital Infections: New Developments in Laboratory Diagnosis and Treatment
72306. An Introduction to Mössbauer Spectroscopy
72307. Ion-Exchange Sorption and Preparative Chromatography of Biologically Active Molecules
72308. COMADEM 89 International: Proceedings of the First International Congress on Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic Engineering Management (COMADEM)
72309. The Neurobiologic Mechanisms in Manipulative Therapy
72310. Parkinson’s Disease—II: Aging and Neuroendocrine Relationships
72311. Oxygen Transport to Tissue — III
72312. Miniaturization of High-Energy Physics Detectors
72313. The Superworld III
72314. Expanded Clays and Other Microporous Solids
72315. HACCP: Principles and Applications
72316. Computational Seismology
72317. Theories of Alienation: Critical Perspectives in Philosophy and the Social Sciences
72318. The Pharmacology of Nerve and Muscle in Tissue Culture
72319. Pediatric Nephrology: Volume 6 Current Concepts in Diagnosis and Management
72320. Molecular Biology of Brain and Endocrine Peptidergic Systems
72321. Introductory Group Theory and Its Application to Molecular Structure
72322. Research Methods in Applied Behavior Analysis: Issues and Advances
72323. Place Attachment
72324. Charge Transfer Reactions in Electrochemical and Chemical Processes
72325. Biological Rhythms and Endocrine Function
72326. Chemical Bonds in Solids: Volume 4: Semiconductor Crystals, Glasses, and Liquids
72327. Airborne Care of the Ill and Injured
72328. The Impact of Space Science on Mankind
72329. Substituent Effects in Organic Polarography
72330. Particle Interactions at Very High Energies: Part A
72331. Advances in Membrane Biochemistry and Bioenergetics
72332. Advances in Tracer Methodology: Volume 3 A collection of papers presented at the Ninth and Tenth Symposia on Tracer Methology
72333. Advances in Tracer Methodology: Volume 2 A collection of papers presented at the Sixth, Seventh, and Eight Symposia on Tracer Methodology plus other papers selected by the editor
72334. Advances in Tracer Methodology: Volume 1
72335. Thrombosis and Cardiovascular Disease
72336. Semiconducting Lead Chalcogenides
72337. Seismic Love Waves
72338. Regulation of Gene Expression in Escherichia coli
72339. Modern Processing, Packaging and Distribution Systems for Food
72340. Computer Graphics: Techniques and Applications
72341. Clinical and Experimental Restricted Environmental Stimulation: New Developments and Perspectives
72342. Seeds of Destruction: The Science Report on Cancer Research
72343. Process Technologies for Water Treatment
72344. Neuroendocrine Correlates of Stress
72345. Hot Carrier Design Considerations for MOS Devices and Circuits
72346. Applications of Electronic Structure Theory
72347. Youth, Alcohol, and Social Policy
72348. The Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean
72349. Suspended Solids in Water
72350. Liquid-Phase Oxidation of Oxygen-Containing Compounds
72351. Biogenic Amine Receptors
72352. Foods and Food Production Encyclopedia
72353. The Endocrine Pancreas and Juvenile Diabetes
72354. Aging and the Brain: The Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Symposium held at the Texas Research Institute of Mental Sciences in Houston, October 1971
72355. Underwater Medicine and Related Sciences: A Guide to the Literature An Annotated Bibliography, Key Word Index, and Microthesaurus
72356. Cardiovascular Psychophysiology: A Perspective
72357. Futures we are in
72358. American Political Science Research Guide: Volume 1
72359. Rock and Mineral Magnetism
72360. Physics in Collision: High-Energy ee/ep/pp Interactions. Volume 2
72361. Organic Quantum Chemistry Problems
72362. Industrial Robot Specifications
72363. Basic Science of Cancer
72364. Theory of Spectrochemical Excitation
72365. Plague and Other Yersinia Infections
72366. Pathological Effects of Radio Waves
72367. Instability Constants of Complex Compounds
72368. The Earth-Moon System: Proceedings of an international conference, January 20–21,1964, sponsored by the Institute for Space Studies of the Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA
72369. Multiple-Criteria Decision Making: Concepts, Techniques, and Extensions
72370. Ultrasound Interactions in Biology and Medicine
72371. The Transuranium Elements
72372. Microbiological Testing in Food Safety Management
72373. The Physics and Physical Chemistry of Water
72374. Quantitative Aspects of Chemical Pharmacology: Chemical Ideas in Drug Action with Numerical Examples
72375. Mechanisms of Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity II
72376. Electron Spin Resonance of Metal Complexes: Proceedings of the Symposium on ESR of Metal Chelates at the Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy, held in Cleveland, Ohio, March 4–8, 1968
72377. Recent Advances in Biological Psychiatry: Volume IV: The Proceedings of the Sixteenth Annual Convention and Scientific Program of the Society of Biological Psychiatry, Atlantic City, N. J., June 9–11, 1961
72378. Liquid-Phase Reaction Rate Constants
72379. Gas Phase Chromatography: Volume II Capillary Chromatography
72380. Gas Phase Chromatography: Volume I Gas Chromatography
72381. Recent Advances in Chiral Separations
72382. An Illustrated Guide to Shrimp of the World
72383. Topics in Carbocyclic Chemistry: Volume One
72384. The Self: Interdisciplinary Approaches
72385. Peroxides, Superoxides, and Ozonides of Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals
72386. Acute Renal Failure: Clinical and Experimental
72387. Trace Element Speciation in Surface Waters and Its Ecological Implications
72388. The Visual System: Neurophysiology, Biophysics, and Their Clinical Applications
72389. Recent Advances in Biological Psychiatry: The Proceedings of the Twenty-First Annual Convention and Scientific Program of the Society of Biological Psychiatry, Washington, D. C., June 10–12, 1966
72390. Processed Apple Products
72391. Liquid Crystals and Ordered Fluids: Proceedings of an American Chemical Society Symposium on Ordered Fluids and Liquid Crystals, held in New York City, September 10–12, 1969
72392. Investigations in Classical Problems of Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics: Part I
72393. Infective Endocarditis and Other Intravascular Infections
72394. The Subterranean Railway : How the London Underground Was Built and How It Changed the City Forever
72395. Sensory Coding in the mammalian nervous system
72396. NMR in the Life Sciences
72397. Nitrogen NMR
72398. Modern Dairy Technology: Volume 2 Advances in Milk Products
72399. Justice and the Critique of Pure Psychology
72400. IR: Theory and Practice of Infrared Spectroscopy
72401. The Individual and the Group: Boundaries and Interrelations Volume 2: Practice
72402. Contemporary Topics in Molecular Immunology
72403. The Role of Solar Ultraviolet Radiation in Marine Ecosystems
72404. The Artery and the Process of Arteriosclerosis: Pathogenesis The first half of the Proceedings of an Interdisciplinary Conference on Fundamental Data on Reactions of Vascular Tissue in Man April 19–25, 1970, Lindau, West Germany
72405. Spectrometry of Fuels
72406. The Renal Papilla and Hypertension
72407. Regulation of Differentiation in Mammalian Nerve Cells
72408. Protein Metabolism of the Nervous System
72409. Cancer: An Enigma in Biology and Society
72410. Treatise on Solid State Chemistry: Volume 4 Reactivity of Solids
72411. The Shikimic Acid Pathway
72412. The Nervous System and Electric Currents: Volume 2
72413. Photochemistry of Macromolecules: Proceedings of a Symposium held at the Pacific Conference on Chemistry and Spectroscopy, Anaheim, California, October 8–9, 1969
72414. Water: A Comprehensive Treatise: Volume 6: Recent Advances
72415. Immunobiology of Proteins and Peptides—III: Viral and Bacterial Antigens
72416. Developments in Applied Spectroscopy: Selected papers from the Twentieth Annual Mid-America Spectroscopy Symposium, Held in Chicago, Illinois, May 12–15, 1969
72417. Exercise, Calories, Fat and Cancer
72418. Environment and Behavior Studies: Emergence of Intellectual Traditions
72419. Prostanoids and Drugs
72420. Skin Pharmacology and Toxicology: Recent Advances
72421. Guide to the Literature for the Industrial Microbiologist
72422. Law in the Practice of Psychiatry: A Handbook for Clinicians
72423. Modern Developments in Powder Metallurgy: Volume 2 Applications
72424. Blood Cells as a Tissue: Proceedings of a Conference held at The Lankenau Hospital October 30–31, 1969
72425. Central Nervous System Pathology: A New Approach
72426. Deep Seismic Sounding of the Earth’s Crust and Upper Mantle
72427. Theory and Interpretation of Magnetic Resonance Spectra
72428. Werner’s Syndrome and Human Aging
72429. Structure and Function of Gangliosides
72430. Drugs Affecting Leukotrienes and Other Eicosanoid Pathways
72431. Modern Viola Technique
72432. Women in Midlife
72433. The Evolution of Mammalian Characters
72434. Physiology of Parasites
72435. The Reticuloendothelial System and Atherosclerosis: Proceedings of an International Symposium on Atherosclerosis and the Reticuloendothelial System, Held in Como, Italy, September 8–10, 1966
72436. The Thrombotic Process in Atherogenesis
72437. Workspace Strategies: Environment as a Tool for Work
72438. Contemporary Topics in Molecular Immunology
72439. Psychopharmacology and Aging
72440. Handbook of Pultrusion Technology
72441. Homeostasis of Phosphate and Other Minerals
72442. Seed Dormancy and Germination
72443. Polymers in Medicine and Surgery
72444. Current Trends in Sphingolipidoses and Allied Disorders
72445. Computer Applications in the Earth Sciences: An Update of the 70s
72446. CAD: Computational Concepts and Methods
72447. Control of Human Voluntary Movement
72448. Analysis of Kinetic Data
72449. The Year in Metabolism 1975–1976
72450. Laboratory Aspects of Infections
72451. The Living Ocean: Marine Microbiology
72452. Physics and Contemporary Needs: Volume 4
72453. Developments in Applied Spectroscopy: Proceedings of the Twelfth Annual Symposium on Spectroscopy Held in Chicago, Illinois May 15–18, 1961
72454. Molecular Mechanisms of Neuronal Responsiveness
72455. Combustion-Generated Air Pollution: A Short Course on Combustion-Generated Air Pollution held at the University of California, Berkeley September 22–26, 1969
72456. Principles of Paediatric Pharmacology
72457. Advances in Neurochemistry
72458. Advances in Tracer Methodology: Volume 4: A collection of papers presented at the Eleventh Annual Symposium on Tracer Methodology
72459. Cardiac Preexcitation Syndromes: Origins, Evaluation, and Treatment
72460. Geochemistry of Epigenesis
72461. Dynamics of Arterial Flow
72462. —Managing— New-Product Development
72463. Quality Control in Automation
72464. The Custody of Children: A Behavioral Assessment Model
72465. High-Pressure Science and Technology: Volume 1: Physical Properties and Material Synthesis / Volume 2: Applications and Mechanical Properties
72466. The Superworld II
72467. Fatal Remedies: The Ironies of Social Intervention
72468. Vasopeptides: Chemistry, Pharmacology, and Pathophysiology
72469. Experimental Abnormal Psychology
72470. The Neutrophil
72471. Principles of Optimal Control Theory
72472. Schlag nach!: 100000 Tatsachen aus allen Wissensgebieten
72473. Meyers Grosses Sternbuch für kinder: Zum Lesen und Anschauen für Sterngucker und Weltraumforscher
72474. Duden-Taschenbücher: Band 13: Duden, mahlen oder malen?
72475. Duden-Taschenbücher: Volume 7: Duden, Wie schreibt man gutes Deutsch?
72476. Meyers Handbuch über die Literatur: Ein Lexikon der Dichter und Schriftsteller aller Literaturen
72477. Andean Magmatism: Chemical and Isotopic Constraints
72478. Using and Understanding Engineering Service and Construction Contracts
72479. NMR Band Handbook
72480. Urolithiasis and Related Clinical Research
72481. International Directory of Psychology: A Guide to People, Places, and Policies
72482. Gastrointestinal Hormones and Pathology of the Digestive System
72483. Chemical Analysis of the Environment and Other Modern Techniques
72484. Controlled Release of Biologically Active Agents
72485. Chemistry and Brain Development: Proceedings of the Advanced Study Institute on “Chemistry of Brain Development,” held in Milan, Italy, September 9–19, 1970
72486. Biosynthetic Products for Cancer Chemotherapy: Volume 1
72487. Gene Mapping in Laboratory Mammals Part B
72488. Protective Groups in Organic Chemistry
72489. Laterite: Genesis, Location, Use
72490. High-Temperature Chemistry of Silicates and Other Oxide Systems / Vysokotemperaturnaya Khimiya Silikatnykh I Drugikh Okisnykh Sistem / Bьicoкotemпepatуphaя Xиmия Cиликathьix И Дpугиx Oкиchьix | Cиctem
72491. Air Survey of Sand Deposits by Spectral Luminance
72492. Predictability of corporate failure: Models for prediction of corporate failure and for evalution of debt capacity
72493. Modern Aspects of Reflectance Spectroscopy
72494. Hibernation and the Hypothalamus
72495. Guide to the NMR Empirical Method: A Workbook
72496. Genesis of the Hymenoptera and the phases of their evolution
72497. Formula Index to NMR Literature Data: Volume 2: 1961–1962 References
72498. Fiscal responsibility in constitutional democracy
72499. Robotics in Practice: Management and applications of industrial robots
72500. Follicle Stimulating Hormone: Regulation of Secretion and Molecular Mechanisms of Action
72501. Sea Surface Topography and the Geoid: Edinburgh, Scotland, August 10–11, 1989
72502. Judicial Decision Making, Sentencing Policy, and Numerical Guidance
72503. Policing and Punishing the Drinking Driver: A Study of General and Specific Deterrence
72504. Delinquency Careers in Two Birth Cohorts
72505. Current Perspectives in Hepatology: Festschrift for Hyman J. Zimmerman, M.D.
72506. Textbook of Pediatric Neurology
72507. Physiology and Behavior Therapy: Conceptual Guidelines for the Clinician
72508. Ethics, The Social Sciences, and Policy Analysis
72509. Phobic and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders: Theory, Research, and Practice
72510. Lymphocyte Stimulation: Differential Sensitivity to Radiation Biochemical and Immunological Processes
72511. Enzyme Engineering: Volume 4
72512. Functional and Structural Proteins of the Nervous System: Proceedings of Two Symposia on Proteins of the Nervous System and Myelin Proteins Held as Part of the Third Meeting of the International Society of Neurochemistry in Budapest, Hungary, in July 1971
72513. Identified Neurons and Behavior of Arthropods
72514. The Brain and Regulation of Eye Movement
72515. Planning with the semi-input-output method: With empirical applications to Nigeria
72516. Disturbances in the linear model, estimation and hypothesis testing
72517. The Need for International Reserves and Credit Facilities
72518. The daily power game
72519. A choice of futures
72520. Duden Das große Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache in sechs Bänden: Band 6: Sp–Z
72521. Computer-Aided Engineering for Manufacture
72522. Atlas of Heart Diseases: Hypertension: Mechanisms and Therapy
72523. The Printing Ink Manual
72524. Indications for Heart Valve Replacement by Age Group
72525. Deregulation and Diversification of Utilities
72526. World Fish Farming: Cultivation and Economics
72527. Tree Fruit Production
72528. Computing Techniques for Robots
72529. Inducible Gene Expression, Volume 2: Hormonal Signals
72530. Nondeterminism in Algebraic Specifications and Algebraic Programs
72531. The Protein Folding Problem and Tertiary Structure Prediction
72532. Gene Therapeutics: Methods and Applications of Direct Gene Transfer
72533. The Neurosciences: Paths of Discovery, I
72534. Electromagnetic Fields and Circadian Rhythmicity
72535. From the Retina to the Neocortex: Selected Papers of David Marr
72536. Preanesthetic Assessment 2
72537. The Commodore Puzzle Book: BASIC Brainteasers
72538. Representation Theory of Reductive Groups: Proceedings of the University of Utah Conference 1982
72539. Tissue Culture of Trees
72540. Public Program Analysis: A New Categorical Data Approach
72541. Gemstones and Their Origins
72542. Minerals of California
72543. The Art and Science of Inventing
72544. Energy Management and Control Systems Handbook
72545. Stability Analysis of Earth Slopes
72546. The Foreman/Supervisor’s Handbook
72547. Microcomputer Software for Civil Engineers
72548. The Jade Kingdom
72549. Microcomputer Control of Thermal and Mechanical Systems
72550. i386/i486 Advanced Programming: Real Mode Protected Mode Virtual 8086 Mode
72551. Modern Jeweler’s Consumer Guide to Colored Gemstones
72552. Calculator Calculus
72553. MCQs in Medicine
72554. Insects and the Life of Man: Collected Essays on Pure Science and Applied Biology
72555. Palaeozoic Fishes
72556. Protective Relays: Their Theory and Practice
72557. Mountains and Minerals/Rivers and Rocks: A Geologist’s Notes from the Field
72558. Handbook of High-Speed Machining Technology
72559. Success for College Students with Learning Disabilities
72560. Children in Pain: Clinical and Research Issues From a Developmental Perspective
72561. Depression Runs in Families: The Social Context of Risk and Resilience in Children of Depressed Mothers
72562. Imagery and Cognition
72563. Earth Rotation and Coordinate Reference Frames: Edinburgh, Scotland, August 10–11, 1989
72564. Applications of Combinatorics and Graph Theory to the Biological and Social Sciences
72565. Infectious Mononucleosis
72566. Frontiers of Motivational Psychology: Essays in Honor of John W. Atkinson
72567. Children’s Eyewitness Memory
72568. Children’s Peer Relations: Issues in Assessment and Intervention
72569. Selected Atlases of Cardiovascular Nuclear Medicine
72570. A Guide Book to Mathematics: Fundamental Formulas · Tables · Graphs · Methods
72571. Clinical Diagnosis of Atherosclerosis: Quantitative Methods of Evaluation
72572. The Dose—Response Relation in Pharmacology
72573. Animal Tumors of the Female Reproductive Tract: Spontaneous and Experimental
72574. Pharmacological facts and figures
72575. Printed circuit board assembly: The Complete Works
72576. Still Time to Die
72577. Stanford White
72578. Guide to Fluorescence Literature
72579. Underwater Medicine and Related Sciences: A Guide to the Literature Volume 2 An Annotated Bibliography, Key Word Index, and Microthesaurus
72580. Alloys, Intermetallic Compounds, and Cermets
72581. Binary Fluorides: Free Molecular Structures and Force Fields A Bibliography (1957–1975)
72582. Flame Spectroscopy: Atlas of Spectral Lines
72583. HMO Energy Characteristics
72584. Tracer Diffusion Data for Metals, Alloys, and Simple Oxides
72585. Mössbauer Effect Data Index: Covering the 1969 Literature
72586. Infrared Band Handbook: Volume 1 4240–999 cm-1 / Volume 2 999–29 cm-1
72587. Handbook of the Physicochemical Properties of the Elements
72588. Euglena: An Experimental Organism for Biochemical and Biophysical Studies
72589. Electron Deficient Compounds
72590. Immunologic Methods in Steroid Determination
72591. Formulation and Stoichiometry: A Review of Fundamental Chemistry
72592. Methods of Research in Psychotherapy
72593. Macromolecules and Behavior
72594. In Vitro-in Vivo Correlations
72595. Environmental Biotechnology for Waste Treatment
72596. Kynurenine and Serotonin Pathways: Progress in Tryptophan Research
72597. The Identification of the CF (Cystic Fibrosis) Gene: Recent Progress and New Research Strategies
72598. Politics and Psychology: Contemporary Psychodynamic Perspectives
72599. Police as Problem Solvers
72600. Deciphering Motivation in Psychotherapy
72601. Sulfur-Centered Reactive Intermediates in Chemistry and Biology
72602. The Basal Ganglia III
72603. Medical Virology 9
72604. Genetic Toxicology of Complex Mixtures
72605. Basic, Clinical, and Therapeutic Aspects of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases: Volume 1
72606. Coronaviruses and their Diseases
72607. Supercomputational Science
72608. Psychiatry and Biological Factors
72609. Circulating Regulatory Factors and Neuroendocrine Function
72610. Excitatory Amino Acids and Neuronal Plasticity
72611. Autocrine and Paracrine Mechanisms in Reproductive Endocrinology
72612. Understanding Literacy and Cognition: Theory, Research, and Application
72613. Protein Design and the Development of New Therapeutics and Vaccines
72614. Demographic and Programmatic Consequences of Contraceptive Innovations
72615. New Perspectives in Hemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis, Arteriovenous Hemofiltration, and Plasmapheresis
72616. The Immune Response to Viral Infections
72617. Gastric Cytoprotection: A Clinician’s Guide
72618. Pathogenesis of Functional Bowel Disease
72619. Biodeterioration Research 2: General Biodeterioration, Degradation, Mycotoxins, Biotoxins, and Wood Decay
72620. The American Prison: Issues in Research and Policy
72621. Cognitive Science and Genetic Epistemology: A Case Study of Understanding
72622. Cochlear Mechanisms: Structure, Function, and Models
72623. Early Influences Shaping The Individual
72624. Gender in Transition: A New Frontier
72625. Antiterrorist Initiatives
72626. Clinical Aspects of Neutron Capture Therapy
72627. Prediabetes
72628. The Expanding Role of Folates and Fluoropyrimidines in Cancer Chemotherapy
72629. Risk Management of Chemicals in the Environment
72630. Public Places and Spaces
72631. Risk Assessment and Decision Making Using Test Results: The Carcinogenicity Prediction and Battery Selection Approach
72632. Surgery of the Diencephalon
72633. Cognitive Approaches to Neuropsychology
72634. Plant Transposable Elements
72635. Steroid Receptors in Health and Disease
72636. Pediatric Brain Death and Organ/Tissue Retrieval: Medical, Ethical, and Legal Aspects
72637. Gas Phase Inorganic Chemistry
72638. Juvenile Psychiatry and the Law
72639. The Pathobiology of Neoplasia
72640. Psychosomatic Disorders
72641. Perspectives on Development and Population Growth in the Third World
72642. Basic and Clinical Aspects of Growth Hormone
72643. Neurosecretion: Cellular Aspects of the Production and Release of Neuropeptides
72644. Drugs, Athletes, and Physical Performance
72645. Cellular and Molecular Aspects of Inflammation
72646. Carcinogen Risk Assessment
72647. Pharmacokinetics: Mathematical and Statistical Approaches to Metabolism and Distribution of Chemicals and Drugs
72648. Phenotypic Variation in Populations: Relevance to Risk Assessment
72649. Zero-Range Potentials and Their Applications in Atomic Physics
72650. Immunobiology of Proteins and Peptides IV: T-Cell Recognition and Antigen Presentation
72651. Psychiatric Consultation in Childbirth Settings: Parent- and Child-Oriented Approaches
72652. The Diffusion of Medical Innovations: An Applied Network Analysis
72653. Models of Mental Disorders: A New Comparative Psychiatry
72654. Contemporary Geriatric Medicine
72655. Developmental Psychobiology and Behavioral Ecology
72656. Reactions to Psychotropic Medication
72657. Advances in Microbial Ecology
72658. Genetic Engineering: Principles and Methods Volume 9
72659. Biological Barriers in Behavioral Medicine
72660. Computer-Enhanced Analytical Spectroscopy
72661. Translational Regulation of Gene Expression
72662. Critical Psychophysical Passages in the Life of a Woman: A Psychodynamic Perspective
72663. Prevention in Clinical Practice
72664. The Molecular Basis of Viral Replication
72665. Recent Advances in Mucosal Immunology: Part A: Cellular Interactions
72666. Plant Vacuoles: Their Importance in Solute Compartmentation in Cells and Their Applications in Plant Biotechnology
72667. Mechanisms of Lymphocyte Activation and Immune Regulation
72668. Proceedings of the Fifteenth International Symposium, July 14–6, 1986
72669. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: Therapeutic, Psychological, and Research Aspects
72670. De Minimis Risk
72671. Toxic Substances and Human Risk: Principles of Data Interpretation
72672. Platelet-Activating Factor and Related Lipid Mediators
72673. Evaluation and Accountability in Clinical Training
72674. Premenstrual Syndrome: Ethical and Legal Implications in a Biomedical Perspective
72675. Radiation Carcinogenesis and DNA Alterations
72676. Neurobiology of Acetylcholine
72677. Illness Behavior: A Multidisciplinary Model
72678. Extrachromosomal Elements in Lower Eukaryotes
72679. Prevention and Treatment of Contraceptive Failure: In Honor of Christopher Tietze
72680. Electron Microscopy in Forensic, Occupational, and Environmental Health Sciences
72681. Quantum Theory of Polymers as Solids
72682. Medical Factors and Psychological Disorders: A Handbook for Psychologists
72683. Spaces for Children: The Built Environment and Child Development
72684. Dynamic Processes in the Chemistry of the Upper Ocean
72685. Phosphate and Mineral Homeostasis
72686. Mechanisms of Secondary Brain Damage
72687. New Vistas in Electro-Nuclear Physics
72688. Neurobiology of Central D1-Dopamine Receptors
72689. Targeting of Drugs With Synthetic Systems
72690. Antimutagenesis and Anticarcinogenesis Mechanisms
72691. Basic and Applied Aspects of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss
72692. Childhood Aggression and Violence: Sources of Influence, Prevention and Control
72693. Genetic Disorders and the Fetus: Diagnosis, Prevention, and Treatment
72694. Recent Practice and Theory
72695. Kinins IV: Part A Proceedings of the Fourth International Kinin Congress, held October 21–25, 1984, in Savannah, Georgia
72696. Genetics, Development, and Evolution: 17th Stadler Genetics Symposium
72697. Clinical Disorders of Memory
72698. Handbook of Pulmonary Emergencies
72699. Dynamics of Stress: Physiological, Psychological and Social Perspectives
72700. Psychotherapy with Adolescent Girls
72701. Genetic Engineering of Animals: An Agricultural Perspective
72702. Myocardial and Skeletal Muscle Bioenergetics
72703. Electrochemistry in Research and Development
72704. New Directions in Failure to Thrive: Implications for Research and Practice
72705. How Far Are We from the Gauge Forces
72706. Clinical Applications of Medical Imaging
72707. Ionic Channels in Cells and Model Systems
72708. The Private Practice of Behavior Therapy: A Guide for Behavioral Practitioners
72709. The Heredity of Behavior Disorders in Adults and Children
72710. New Insights into Cell and Membrane Transport Processes
72711. Justice in Social Relations
72712. Handbook of Prevention
72713. Regulation of Hepatic Metabolism: Intra- and Intercellular Compartmentation
72714. Movement Disorders
72715. Principles of Endocrine Pharmacology
72716. Structure and Function of the Genetic Apparatus
72717. Supercomputers in Theoretical and Experimental Science
72718. Investigation and Exploitation of Antibody Combining Sites
72719. Contemporary Geriatric Medicine
72720. Clinical Application of Neuropsychological Test Batteries
72721. Victimization in Schools
72722. Fungal Dimorphism: With Emphasis on Fungi Pathogenic for Humans
72723. Basic and Applied Mutagenesis: With Special Reference to Agricultural Chemicals in Developing Countries
72724. Genetic Engineering: Principles and Methods
72725. Hybridoma Technology in the Biosciences and Medicine
72726. Neurotransmitter Actions in the Vertebrate Nervous System
72727. Handbook of Behavioral Group Therapy
72728. The Patient: Biological, Psychological, and Social Dimensions of Medical Practice
72729. Genetics and the Law III
72730. Human Hybridomas and Monoclonal Antibodies
72731. Metropolitan Desegregation
72732. Methodological and Statistical Advances in the Study of Individual Differences
72733. Computational Methods for the Determination of Formation Constants
72734. Immune Complexes and Human Cancer
72735. The Future of Piagetian Theory: The Neo-Piagetians
72736. Radiolabeled Cellular Blood Elements: Pathophysiology, Techniques, and Scintigraphic Applications
72737. Modern Trends in Hypnosis
72738. Understanding Learning Disabilities: International and Multidisciplinary Views
72739. Gene Expression in Muscle
72740. Ergonomic Data for Equipment Design
72741. Health Psychology: Treatment and Research Issues
72742. Ring-Chain Tautomerism
72743. Autoionization: Recent Developments and Applications
72744. Molecular Basis of Insulin Action
72745. Gene Expression and Cell-Cell Interactions in the Developing Nervous System
72746. Myocardial Ischemia and Lipid Metabolism
72747. Genetic and Phenotypic Markers of Tumors
72748. Mechanisms of Gastrointestinal Motility and Secretion
72749. Methods and Materials in Microelectronic Technology
72750. Microorganisms as Model Systems for Studying Evolution
72751. The Interleukins
72752. Semiotic Praxis: Studies in Pertinence and in the Means of Expression and Communication
72753. Chronic Renal Disease: Causes, Complications, and Treatment
72754. From Research to Clinical Practice: The Implications of Social and Developmental Research for Psychotherapy
72755. Contemporary Endocrinology
72756. Human Trophoblast Neoplasms
72757. Phosphate and Mineral Metabolism
72758. Anticipated and Abnormal Plant Transients in Light Water Reactors: Volume 1
72759. Hepatic Encephalopathy in Chronic Liver Failure
72760. Myocardial Biology
72761. Coping with Physical Illness: 2: New Perspectives
72762. Immune Deficiency and Cancer: Epstein-Barr Virus and Lymphoproliferative Malignancies
72763. The Gender Gap in Psychotherapy: Social Realities and Psychological Processes
72764. Emergency Psychiatry: Concepts, Methods, and Practices
72765. Handbook of Mental Illness in the Mentally Retarded
72766. The Biology of Idiotypes
72767. Viral Infections of Humans: Epidemiology and Control
72768. Porphyrins in Tumor Phototherapy
72769. Genetic Control of Environmental Pollutants
72770. Contractile Mechanisms in Muscle
72771. Epidemiology and Community Psychiatry
72772. Psychiatry the State of the Art: Volume 4 Psychotherapy and Psychosomatic Medicine
72773. Behavioral Theories and Treatment of Anxiety
72774. Shorebirds: Breeding Behavior and Populations
72775. Open Tubular Column Gas Chromatography in Environmental Sciences
72776. Neural Transplants: Development and Function
72777. Biological Responses in Cancer: Progress toward Potential Applications
72778. The Antibody Enigma
72779. Nutrition and Cancer
72780. Single-Cell Mutation Monitoring Systems: Methodologies and Applications
72781. Recent Developments in Alcoholism: Volume 2
72782. Perspectives on Bias in Mental Testing
72783. Metal-Semiconductor Schottky Barrier Junctions and Their Applications
72784. Recent Advances in Immunology
72785. The Healing and Scarring of Atheroma
72786. Regulation of Target Cell Responsiveness
72787. Investigation of Membrane-Located Receptors
72788. Recent Progress in the Study and Therapy of Brain Edema
72789. Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities: Volume 13
72790. Aging and Cell Structure: Volume 2
72791. Genotoxicology of N-Nitroso Compounds
72792. Structural Elements of the Nervous System
72793. Brain Slices
72794. The Science and Technology of Coal and Coal Utilization
72795. Immunobiology of Parasites and Parasitic Infections
72796. Symbiosis in Parent-Offspring Interactions
72797. Immunology of Clinical and Experimental Diabetes
72798. Immunoregulation
72799. Structure and Function of Plant Genomes
72800. Freud and Modern Psychology: The Emotional Basis of Human Behavior
72801. Psychoneuroendocrine Dysfunction
72802. Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry Applications in Microbiology
72803. Neuroendocrinology of Aging
72804. Contemporary Topics in Molecular Immunology
72805. Contemporary Geriatric Medicine: Volume 1
72806. The Reticuloendothelial System: A Comprehensive Treatise Volume 5 Cancer
72807. Changing Families
72808. Psychosomatic Medicine: Theoretical, Clinical, and Transcultural Aspects
72809. Genetic Engineering in Eukaryotes
72810. Drug Metabolite Isolation and Determination
72811. Myocardial Injury
72812. Genetics of the Immune Response
72813. Soot in Combustion Systems and Its Toxic Properties
72814. Arterial Pollution: An Integrated View on Atherosclerosis
72815. Biochemical and Biological Markers of Neoplastic Transformation
72816. Mental Health Care and National Health Insurance: A Philosophy of and an Approach to Mental Health Care for the Future
72817. Handbook of Family and Marital Therapy
72818. In Search of Equity: Health Needs and the Health Care System
72819. Advances in Perinatal Medicine: Volume 3
72820. Regulation of Gene Expression by Hormones
72821. Advances in Vertebrate Neuroethology
72822. Electrical Breakdown and Discharges in Gases: Part A Fundamental Processes and Breakdown
72823. Porphyrin Photosensitization
72824. New Approaches in Eukaryotic DNA Replication
72825. Macrophages and Natural Killer Cells: Regulation and Function
72826. Leukotrienes and Prostacyclin
72827. Hyperthermia
72828. Pediatric Liver Disease
72829. Induced Mutagenesis: Molecular Mechanisms and Their Implications for Environmental Protection
72830. Plant Cell Culture in Crop Improvement
72831. Legal Aspects of Geology
72832. Flooding and Implosive Therapy: Direct Therapeutic Exposure in Clinical Practice
72833. Metabolism in the Nervous System
72834. Beneficial Effects of Endotoxins
72835. Polymer Alloys III: Blends, Blocks, Grafts, and Interpenetrating Networks
72836. Genetic Toxicology: An Agricultural Perspective
72837. Psychosocial Theories of the Self: Proceedings of a Conference on New Approaches to the Self, held March 29–April 1, 1979, by the Center for Psychosocial Studies, Chicago, Illinois
72838. Chemical Carcinogenesis
72839. Immunobiology of Proteins and Peptides—II
72840. Physical Processes in Laser-Materials Interactions
72841. The Inconstant Gene
72842. Treatment Interventions in Human Sexuality
72843. The Impaired Physician
72844. Men Behind Bars: Sexual Exploitation in Prison
72845. Children’s Competence to Consent
72846. Prostaglandins and the Kidney: Biochemistry, Physiology, Pharmacology, and Clinical Applications
72847. The Biology of Alcoholism: Volume 6: The Pathogenesis of Alcoholism Psychosocial Factors
72848. Regulation of Phosphate and Mineral Metabolism
72849. Biological Effects and Dosimetry of Nonionizing Radiation: Radiofrequency and Microwave Energies
72850. Cognitive Rehabilitation: Conceptualization and Intervention
72851. Psychosocial Family Interventions in Chronic Pediatric Illness
72852. Targeting of Drugs
72853. Electrochemistry in Industry: New Directions
72854. Issues in International Bilingual Education: The Role of the Vernacular
72855. This Is Reading
72856. Masters Theses in the Pure and Applied Sciences: Accepted by Colleges and Universities of the United States and Canada
72857. Gas Chromatography of Organometallic Compounds
72858. Men in Transition: Theory and Theraphy
72859. Lifelines: Clinical Perspectives on Suicide
72860. Chemical Derivatization in Analytical Chemistry: Separation and Continuous Flow Techniques
72861. Prevention of Kidney Disease and Long-Term Survival
72862. Learning, Speech, and the Complex Effects of Punishment: Essays Honoring George J. Wischner
72863. Hyperthermia and Cancer
72864. Neuroimmunology
72865. Nonverbal Behavior and Social Psychology
72866. Aging and Cognitive Processes
72867. Families as Learning Environments for Children
72868. Marital Therapy: A Combined Psychodynamic — Behavioral Approach
72869. Intimacy
72870. Particulate Carbon: Atmospheric Life Cycle
72871. Nitroimidazoles: Chemistry, Pharmacology, and Clinical Application
72872. Primate Brain Evolution: Methods and Concepts
72873. The Drug User: Personality Issues, Factors, and Theories An Annotated Bibliography
72874. Physics and Contemporary Needs: Volume 5
72875. Clinical Psychology and Medicine: A Behavioral Perspective
72876. Atomic and Nuclear Methods in Fossil Energy Research
72877. Protein Biosynthesis in Eukaryotes
72878. Immunomodulation by Bacteria and Their Products
72879. Structure and Approximation in Physical Theories
72880. Life after Stress
72881. Behavior Modification in Black Populations: Psychosocial Issues and Empirical Findings
72882. The Woman Patient: Aggression, Adaptations, and Psychotherapy
72883. Biodegradation of Pesticides
72884. Membranes and Transport: Volume 1
72885. Melanoma Antigens and Antibodies
72886. The Development of Attachment and Affiliative Systems
72887. Cytomegalovirus: Biology and Infection
72888. Behavioral Medicine: Assessment and Treatment Strategies
72889. Drug Development, Regulatory Assessment, and Postmarketing Surveillance
72890. Measurement of Risks
72891. Cell Growth
72892. Investigation of Brain Function
72893. Radioecological Techniques
72894. Conserving America’s Neighborhoods
72895. Alcoholism and Clinical Psychiatry
72896. Women’s Sexual Experience: Explorations of the Dark Continent
72897. Ethics in Hard Times
72898. Fertilization and Embryonic Development In Vitro
72899. Psychological and Behavioral Aspects of Physical Disability: A Manual for Health Practitioners
72900. Insects, Experts, and the Insecticide Crisis: The Quest for New Pest Management Strategies
72901. Molecular Biology, Pathogenicity, and Ecology of Bacterial Plasmids
72902. Trends in the Biology of Fermentations for Fuels and Chemicals
72903. Concepts, Results, and Applications
72904. The Lung in Its Environment
72905. Regulatory Mechanisms of Synaptic Transmission
72906. The Solution of the Inverse Problem in Geophysical Interpretation
72907. Energy Demand and Efficient Use
72908. Genetic Engineering of Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation and Conservation of Fixed Nitrogen
72909. Techniques and Concepts of High-Energy Physics
72910. Mental Retardation and Sterilization: A Problem of Competency and Paternalism
72911. Neuropsychiatric Features of Medical Disorders
72912. Contemporary Topics in Molecular Immunology
72913. Neuronal Mechanisms of Hearing
72914. Ocean Dumping of Industrial Wastes
72915. Real-Time Parallel Computing: Imaging Analysis
72916. Primary Productivity in the Sea
72917. Neuroendocrinology of Reproduction: Physiology and Behavior
72918. The Handbook of Political Behavior: Volume 4
72919. Neuroendocrinology of Reproduction: Physiology and Behavior
72920. Anodic Protection: Theory and Practice in the Prevention of Corrosion
72921. Serotonin: Current Aspects of Neurochemistry and Function
72922. Selected Topics in Exercise Cardiology and Rehabilitation
72923. The Challenge of Family Therapy: A Dialogue for Child Psychiatric Educators
72924. DNA Repair and Mutagenesis in Eukaryotes
72925. Circulatory and Developmental Aspects of Brain Metabolism
72926. Contemporary Theories and Systems in Psychology
72927. The Interpretation of Ionic Conductivity in Liquids
72928. Juveniles’ Waiver of Rights: Legal and Psychological Competence
72929. Contemporary Theories and Systems in Psychology
72930. Uprooting and Development: Dilemmas of Coping with Modernization
72931. Mass Spectrometry of Priority Pollutants
72932. Comprehensive Treatise of Electrochemistry: Electrochemical Processing
72933. Assessment and Modification of Emotional Behavior
72934. Ion-Selective Electrodes in Analytical Chemistry
72935. The Uncommon Child
72936. The Psychotherapy of Schizophrenia
72937. The Trial Process
72938. Current Trends in Histocompatibility: Volume 2 Biological and Clinical Concepts
72939. Current Trends in Histocompatibility: Volume 1 Immunogenetic and Molecular Profiles
72940. The Cerebral Microvasculature: Investigation of the Blood—Brain Barrier
72941. Enzyme Engineering: Volume 5
72942. Rheology: Volume 1: Principles
72943. Aging Phenomena: Relationships among Different Levels of Organization
72944. Imagery: Its Many Dimensions and Applications
72945. Computational Methods in Chemistry
72946. Genetic Engineering of Osmoregulation: Impact on Plant Productivity for Food, Chemicals, and Energy
72947. Enzyme Engineering: Future Directions
72948. Environmental Education: Principles, Methods, and Applications
72949. Transfer of Cell Constituents into Eukaryotic Cells
72950. Contemporary Topics in Immunobiology
72951. Infections of the Gastrointestinal Tract: Microbiology, Pathophysiology, and Clinical Features
72952. The Rape Crisis Intervention Handbook: A Guide for Victim Care
72953. Applied Psycholinguistics and Mental Health
72954. In Situ Expression of Tumor Immunity
72955. Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasonics,and Thermography
72956. The Pituitary Adenoma
72957. Electronic Interpretation of Organic Chemistry: A Problems-Oriented Text
72958. Methods of Cell Separation
72959. Uniqueness: The Human Pursuit of Difference
72960. Women’s Sexual Development: Explorations of Inner Space
72961. The Immobilized Patient: Functional Pathology and Management
72962. Psychology of Language and Thought: Essays on the Theory and History of Psycholinguistics
72963. Polymer Colloids II
72964. Polymer Alloys II: Blends, Blocks, Grafts, and Interpenetrating Networks
72965. The Analysis of Social Skill
72966. Developmental Neurobiology of Vision
72967. Hadronic Matter at Extreme Energy Density
72968. Macrophages and Lymphocytes: Nature, Functions, and Interaction
72969. Physics and Contemporary Needs: Volume 3
72970. Principles of Applied Clinical Chemistry: Chemical Background and Medical Applications. Volume 3: Plasma Proteins in Nutrition and Transport
72971. Applied Hypnosis and Hyperempiria
72972. Computers and Banking: Electronic Funds Transfer Systems and Public Policy
72973. Dynamic Optimization and Mathematical Economics
72974. The Biological Revolution: Applications of Cell Biology to Public Welfare
72975. Social Cognition and the Acquisition of Self
72976. Comprehensive Virology: Newly Characterized Vertebrate Viruses
72977. Becoming Female: Perspectives on Development
72978. Reaction Dynamics
72979. Biofeedback and the Modification of Behavior
72980. Hydrophobic Interactions
72981. Drug and Alcohol Abuse: A Clinical Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment
72982. Mathematical Principles of Mechanics and Electromagnetism: Part A: Analytical and Continuum Mechanics
72983. Exploring the Unknown: Great Mysteries Reexamined
72984. The Patient: Biological, Psychological, and Social Dimensions of Medical Practice
72985. Evaluation of Clinical Biofeedback
72986. Marine Geology and Oceanography of the Pacific Manganese Nodule Province
72987. Working with the Impulsive Person
72988. Plant Regulation and World Agriculture
72989. Surface Contamination: Genesis, Detection, and Control
72990. Modulators, Mediators, and Specifiers in Brain Function: Interactions of Neuropeptides, Cyclic Nucleotides, and Phosphoproteins in Mechanisms Underlying Neuronal Activity, Behavior, and Neuropsychiatric Disorders
72991. Electro-Optics and Dielectrics of Macromolecules and Colloids
72992. Human Evoked Potentials: Applications and Problems
72993. Dying, Death, and Grief: A Critically Annotated Bibliography and Source Book of Thanatology and Terminal Care
72994. Evoked Brain Potentials and Behavior
72995. Cancer, Stress, and Death
72996. The Psychobiology of Consciousness
72997. Contemporary Metabolism: Volume 1
72998. Forensic Toxicology: Controlled Substances and Dangerous Drugs
72999. Multiple Electron Resonance Spectroscopy
73000. Genetic Disorders and the Fetus: Diagnosis, Prevention, and Treatment
73001. The Child and Its Family
73002. Carbon-13 NMR Shift Assignments of Amines and Alkaloids
73003. The Heroin Stimulus: Implications for a Theory of Addiction
73004. Biological Regulation and Development: Gene Expression
73005. Structure and Function of the Gonadotropins
73006. Biosynthetic Products for Cancer Chemotherapy: Volume 3
73007. Children and the Environment
73008. Knowledge and Development: Volume 2 Piaget and Education
73009. Ocean Wave Climate
73010. Central Regulation of the Endocrine System
73011. Aspects of Mechanism and Organometallic Chemistry
73012. Genetic Mosaics and Chimeras in Mammals
73013. Masters Theses in the Pure and Applied Sciences: Accepted by Colleges and Universities of the United States and Canada
73014. Secretory Immunity and Infection: Proceedings of the International Symposium on the Secretory Immune System and Caries Immunity
73015. Nutritional Improvement of Food and Feed Proteins
73016. Sensory Ecology: Review and Perspectives
73017. Calcium in Drug Action
73018. Pathophysiology of Cerebral Energy Metabolism
73019. Physics and Contemporary Needs: Volume 2
73020. Progress in Electrochemistry of Organic Compounds 1
73021. Progress in Analytical Chemistry
73022. Methods in Radioimmunoassay, Toxicology, and Related Areas
73023. Applications of the Newer Techniques of Analysis
73024. Computers in Analytical Chemistry
73025. Oxygen Transport to Tissue — II
73026. Kinins: Pharmacodynamics and Biological Roles
73027. Transport Phenomena in the Nervous System: Physiological and Pathological Aspects
73028. Lipids, Lipoproteins, and Drugs
73029. Control Mechanisms in Development: Activation, Differentiation, and Modulation in Biological Systems
73030. Control of Gene Expression
73031. Arterial Mesenchyme and Arteriosclerosis
73032. Metal Ions in Biological Systems: Studies of Some Biochemical and Environmental Problems
73033. Receptors for Reproductive Hormones
73034. Alcohol Intoxication and Withdrawal I: Experimental Studies
73035. Platelet Function and Thrombosis: A Review of Methods Proceedings of a Postgraduate Course held at the Fondazione Lorenzini in Milan, Italy, February 24–26, 1972
73036. Immunity in Viral and Rickettsial Diseases: Proceedings of the Seventeenth Annual “OHOLO” Biological Conference on New Concepts in Immunity in Viral and Rickettsial Diseases Held March 13–16, 1972, at Zichron Yaakov, Israel
73037. Hemoglobin and Red Cell Structure and Function: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Red Cell Metabolism and Function held at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, April 27–29, 1972
73038. Drugs and Fetal Development: Proceedings of an International Symposium on The Effect of Prolonged Drug Usage on Fetal Development held at Beit-Berl. Kfar Saba, Israel. September 14–17. 1971
73039. Drug Abuse: Nonmedical Use of Dependence-Producing Drugs
73040. The Reticuloendothelial System and Immune Phenomena: Proceedings of the Ludwig Aschoff Memorial Meeting of the Reticuloendothelial Society, Freiburg, Germany, August 1970
73041. Shock: Biochemical, Pharmacological, and Clinical Aspects: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Shock held at Como, Italy, October 10–11, 1969
73042. Red Cell Metabolism and Function: Proceedings of the First International Conference on Red Cell Metabolism and Function, held at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, October 1–3, 1969
73043. Lymphatic Tissue and Germinal Centers in Immune Response: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Germinal Centers of Lymphatic Tissue, held in Padua, Italy, June 26–28, 1968
73044. Handbook of Psychopharmacology: Volume 13 Biology of Mood and Antianxiety Drugs
73045. Drugs of Abuse
73046. Drugs, Neurotransmitters, and Behavior
73047. Synaptic Modulators
73048. Amino Acid Neurotransmitters
73049. Biochemistry of Biogenic Amines
73050. Principles of Receptor Research
73051. Mössbauer Effect Methodology: Volume 8 Proceedings of the Eighth Symposium on Mössbauer Effect Methodology New York City, January 28, 1973
73052. Proceedings of the Sixth Symposium on Mössbauer Effect Methodology New York City, January 25, 1970
73053. Mössbauer Effect Methodology: Proceedings of the Fifth Symposium on Mössbauer Effect Methodology New York City, February 2, 1969
73054. Ceramic Engineering and Science: Emerging Priorities
73055. Ceramics in Severe Environments: Proceedings of the Sixth University Conference on Ceramic Science North Carolina State University at Raleigh December 7–9, 1970
73056. Developments in Applied Spectroscopy
73057. Parasites, Fungi, and Viruses
73058. Penicillins and Cephalosporins
73059. Pharmacology of Antibiotics
73060. Special Problems in Chemotherapy
73061. Biology of the Microsporidia
73062. Advances in Cryogenic Engineering: Proceedings of the 1972. Cryogenic Engineering Conference. National Bureau of Standards. Boulder, Colorado. August 9–11, 1972
73063. Advances in Cryogenic Engineering: Proceedings of the 1964 Cryogenic Engineering Conference (Sections A-L)
73064. Advances in Cryogenic Engineering: Proceedings of the 1957 Cryogenic Engineering Conference, National Bureau of Standards Boulder, Colorado, August 19–21, 1957
73065. Advances in Cryogenic Engineering: Proceedings of the 1956 Cryogenic Engineering Conference National Bureau of Standards Boulder, Colorado September 5–7 1956
73066. Advances in Cryogenic Engineering: Proceedings of the 1954 Cryogenic Engineering Conference National Bureau of Standards Boulder, Colorado September 8–10 1954
73067. Cholinergic Mechanisms and Psychopharmacology
73068. The Aging Brain and Senile Dementia
73069. Discriminative Stimulus Properties of Drugs
73070. Cocaine and Other Stimulants
73071. The Septal Nuclei
73072. Environments as Therapy for Brain Dysfunction
73073. Sensory Physiology and Behavior
73074. The Neuropsychology of Aggression
73075. Neurohumoral Coding of Brain Function
73076. Drugs and the Developing Brain
73077. Brain Chemistry and Mental Disease: Proceedings of a Symposium on Brain Chemistry and Mental Disease held at the Texas Research Institute, Houston, Texas, November 18–20, 1970
73078. Contemporary Topics in Immunobiology: T Cells
73079. Contemporary Topics in Immunobiology: Immunobiology of Oncogenic Viruses
73080. Contemporary Topics in Immunobiology: Volume 4 Invertebrate Immunology
73081. Contemporary Topics in Immunobiology: Volume 3
73082. Contemporary Topics in Immunobiology: Volume 1
73083. The Ocean Basins and Margins
73084. The Ocean Basins and Margins: Volume 4A The Eastern Mediterranean
73085. The Ocean Basins and Margins: The North Atlantic
73086. Raman Spectroscopy: Theory and Practice
73087. Biosynthetic Products for Cancer Chemotherapy: Volume 2
73088. Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry No. 7
73089. Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry No. 6
73090. Handbook of Genetics: Plants, Plant Viruses, and Protists
73091. Gene Mapping in Laboratory Mammals: Part A
73092. The Hippocampus: Volume 2: Neurophysiology and Behavior
73093. The Hippocampus: Volume 1: Structure and Development
73094. Organic Chemistry of Nucleic Acids: Part B
73095. Water A Comprehensive Treatise: Aqueous Solutions of Amphiphiles and Macromolecules
73096. Aqueous Solutions of Simple Electrolytes
73097. Physiologic and Chemical Basis for Metal Toxicity
73098. The Architecture and Engineering of Digital Computer Complexes: Volume 2
73099. The Architecture and Engineering of Digital Computer Complexes: Volume 1
73100. Poisons of Plant Origin
73101. Neuropoisons: Their Pathophysiological Actions
73102. The Biology of Alcoholism: Volume 3: Clinical Pathology
73103. Photoelectronic Imaging Devices: Physical Processes and Methods of Analysis
73104. New Pathways in High-Energy Physics II: New Particles — Theories and Experiments
73105. New Pathways in High-Energy Physics I: Magnetic Charge and Other Fundamental Approaches
73106. Progress in the Neurosciences and Related Fields: Orbis Scientiae
73107. Genetic Diversity in Plants
73108. Nutrition and Agricultural Development: Significance and Potential for the Tropics
73109. Genes, Enzymes, and Populations
73110. Recent Advances in Polymer Blends, Grafts, and Blocks
73111. Perceiving Environmental Quality: Research and Applications
73112. Behavioral Toxicology
73113. Indicators of Environmental Quality: Proceedings of a symposium held during the AAAS meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, December 26–31, 1971
73114. Temporal Aspects of Therapeutics
73115. Contemporary Topics in Molecular Immunology
73116. Contemporary Topics in Molecular Immunology: Volume 3
73117. Nonverbal Communication of Aggression
73118. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Solids
73119. Electronic Structure and Reactivity of Metal Surfaces
73120. Transport Processes in Lakes and Oceans
73121. Natural Gases in Marine Sediments
73122. Deep-Sea Sediments: Physical and Mechanical Properties
73123. Smooth Muscle
73124. Principles of Applied Clinical Chemistry Chemical Background and Medical Applications: Volume 1: Maintenance of Fluid and Electrolyte Balance
73125. Radiotherapy, Surgery, and Immunotherapy
73126. Biology of Tumors: Surfaces, Immunology, and Comparative Pathology
73127. Cancer a Comprehensive Treatise 2: Etiology: Viral Carcinogenesis
73128. Liquid Crystals and Ordered Fluids: Volume 2
73129. Newly Characterized Protist and Invertebrate Viruses
73130. Comprehensive Virology 11: Regulation and Genetics Plant Viruses
73131. Regulation and Genetics: Genetics of Animal Viruses
73132. Regulation and Genetics: Bacterial DNA Viruses
73133. Comprehensive Virology: 7 Reproduction: Bacterial DNA Viruses
73134. Structure and Assembly: Virions, Pseudovirions, and Intraviral Nucleic Acids
73135. Comprehensive Virology: 4 Reproduction: Large RNA Viruses
73136. Reproduction: DNA Animal Viruses
73137. Reproduction: Small and Intermediate RNA Viruses
73138. Comprehensive Virology: Descriptive Catalogue of Viruses
73139. Information Systems: COINS IV
73140. Physical Chemistry of Fast Reactions: Volume 1: Gas Phase Reactions of Small Molecules
73141. Biology of Brain Dysfunction: Volume 3
73142. Biology of Brain Dysfunction: Volume 2
73143. Biology of Brain Dysfunction: Volume 1
73144. Treatise on Solid State Chemistry: Volume 3 Crystalline and Noncrystalline Solids
73145. The Chemical Structure of Solids
73146. Pioneers in Neuroendocrinology
73147. Jaundice
73148. Behavioral Pharmacology: The Current Status
73149. Biology of Aging and Development
73150. The Science of Life: Contributions of Biology to Hunman Welfare
73151. Perception and Experience
73152. The Development of Affect
73153. Hydrogen Energy: Part A
73154. Masters Theses in the Pure and Applied Sciences
73155. Steroid Hormone Action and Cancer
73156. Hypothalamus and Endocrine Functions
73157. Hormone Binding and Target Cell Activation in the Testis
73158. Ion-Selective Electrodes in Analytical Chemistry
73159. Applied Atomic Spectroscopy
73160. Photochemical and Photobiological Reviews: Volume 3
73161. Photochemical and Photobiological Reviews
73162. Consciousness and Self-Regulation: Advances in Research and Theory Volume 2
73163. Consciousness and Self-Regulation: Advances in Research Volume 1
73164. The Criminal Justice System
73165. Semiempirical Methods of Electronic Structure Calculation: Part B: Applications
73166. Semiempirical Methods of Electronic Structure Calculation: Part A: Techniques
73167. Human Behavior and Environment: Advances in Theory and Research. Volume 1
73168. Knowledge and Development: Volume 1 Advances in Research and Theory
73169. Biological Amplification Systems in Immunology
73170. Immunology and Aging
73171. Language and Operational Thought
73172. Cognitive Psychology and Instruction
73173. Recent Advances in the Psychology of Language: Formal and Experimental Approaches
73174. Vigilance: Theory, Operational Performance, and Physiological Correlates
73175. Biofeedback and Behavior
73176. Monitoring Behavior and Supervisory Control
73177. Environmental Assessment of Socioeconomic Systems
73178. Myelination and Demyelination
73179. Parkinson’s Disease: Neurophysiological, Clinical, and Related Aspects
73180. Senescence: Dominant or Recessive in Somatic Cell Crosses?
73181. The Year in Endocrinology 1977
73182. The Year in Metabolism 1977
73183. Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Research and Application
73184. Quantum Electrochemistry
73185. Clinical Diagnosis of Mental Disorders: A Handbook
73186. Psychology: From Research to Practice
73187. Sensory Systems of Primates
73188. Artificial Kidney, Artificial Liver, and Artificial Cells
73189. UV-A: Biological Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation with Emphasis on Human Responses to Longwave Ultraviolet
73190. The Stream of Consciousness: Scientific Investigations into the Flow of Human Experience
73191. Information Technology in Health Science Education
73192. Hemolytic Anemia in Disorders of Red Cell Metabolism
73193. Calcium Urolithiasis: Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, and Management
73194. Progress in Sexology: Selected papers from the Proceedings of the 1976 International Congress of Sexology
73195. The Genetics of Aging
73196. Gastrointestinal Tract Cancer
73197. Sociocultural Roots of Mental Illness: An Epidemiologic Survey
73198. Environment and Behavior: A Dynamic Perspective
73199. Physics and Contemporary Needs: Volume 1
73200. Eye Movements: ARVO Symposium 1976
73201. Aboriginal Sign Languages of The Americas and Australia: Volume 1; North America Classic Comparative Perspectives
73202. Computers in Chemical Education and Research
73203. Transform Techniques in Chemistry
73204. Women in Ritual and Symbolic Roles
73205. Depression: Biology, Psychodynamics, and Treatment
73206. Psychopharmacology of Aversively Motivated Behavior
73207. Projective Assessment
73208. The Metabolic Management of the Critically Ill
73209. Introduction to Demographic Analysis: Principles and Methods
73210. Minorities in Science: The Challenge for Change in Biomedicine
73211. The Origins and Course of Psychopathology: Methods of Longitudinal Research
73212. The Child’s Representation of the World
73213. Reactivity of Solids
73214. Alcoholism and Drug Dependence: A Multidisciplinary Approach
73215. Fear of Success
73216. The Diabetic Pancreas
73217. The Respiratory Functions of Blood
73218. The Atypical Mycobacteria and Human Mycobacteriosis
73219. Paget’s Disease of Bone: Clinical Assessment, Present and Future Therapy Proceedings of the Symposium on the Treatment of Paget’s Disease of Bone, held October 20, 1989 in New York City
73220. Pain: New Perspectives in Therapy and Research
73221. Principles of Surgical Oncology
73222. The Impulsive Personality: Understanding People with Destructive Character Disorders
73223. The Neuropsychology of Language: Essays in Honor of Eric Lenneberg
73224. Human Sleep and Its Disorders
73225. Principles and Techniques of Mental Health Consultation
73226. Nuclear Cardiology: Principles and Methods
73227. Contemporary Quantum Chemistry: An Introduction
73228. The Scientific Use of Factor Analysis in Behavioral and Life Sciences
73229. Directions in Large-Scale Systems: Many-Person Optimization and Decentralized Control
73230. Coping with Physical Illness
73231. Social Indicators of Well-Being: Americans’ Perceptions of Life Quality
73232. Basic Limbic System Anatomy of the Rat
73233. Reminiscence, Motivation, and Personality: A Case Study in Experimental Psychology
73234. Psychopathology of Human Adaptation
73235. Biological Abstracts / BIOSIS: The First Fifty Years. The Evolution of a Major Science Information Service
73236. Genetics and the Law
73237. Biomedical Ethics and the Law
73238. Vistas in Physical Reality: Festschrift for Henry Margenau
73239. Superconducting Electron-Optic Devices
73240. Consciousness and the Brain: A Scientific and Philosophical Inquiry
73241. War in Ecological Perspective: Persistence, Change, and Adaptive Processes in Three Oceanian Societies
73242. Neural Modeling: Electrical Signal Processing in the Nervous System
73243. Psychopathology and Child Development: Research and Treatment
73244. Fiber Deficiency and Colonic Disorders
73245. Chemical Equilibrium: A Practical Introduction for the Physical and Life Sciences
73246. Flame-Retardant Polymeric Materials
73247. Trauma: Clinical and Biological Aspects
73248. Genetic Distance
73249. Mechanisms in Recombination
73250. Genetic Responsibility: On Choosing Our Children’s Genes
73251. Learning Systems and Intelligent Robots
73252. Stiff Differential Systems
73253. Polychloroaromatic Compounds
73254. Cancer in Childhood
73255. Inhibition of Memory Formation
73256. Electrochemistry for Ecologists
73257. Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetics
73258. Memory and Transfer of Information: Proceedings of a symposium sponsored by the MERCK’SCHE GESELLSCHAFT für KUNST und WISSENSCHAFT held at Göttingen, May 24–26, 1972
73259. Organic Chemistry of Sulfur
73260. Physicochemical Methods of Mineral Analysis
73261. Interferon: Theory and Applications
73262. Perception of Displayed Information
73263. Reaction Kinetics in Micelles: Proceedings of the American Chemical Society Symposium on Reaction Kinetics in Micelles, New York, New York, August 1972
73264. Lithium: Its Role in Psychiatric Research and Treatment
73265. Computational Methods for Large Molecules and Localized States in Solids: Proceedings of a Symposium, Held May 15–17, 1972, at the IBM Research Laboratory, San Jose, California
73266. Hormones and Brain Function
73267. Reverse Osmosis Membrane Research: Based on the symposium on “Polymers for Desalination” held at the 162nd National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Washington, D.C., September 1971
73268. Complexity of Computer Computations: Proceedings of a symposium on the Complexity of Computer Computations, held March 20–22, 1972, at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, New York, and sponsored by the Office of Naval Research, Mathematics Program, IBM World Trade Corporation, and the IBM Research Mathematical Sciences Department
73269. Emissions from Continuous Combustion Systems: Proceedings of the Symposium on Emissions from Continuous Combustion Systems held at the General Motors Research Laboratories Warren, Michigan September 27–28, 1971
73270. Chemistry of the Lower Atmosphere
73271. Engine Emissions: Pollutant Formation and Measurement
73272. An Introduction to Computer Simulation in Applied Science
73273. Biology, History, and Natural Philosophy: Based on the Second International Colloquium held at the University of Denver
73274. Behaviour of Micro-organisms: Based on the Proceedings of the 10th International Congress of Microbiology held in Mexico City
73275. Physical Chemistry of Organic Solvent Systems
73276. Biochemical Aspects of Nervous Diseases
73277. Dynamics of Brain Monoamines
73278. Urological Research
73279. Ion-Molecule Reactions: Volume 2
73280. Practical Liquid Chromatography
73281. The Physiology of Aggression and Defeat: Proceedings of a symposium held during the meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Dallas, Texas, in December 1968
73282. POLYMER CHARACTERIZATION Interdisciplinary Approaches: Proceedings of the Symposium on Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Characterization of Polymers at the Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Chicago in September 1970
73283. Polymer Colloids: Proceedings of an American Chemical Society Symposium on Polymer Colloids held in Chicago, Illinois, September 13–18, 1970
73284. Inner Speech and Thought
73285. Colloidal and Morphological Behavior of Block and Graft Copolymers: Proceedings of an American Chemical Society Symposium held at Chicago, Illinois, September 13–18, 1970
73286. Applications of Holography: Proceedings of the United States-Japan Seminar on Information Processing by Holography, held in Washington, D. C., October 13–18, 1969
73287. Essays in Structural Chemistry
73288. Vertebrate Memory: Characteristics and Origin
73289. Behavior and Environment: The Use of Space by Animals and Men
73290. Computational Methods in Band Theory: Proceedings of a Conference held at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, New York, May 14–15, 1970, under the joint sponsorship of IBM and the American Physical Society
73291. Mechanical Properties of Materials at Low Temperatures
73292. Fundamental Properties of the Human Nervous System
73293. Modern Aspects of Solid State Chemistry
73294. Applications of Infrared Spectroscopy in Biochemistry, Biology, and Medicine
73295. Narcotic Drugs: Biochemical Pharmacology
73296. The Nature of Ball Lightning
73297. Blood Oxygenation: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Blood Oxygenation, held at the University of Cincinnati, December 1–3, 1969
73298. Dynamic Analysis of Ocean Structures
73299. Block Polymers: Proceedings of the Symposium on Block Polymers at the Meeting of the American Chemical Society in New York City in September 1969
73300. Solar Eclipses and the Ionosphere: A NATO Advanced Studies Institute held in Lagonissi, Greece, May 26–June 4, 1969
73301. The Nervous System and Electric Currents: Proceedings of the Third Annual National Conference of the Neuro-Electric Society, held in Las Vegas, Nevada, March 23–25, 1970
73302. Detection and Identification of Organic Compounds
73303. Modern Methods of Geochemical Analysis
73304. Aging in Cell and Tissue Culture: Proceedings of a symposium on “Aging in Cell and Tissue Culture” held at the annual meeting of the European Tissue Culture Society at the Castle of Žinkovy in Czechoslovakia, May 7–10, 1969
73305. Topics In Organic Polarography
73306. Low-Frequency Vibrations of Inorganic and Coordination Compounds
73307. Lectures on Electrochemical Corrosion
73308. Radiography in the Earth Sciences and Soil Mechanics
73309. Brain Displacements and Deformations
73310. Spectrochemical Analysis by X-Ray Fluorescence
73311. Rock Weathering
73312. Biochemistry of Antibodies
73313. NMR Spectroscopy in Organic Chemistry
73314. Metabolic Effects of Gonadal Hormones and Contraceptive Steroids
73315. Ultrastructure of Bacterial Viruses
73316. Impurity Spectra of Solids: Elementary Theory of Vibrational Structure
73317. Dipole Moments in Organic Chemistry
73318. Volcanism and the Upper Mantle: Investigations in the Kurile Island Arc
73319. Electrophysiology of the Central Nervous System
73320. Physics, Logic, and History: Based on the First International Colloquium held at the University of Denver, May 16–20, 1966
73321. Chemistry of the Ionosphere
73322. Spectroscopic Tricks: Volume 2
73323. Electrosorption
73324. Passivity and Protection of Metals Against Corrosion
73325. Traffic Control: Theory and Instrumentation. Based on papers presented at the Interdisciplinary Clinic on Instrumentation Requirements for Traffic Control Systems, sponsored by ISA/FIER and the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, held December 16–17, 1963, at New York City
73326. The Science of Life: Contributions of Biology to Human Welfare
73327. Sensory Coding in the Mammalian Nervous System
73328. Fundamentals of Cybernetics
73329. Inner Speech and Thought
73330. Indicators of Environmental Quality
73331. Biology, History, and Natural Philosophy
73332. Chemical Bonds in Solids: Volume 3: X-Ray and Thermodynamic Investigations
73333. Drug Dependence and Emotional Behavior: Neurophysiological and Neurochemical Approaches
73334. Hematopoietic and Lymphoid Tissue in Culture
73335. Central Regulation of the Pituitary-Adrenal Complex
73336. A Configurational Model of Matter
73337. Formation of Visual Images: Studies of Stabilized Retinal Images
73338. The Oxidation-Reduction Potential in Geology/Problema Okislitel’no-Vosstanovitel’nogo Potentsiala V Geologii/à poбjiema oкиcлиteльho- Bocctahobиteльhoгo à otehциaлa B Γeoлoгии
73339. Heterogeneous Processes of Geochemical Migration
73340. Tectonics and the Formation of Magmas
73341. International Dictionary of Marketing and Communication
73342. Principles of CAD: A Coursebook
73343. Toward a More Sustainable Agriculture
73344. Linear Equations
73345. Control of Respiration
73346. Forensic Toxicology: Proceedings of the European Meeting of the International Association of Forensic Toxicologists
73347. Atomic and Nuclear Physics: An Introduction
73348. Handbook of Quality Assurance for the Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
73349. Environmental and Functional Engineering of Agricultural Buildings
73350. Basic Partial Differential Equations
73351. Design/Build Marketing: Strategies and Procedures for the Small and Mid-Size Contractor
73352. Designing a Place Called Home: Reordering the Suburbs
73353. Practical Ecology for Geography and Biology: Survey, mapping and data analysis
73354. Gems and Jewelry Appraising: Techniques of Professional Practice
73355. Graded Exercises in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
73356. Auger Electron Spectroscopy: A Bibliography: 1925–1975
73357. Single Agents in Cancer Chemotherapy
73358. The Superworld I
73359. Old and New Forces of Nature
73360. Psychiatric Consequences of Brain Disease in the Elderly: A Focus on Management
73361. Coronaviruses
73362. Disorders of Porphyrin Metabolism
73363. Issues in Diagnostic Research
73364. Infections in the Immunocompromised Host: Laboratory Diagnosis and Treatment
73365. Drug Studies in the Elderly: Methodological Concerns
73366. Key Facts in Gastroenterology
73367. Purine and Pyrimidine Metabolism in Man V: Part B: Basic Science Aspects
73368. Biological Responses in Cancer
73369. Chemotherapy of Parasitic Diseases
73370. Designing Optimal Strategies for Mineral Exploration
73371. Central Cholinergic Mechanisms and Adaptive Dysfunctions
73372. Ganglioside Structure, Function, and Biomedical Potential
73373. Axonal Transport in Neuronal Growth and Regeneration
73374. Fetal Nutrition, Metabolism, and Immunology: The Role of the Placenta
73375. Theoretical and Clinical Applications
73376. Drug and Alcohol Abuse: A Clinical Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment
73377. Biofeedback and Family Practice Medicine
73378. Interferon and Cancer
73379. Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Homosexual Men: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Research
73380. Modern Eclectic Therapy: A Functional Orientation to Counseling and Psychotherapy: Including a Twelve-Month Manual for Therapists
73381. Tunneling Spectroscopy: Capabilities, Applications, and New Techniques
73382. Physiology and Biochemistry of Plant-Pathogen Interactions
73383. Neighborhood Networks for Humane Mental Health Care
73384. Introduction to the Theory of Laser-Atom Interactions
73385. Neurotransmitter Interaction and Compartmentation
73386. Environmental Effects of Offshore Oil Production: The Buccaneer Gas and Oil Field Study
73387. Clinical Behavior Therapy with Children
73388. Thinking About Development
73389. Modern Fluorescence Spectroscopy
73390. Overcoming School Anxiety: How to Help Your Child Deal With Separation, Tests, Homework, Bullies, Math Phobia, and Other Worries
73391. Cities and City Planning
73392. The Handbook of Political Behavior: Volume 1
73393. Humanistic Psychology: Concepts and Criticisms
73394. Chorionic Gonadotropin
73395. From the Inside Out: A Self-Teaching and Laboratory Manual for Biofeedback
73396. The Primordial Bond: Exploring Connections between Man and Nature through the Humanities and Sciences
73397. Comparative Biology and Evolutionary Relationships of Tree Shrews
73398. Coping and Health
73399. Atlas of Spectral Interferences in ICP Spectroscopy
73400. Immunology of Human Infection: Part II: Viruses and Parasites; Immunodiagnosis and Prevention of Infectious Diseases
73401. Humoral Immunity in Neurological Diseases
73402. Cell Substrates: Their Use in the Production of Vaccines and Other Biologicals
73403. Processing of Visible Language
73404. Cellular, Molecular, and Clinical Aspects of Allergic Disorders
73405. Government Contracts: Proposalmanship and Winning Strategies
73406. Neurotoxicology of Insecticides and Pheromones
73407. Drugs, Lipid Metabolism, and Atherosclerosis
73408. Advances in Human Genetics 1
73409. Function and Metabolism of Phospholipids in the Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems
73410. Dilemmas in Diabetes
73411. Heparin: Structure, Function, and Clinical Implications
73412. Control of Renin Secretion: Proceedings of a Workshop Sponsored by and Held at the Kroc Foundation, Santa Ynez, California, August 26–29, 1971
73413. Mössbauer Effect Methodology
73414. Contemporary Topics in Immunobiology: Volume 8
73415. Contemporary Topics in Immunobiology: Thymus Dependency
73416. Allergic Responses to Infectious Agents
73417. Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry No. 4
73418. The Biology of Alcoholism: Volume 2: Physiology and Behavior
73419. Animal, Plant, and Microbial Toxins: Volume 2 Chemistry, Pharmacology, and Immunology
73420. Gene Expression and its Regulation: Proceedings of the Eleventh International Latin American Symposium, held at the University of La Plata, Argentina, November 28–December 3, 1971
73421. Polymer Alloys: Blends, Blocks, Grafts, and Interpenetrating Networks
73422. Polymers and Ecological Problems
73423. Weak and Electromagnetic Interactions at High Energies: Cargèse 1975, Part B
73424. Physics of Sound in Marine Sediments
73425. Comprehensive Virology 10: Regulation and Genetics Viral Gene Expression and Integration
73426. Neighboring Group Participation: Volume 1 Withdrawn
73427. Methods of Cell Separation
73428. Principles and Prenatal Growth
73429. Analytical Atomic Spectroscopy
73430. Immunoglobulins
73431. Inorganic and Nutritional Aspects of Cancer: Proceedings of the First Conference of the International Association of Bioinorganic Scientists, Inc. held in La Jolla, California, January 3–5, 1977
73432. Autism: A Reappraisal of Concepts and Treatment
73433. The Impact of Biology on Modern Psychiatry: Proceedings of a Symposium Honoring the 80th Anniversary of the Jerusalem Mental Health Center Ezrath Nashim held in Jerusalem, Israel, December 9–10,1975
73434. Digital Processing of Biomedical Images
73435. Computer Analysis of Neuronal Structures
73436. Psychology of Development and History
73437. Mediators of Inflammation
73438. The Logic of the Plausible and Some of its Applications
73439. Microencapsulation: Processes and Applications
73440. Nonpolluting Coatings and Coating Processes: Proceedings of an ACS Symposium held August 30–31, 1972, in New York City
73441. Organosilicon Derivatives of Phosphorus and Sulfur
73442. Topics in Plasma Diagnostics
73443. Neurons and Interneuronal Connections of the Central Visual System
73444. Analytical Reaction Gas Chromatography
73445. Handbook of World Salt Resources
73446. Fluorescence and Phosphorescence of Proteins and Nucleic Acids
73447. Fundamental Aspects of ELECTROCRYSTALLIZATION
73448. Science and the Modern World: One of a series of lectures presented at Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. on the occasion of its 175th Anniversary, October 1963 to May 1964
73449. Open Tubular Columns in Gas Chromatography
73450. Experimental Physics: Methods and Apparatus
73451. Electromagnetic Depth Soundings
73452. Authigenic Minerals in Sedimentary Rocks
73453. Astrophysical Data: Planets and Stars
73454. Personality Psychology: Recent Trends and Emerging Directions
73455. Evaluation of Performance: A Judgmental Approach
73456. Tissue Nutrition and Viability
73457. Current Diagnosis and Treatment: A Quick Reference for the General Practitioner
73458. Meyers Großes Kinderlexikon: Ein Buch zum Nachschlagen, Schmökern, Anschauen, Lesen und Vorlesen
73459. Duden Das große Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache in sechs Bänden: Band 4: Kam-N
73460. Duden Das große Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache in sechs Bänden: Band 3 G—Kal
73461. Meyers Kinder-Weltatlas
73462. Origin of Granite Batholiths: Geochemical Evidence Based on a meeting of the Geochemistry Group of the Mineralogical Society
73463. Activation to Acquisition: Functional Aspects of the Basal Forebrain Cholinergic System
73464. Immanuel Kant: His Life and Thought
73465. AIDS Testing: Methodology and Management Issues
73466. The Internet for Nurses and Allied Health Professionals
73467. Fractures of the Distal Radius: A Practical Approach to Management
73468. Parasitic Diseases
73469. Internal Medicine
73470. Neurology and Clinical Neuroscience
73471. General Surgery
73472. Practical Manual of Operative Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy
73473. MRI Physics for Radiologists: A Visual Approach
73474. Study Skills and Test-Taking Strategies for Medical Students: Find and Use Your Personal Learning Style
73475. Principles of Perinatal-Neonatal Metabolism
73476. Neuroanatomy
73477. Protocols in Primary Care Geriatrics
73478. Principles and Practice of Research: Strategies for Surgical Investigators
73479. Stress and Women Physicians
73480. Radiologic Diagnosis of Chest Disease
73481. Behavioral Sciences
73482. Management of Prader-Willi Syndrome: Under the Sponsorship of The Prader-Willi Syndrome Association
73483. Gross Anatomy
73484. A Pictorial Approach to Molecular Bonding
73485. Stress and Women Physicians
73486. The Internet for Nurses and Allied Health Professionals
73487. Obstetrics and Gynecology
73488. Surgical Anatomy and Technique: A Pocket Manual
73489. Management of Headache and Headache Medications
73490. Terrigenous Clastic Depositional Systems: Applications to Petroleum, Coal, and Uranium Exploration
73491. Surgical Approaches to the Spine
73492. The Human Brain and Spinal Cord: Functional Neuroanatomy and Dissection Guide
73493. ADA An Introduction: Ada Reference Manual (July 1980)
73494. Fundamentals of Immunology
73495. Tumors and Tumorlike Lesions of Bone and Joints
73496. Manual of Cardiac Surgery: Volume 1
73497. Coastal Sedimentary Environments
73498. Desk Reference for Neuroanatomy: A Guide to Essential Terms
73499. Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in Counseling
73500. Clinical Applications of Cognitive Therapy
73501. Current Review of Cerebrovascular Disease
73502. Genetic Counseling
73503. Sand and Sandstone
73504. Measure and Category: A Survey of the Analogies between Topological and Measure Spaces
73505. Fifty Years of X-Ray Diffraction: Dedicated to the International Union of Crystallography on the Occasion of the Commemoration Meeting in Munich July 1962
73506. Theories of labour market segmentation: A critique
73507. Meyers Kinderlexikon: Mein erstes Lexikon
73508. Duden: Das große Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache in sechs Bänden Band 1: A–Ci
73509. Meyers Handbuch über das Weltall
73510. A Textbook of Robotics 2: Structure, Control and Operation
73511. A Textbook of Robotics 1: Basic Concepts
73512. The Man-Made Future
73513. The Computer-Based Design Process
73514. Steroid Hormone Receptors: Basic and Clinical Aspects
73515. The Search for Anti-Inflammatory Drugs: Case Histories from Concept to Clinic
73516. Charge and Field Effects in Biosystems—3
73517. Dietary Phenylalanine and Brain Function
73518. Discover Your VIC-20: A Beginner’s Guide to Real Programming
73519. Easy Programming with the TI-99/4A
73520. Somatic Selection and Adaptive Evolution: On the Inheritance of Acquired Characters
73521. Developmental Toxicology
73522. Membrane Physiology and Cell Excitation
73523. Designing with Plastics and Composites: A Handbook
73524. Illustrated Guide to Jewelry Appraising: Antique, Period, and Modern
73525. Toyota Production System: An Integrated Approach to Just-In-Time
73526. Introduction to Atomic and Nuclear Physics
73527. Industrial Medicine Desk Reference
73528. Encyclopedic Dictionary of Industrial Technology: Materials, Processes and Equipment
73529. The Structure of Stuttering: A Psycholinguistic Analysis
73530. Empathy and Counseling: Explorations in Theory and Research
73531. Diagnosis of Onychomycosis and Other Nail Disorders: A Pictorial Atlas
73532. Atlas of coloscopy
73533. Petrogenesis of Metamorphic Rocks
73534. An Encyclopedia of Quotations About Music
73535. Space-Age Acronyms: Abbreviations and Designations
73536. Ultraviolet Spectra of Elastomers and Rubber Chemicals
73537. Neurolinguistics Historical and Theoretical Perspectives
73538. Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis
73539. Kinins V
73540. Redox Chemistry and Interfacial Behavior of Biological Molecules
73541. House Officer: Becoming a Medical Specialist
73542. Modern Concepts of Acute and Chronic Hepatitis
73543. Manual of Drug and Alcohol Abuse: Guidelines for Teaching in Medical and Health Institutions
73544. The Primate Ovary
73545. Comprehensive Organometallic Analysis
73546. AIDS Impact on Public Policy: An International Forum: Policy, Politics, and AIDS
73547. Central and Peripheral Mechanisms of Cardiovascular Regulation
73548. Evolutionary Biology of Primitive Fishes
73549. Epidemiology and Quantitation of Environmental Risk in Humans from Radiation and Other Agents
73550. Mechanisms of Stimulus—Response Coupling in Platelets
73551. AIDS-Associated Syndromes
73552. Metal-Containing Polymeric Systems
73553. Diagnosis and Treatment of Erectile Disturbances: A Guide for Clinicians
73554. Children and Arson: America’s Middle Class Nightmare
73555. Electrochemical Detectors: Fundamental Aspects and Analytical Applications
73556. Pathogens of Invertebrates: Application in Biological Control and Transmission Mechanisms
73557. Molecular Biology and Pathogenesis of Coronaviruses
73558. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Mental Retardation, and Geriatric Psychiatry
73559. Infant Memory: Its Relation to Normal and Pathological Memory in Humans and Other Animals
73560. Mammalian Cell Culture: The Use of Serum-Free Hormone-Supplemented Media
73561. Immunomodulation: New Frontiers and Advances
73562. Hybridomas and Cellular Immortality
73563. Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity of Metals
73564. Field Theory in Elementary Particles
73565. Pattern Recognition Approach to Data Interpretation
73566. Semiotics 1981
73567. Spatial Orientation: Theory, Research, and Application
73568. Encyclopedia of the Alkaloids: Volume 4
73569. Consciousness and Self-Regulation: Volume 3: Advances in Research and Theory
73570. OSHA and the Politics of Health Regulation
73571. Intraovarian Control Mechanisms
73572. Vitiligo and Other Hypomelanoses of Hair and Skin
73573. Overcoming Deficits of Aging: A Behavioral Approach
73574. Self-Control and Self-Modification of Emotional Behavior
73575. Extraordinary Disorders of Human Behavior
73576. Special Education Law: A Guide for Parents, Advocates, and Educators
73577. The Individual and the Group: Boundaries and Interrelations Volume 1: Theory
73578. The Physical Environment and Behavior: An Annotated Bibliography and Guide to the Literature
73579. Ion-Selective Microelectrodes and Their Use in Excitable Tissues
73580. Early Experience and Human Development
73581. Energy: The Conservation Revolution
73582. Chemical Derivatization in Analytical Chemistry: Chromatography
73583. Air-Sea Interaction: Instruments and Methods
73584. Captopril and Hypertension
73585. Phosphate and Minerals in Health and Disease
73586. Photoreception and Sensory Transduction in Aneural Organisms
73587. Renal Handling of Phosphate
73588. Contemporary Topics in Immunobiology: Self/Non-self Discrimination
73589. Year 2000 and Mental Retardation
73590. Psychotherapy Process: Current Issues and Future Directions
73591. Crazy Talk: A Study of the Discourse of Schizophrenic Speakers
73592. Treatment of EARLY DIABETES
73593. Function and Structure of the Immune System
73594. Chemical Kinetics and Transport
73595. Advances in Parapsychological Research: Volume 2: Extrasensory Perception
73596. Coping with Physical Illness
73597. Language Interpretation and Communication
73598. Advances in Human Genetics
73599. Advances in Corrosion Science and Technology
73600. Advances in Corrosion Science and Technology: Volume 5
73601. Advances in Corrosion Science and Technology: Volume 4
73602. Advances in Information Systems Science: Volume 4
73603. Advances in Information Systems Science: Volume 1
73604. Alcohol Intoxication and Withdrawal—IIIb: Studies in Alcohol Dependence
73605. Tissue Hypoxia and Ischemia
73606. Explorations in Aging
73607. Diet and Atherosclerosis
73608. Current Topics in Coronary Research
73609. Microenvironmental Aspects of Immunity: Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Lymphatic Tissue and Germinal Centers in Immune Reactions held in Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia, June 26–30, 1972
73610. The Fundamental Mechanisms of Shock: Proceedings of a Symposium Held in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, October 1–2, 1971
73611. Morphological and Functional Aspects of Immunity: Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Lymphatic Tissue and Germinal Centers held in Uppsala, Sweden, September 1–4, 1970
73612. The Human Testis: Proceedings of the Workshop Conference held at Positano, Italy, April 23–25, 1970
73613. The Biology of the Schizophrenic Process
73614. The Neurobiology of the Amygdala: The Proceedings of a Symposium on the Neurobiology of the Amygdala, Bar Harbor, Maine, June 6–17, 1971
73615. Chemical Mutagens: Principles and Methods for Their Detection Volume 3
73616. Chemical Mutagens: Principles and Methods for Their Detection:Volume 2
73617. Chemical Mutagens: Principles and Methods for Their Detection Volume 1
73618. Structure and Properties of Polymer Films: Based upon the Borden Award Symposium in Honor of Richard S. Stein, sponsored by the Division of Organic Coatings and Plastics Chemistry of the American Chemical Society, and held in Boston, Massachusetts, in April 1972
73619. Pentachlorophenol: Chemistry, Pharmacology, and Environmental Toxicology
73620. Ecological Toxicology Research: Effects of Heavy Metal and Organohalogeb Compounds
73621. Environmental Pollution by Pesticides
73622. Handbook of Teratology: Mechanisms and Pathogenesis
73623. Electron-Phonon Interactions and Phase Transitions
73624. Enzyme Engineering Volume 2
73625. Advanced Organic Chemistry: Part B: Reactions and Synthesis
73626. Advanced Organic Chemistry: Part A: Structure and Mechanisms
73627. Dynamics of Molecular Collisions: Part A
73628. Earth Observation Systems for Resource Management and Environmental Control
73629. Transportation Planning for a Better Environment
73630. Immunobiology of Proteins and Peptides · I
73631. Immunity to Blood Parasites of Animals and Man
73632. Morris Hepatomas: Mechanisms of Regulation
73633. Hypothalamic Peptide Hormones and Pituitary Regulation
73634. Regulation of Cell Proliferation and Differentiation
73635. Pesticide and Venom Neurotoxicity
73636. Correlation Analysis in Chemistry: Recent Advances
73637. The Practice of Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
73638. Outlook on Cancer
73639. Isoquinoline Alkaloids Research 1972–1977
73640. Immunology for the Practicing Physician
73641. Encyclopedia of the Alkaloids: Volume 3
73642. The Creative Engineer: The Art of Inventing
73643. The Structuring of Experience
73644. Cosmology, History, and Theology
73645. Cardiology in Old Age
73646. Social Psychology in Transition
73647. Toward the Validation of Dynamic Psychotherapy: A Replication
73648. The Benthic Boundary Layer
73649. The Catalytic Chemistry of Nitrogen Oxides: Proceedings of the Symposium on The Catalytic Chemistry of Nitrogen Oxides held at the General Motors Research Laboratories, Warren, Michigan, October 7–8, 1974
73650. Encyclopedia of the Alkaloids: Volume 2 (I-Z)
73651. The Gangliosidoses
73652. Digital Electronics and Laboratory Computer Experiments
73653. The Functioning Cytoplasm
73654. Arterial Lesions and Arteriosclerosis
73655. Water and Aqueous Solutions: Introduction to a Molecular Theory
73656. The Peripheral Nervous System
73657. Perspectives in Mössbauer Spectroscopy: Proceedings of the International Conference on Applications of the Mössbauer Effect, held at Ayeleth Hashahar, Israel, August 28–31, 1972
73658. Advances in Polymer Science and Engineering: Proceedings of the Symposium on Polymer Science and Engineering held at Rutgers University, October 26–27, 1972
73659. Water Structure at the Water-Polymer Interface: Proceedings of a Symposium held on March 30 and April 1, 1971, at the 161st National Meeting of the American Chemical Society
73660. Electron Spin Relaxation in Liquids: Based on lectures given at the NATO Advanced Study Institute held at “Spåtind,” Norway, in August 1971
73661. Sparse Matrices and their Applications: Proceedings of a Symposium on Sparse Matrices and Their Applications, held September 9–10, 1971, at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, New York, and sponsored by the Office of Naval Research, the National Science Foundation, IBM World Trade Corporation, and the IBM Research Mathematical Sciences Department.
73662. Superconducting Materials
73663. Dielectric Properties of Polymers: Proceedings of a Symposium held on March 29–30, 1971, in connection with the 161st National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Los Angeles, California, March 28 – April 2, 1971
73664. Determination of Air Quality: Proceedings of the ACS Symposium on the Determination of Air Quality held in Los Angeles, California, April 1–2, 1971
73665. Advances in Linear Free Energy Relationships
73666. Evoked Brain Potentials in Psychiatry
73667. Current Problems in Fertility: Based on the IFA Symposium held in Stockholm, Sweden, April 2–4, 1970. Sponsored by Åhlen-stiftelsen, Sven och Dagmar Saléns stiftelse, and Roland Lundborg, M.D.
73668. Computer Graphics in Medical Research and Hospital Administration
73669. Origin and Mechanisms of Hallucinations: Proceedings of the 14th Annual Meeting of the Eastern Psychiatric Research Association held in New York City, November 14–15, 1969
73670. Organic Fluorine Chemistry
73671. Computer Applications in the Earth Sciences: An International Symposium Proceedings of a conference on the state of the art held on campus at The University of Kansas, Lawrence on 16–18 June 1969. Sponsored by the Kansas Geological Survey, International Association for Mathematical Geology, and University of Kansas Extension
73672. Organosilicon Heteropolymers and Heterocompounds
73673. Analytical Calorimetry: Proceedings of the Symposium on Analytical Calorimetry at the meeting of the American Chemical Society, held in Chicago, Illinois, September 13–18, 1970
73674. Electron-Diffraction Analysis of Clay Mineral Structures
73675. Electrical Properties of Rocks
73676. Interactions of Man and His Environment: Proceedings of the Northwestern University Conference held January 28–29, 1965
73677. Solar System Radio Astronomy: Lectures presented at the NATO Advanced Study Institute of the National Observatory of Athens: Cape Sounion August 2–15, 1964
73678. Modern Electrochemistry: An Introduction to an Interdisciplinary Area Volume 1
73679. Environment and Utopia: A Synthesis
73680. Organic Photochromes
73681. Higher Cortical Functions in Man
73682. Aging and Stabilization of Polymers
73683. An introduction to Coastal Ecology
73684. Environmental Microbiology
73685. A Functional Biology of Nematodes
73686. A Functional Biology of Sticklebacks
73687. Phosphamidon
73688. A New Reference Grammar of Modern Spanish
73689. The Art of Accompanying and Coaching
73690. A Safer Death: Multidisciplinary Aspects of Terminal Care
73691. Advances in Human Genetics 15
73692. Acid Deposition: Environmental, Economic, and Policy Issues
73693. A Practical Guide to Real-Time Office Sonography in Obstetrics and Gynecology
73694. Advances in Human Genetics
73695. Adsorption and the Gibbs Surface Excess
73696. A Therapist’s Manual for Cognitive Behavior Therapy in Groups
73697. Adolescent Gynecology: A Guide for Clinicians
73698. Advances in Genetics, Development, and Evolution of Drosophila
73699. Advances in Human Genetics: 12
73700. Advances in Human Genetics 11
73701. Advances in Metal Processing
73702. Advances in Human Genetics 10
73703. Advances in Digital Image Processing: Theory, Application, Implementation
73704. Advances in Microbial Ecology: Volume 3
73705. Advances in Human Genetics 9
73706. Advances in Oceanography
73707. Advances in Human Genetics 8
73708. Advances in Human Genetics 6
73709. Advances in Human Genetics
73710. Advances in Corrosion Science and Technology
73711. Advances in Corrosion Science and Technology
73712. Advances in Information Systems Science: Volume 6
73713. Advances in Information Systems Science: Volume 5
73714. Advances in Information Systems Science
73715. Advances in Neurochemistry: Volume 3
73716. Advances in Neurochemistry
73717. The Artery and the Process of Arteriosclerosis: Measurement and Modification
73718. Advances in Microbial Ecology: Volume 2
73719. Advances in Microbial Ecology
73720. Acoustical Holography: Volume 6
73721. Adhesion Science and Technology
73722. Advances in General and Cellular Pharmacology: Volume 1
73723. A Resident’s Guide to Psychiatric Education
73724. The Invisible Universe: Probing the frontiers of astrophysics
73725. Peptides: Design, Synthesis, and Biological Activity
73726. Anticancer Drug Development Guide: Preclinical Screening, Clinical Trials, and Approval
73727. Alzheimer Disease: Therapeutic Strategies
73728. Welfare Economics and Social Choice Theory
73729. Placental Vascularization and Blood Flow: Basic Research and Clinical Applications
73730. Transport Analysis
73731. The Social Psychology of Sport
73732. The Practitioner’s Guide to Psychoactive Drugs
73733. The Pharmacology of Psychotherapeutic Drugs
73734. The Ocean Basins and Margins: Volume 7B: The Pacific Ocean
73735. The Science of Marketing: When to Tweet, What to Post, How to Blog, and Other Proven Strategies
73736. The Ocean Basins and Margins: The Indian Ocean
73737. The Nordic Seas
73738. The Neurobiology of Motivation and Reward
73739. The Lewin Legacy: Field Theory in Current Practice
73740. The Grammar of Discourse
73741. The Demography of Health and Health Care
73742. Surgical Anatomy and Technique: A Pocket Manual
73743. Surfactants in Solution: Volume 10
73744. Surfactants in Solution
73745. Surfactants in Solution: Volume 5
73746. Surface Chemistry of Froth Flotation
73747. Surface and Colloid Science: Volume 13
73748. Surface and Colloid Science: Volume 11: Experimental Methods
73749. Stress and Tension Control 3: Stress Management
73750. Solution Chemistry of Surfactants: Volume 1
73751. Social Change and Personality: Essays in Honor of Nevitt Sanford
73752. Self, Ego, and Identity: Integrative Approaches
73753. Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation: Volume 5A
73754. Research Methods in Neurochemistry: Volume 6
73755. Research Methods in Neurochemistry: Volume 4
73756. Research Methods in Neurochemistry: Volume 2
73757. Research Methods in Neurochemistry: Volume 1
73758. Research in Soviet Social Psychology
73759. Reliability Evaluation of Engineering Systems: Concepts and Techniques
73760. Reducing the Risks for Substance Abuse: A Lifespan Approach
73761. Recovery from Brain Damage: Research and Theory
73762. Recent Developments in Alcoholism: Volume 6
73763. Recent Developments in Alcoholism: Volume 3
73764. Psychopharmacogenetics
73765. Psychology: A Behavioral Overview
73766. Principles of Genetic Toxicology
73767. Polymers in Medicine: Biomedical and Pharmacological Applications
73768. Physicochemical Aspects of Polymer Surfaces: Volume 1
73769. Phonological Processes and Brain Mechanisms
73770. Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning: Proceedings of the Japan—U.S. Seminar on the Learning Process in Control Systems, held in Nagoya, Japan August 18–20, 1970
73771. Optical Information Processing
73772. On the control of complex industrial organizations
73773. Monoclonal Antibodies: Hybridomas: A New Dimension in Biological Analyses
73774. Molecular Neurobiology of the Mammalian Brain
73775. Molecular Cytogenetics
73776. Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry: No. 15
73777. Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry: No. 14
73778. Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry: No. 13
73779. Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry: No. 12
73780. Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry
73781. Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry: No. 9
73782. Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry: No. 8
73783. Volume 1: Mechanisms of Inorganic and Organometallic Reactions
73784. Magnetic Resonance: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Electron and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, held in Melbourne, August 1969, sponsored by the Australian Academy of Science
73785. Macromolecules · 1: Volume 1: Structure and Properties
73786. Later Proterozoic Stratigraphy of the Northern Atlantic Regions
73787. Issues and Reviews in Teratology: Volume 2
73788. Issues and Reviews in Teratology: Volume 1
73789. An Introduction to Trenchless Technology
73790. International Handbook of Behavior Modification and Therapy
73791. International Handbook of Behavior Modification and Therapy
73792. Immunopharmacology
73793. Immunological Aspects of Allergy and Allergic Diseases: Volume 5 Clinical Aspects of Allergic Diseases
73794. Nutrition: Metabolic and Clinical Applications
73795. Nutrition: Pre- and Postnatal Development
73796. Human Lactation 2: Maternal and Environmental Factors
73797. Human Aggression
73798. Hormones and Cancer
73799. Head Injuries in the Newborn and Infant
73800. Handbook of Neurochemistry: Volume VII Pathological Chemistry of the Nervous System
73801. Metabolic Turnover in the Nervous System
73802. Control Mechanisms in the Nervous System
73803. Handbook of Genetics: Volume 5: Molecular Genetics
73804. Handbook of Developmental Psychopathology
73805. Handbook of Behavior Modification with the Mentally Retarded
73806. Gynecology: A Textbook for Students
73807. Global Positioning System: An Overview: Symposium No. 102 Edinburgh, Scotland, August 7–8, 1989
73808. Global and Regional Geodynamics: Symposium No. 101 Edinburgh, Scotland, August 3–5, 1989
73809. Geostatistics and Petroleum Geology
73810. Geostatistics: A Colloquium
73811. Genetics of Microbes
73812. Gallstones
73813. Fundamental Research in Homogeneous Catalysis: Volume 2
73814. Fundamental Research in Homogeneous Catalysis
73815. Families, Schools, and Delinquency Prevention
73816. Fracture Mechanics of Ceramics: Volume 8: Microstructure, Methods, Design, and Fatigue
73817. Fracture Mechanics of Ceramics: Volume 7 Composites, Impact, Statistics, and High-Temperature Phenomena
73818. Flaws and Testing
73819. Fracture Mechanics of Ceramics: Volume 2 Microstructure, Materials, and Applications
73820. Existential-Phenomenological Perspectives in Psychology: Exploring the Breadth of Human Experience
73821. Environmental Data Management
73822. Drugs Affecting Lipid Metabolism: Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Drugs Affecting Lipid Metabolism, held in Milan, Italy, September 9–11, 1968
73823. Dictionary of Organometallic Compounds: Second Supplement
73824. Dictionary of Organometallic Compounds: First Supplement
73825. Diastolic Relaxation of the Heart: Basic Research and Current Applications for Clinical Cardiology
73826. Diagnostic Interviewing
73827. Dermatosurgery
73828. Deformation of Ceramic Materials II
73829. Current Issues in Clinical Psychology: Volume 3
73830. Current Issues in Clinical Psychology: Volume 4
73831. Current Issues in Clinical Psychology: Volume 2
73832. Current Developments in Anthropological Genetics: Ecology and Population Structure
73833. Critical Stability Constants: First Supplement
73834. Coronary Heart Disease: Clinical, Angiographic, & Pathologic Profiles
73835. Contemporary Topics in Polymer Science: Volume 4
73836. Contemporary Topics in Polymer Science: Volume 3
73837. Contemporary Topics in Polymer Science: Volume 2
73838. Contemporary Topics in Analytical and Clinical Chemistry: Volume 3
73839. Contemporary Topics in Analytical and Clinical Chemistry: Volume 2
73840. Contemporary Topics in Analytical and Clinical Chemistry: Volume 1
73841. Contemporary Nephrology: Volume 2
73842. Contemporary Nephrology: Volume 1
73843. Contemporary Internal Medicine: Clinical Case Studies
73844. Contemporary Internal Medicine: Clinical Case Studies
73845. Comparative Endocrinology of Prolactin
73846. Communications Standard Dictionary
73847. Coastal Upwelling Its Sediment Record: Part A: Responses of the Sedimentary Regime to Present Coastal Upwelling
73848. Clinical Approach to Infection in the Compromised Host
73849. Choosing Your Practice
73850. Chiral Separations
73851. Cardiology for the primary care Physician
73852. Cable Shielding for Electromagnetic Compatibility
73853. Business Ethics: The Ethical Revolution of Minority Shareholders
73854. Breast Cancer 4: Advances in Research and Treatment
73855. Biomedical Ethics and the Law
73856. Biological Rhythms
73857. Biological Magnetic Resonance: Volume 6
73858. Biological Magnetic Resonance: Volume 5
73859. Biological Magnetic Resonance: Volume 2
73860. Automation in the Food Industry
73861. Atlas of the Prostate
73862. Atlas of Rheumatology
73863. Atlas of Hypertension
73864. Atlas of Heart Failure: Cardiac Function and Dysfunction
73865. Atlas of Allergic Diseases
73866. Anticarcinogenesis and Radiation Protection
73867. Annals of Theoretical Psychology
73868. Annals of Theoretical Psychology
73869. Annals of Theoretical Psychology: Volume 1
73870. Analytical Calorimetry: Volume 4
73871. Analysis of Dynamic Psychological Systems: Volume 2 Methods and Applications
73872. Alzheimer’s Disease: Problems, Prospects, and Perspectives
73873. Algebraic Number Theory
73874. Against the Current: Privatization, Water Markets, and the State in Chile
73875. Fungi and Food Spoilage
73876. Hydrocolloid Applications: Gum technology in the food and other industries
73877. Endocrine Neoplasms
73878. The Privatization Process in East-Central Europe: Evolutionary Process of Czech Privatization
73879. Blood Stem Cell Transplantation
73880. Randomised Controlled Clinical Trials
73881. Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator Therapy: The Engineering-Clinical Interface
73882. Human Agency and Material Welfare: Revisions in Microeconomics and their Implications for Public Policy
73883. The Collapse of Exchange Rate Regimes: Causes, Consequences and Policy Responses
73884. Coronary Stenosis Morphology: Analysis and Implication
73885. Gene Transfer in the Cardiovascular System: Experimental Approaches and Therapeutic Implications
73886. Organization, Performance and Equity: Perspectives on the Japanese Economy
73887. X-Efficiency: Theory, Evidence and Applications
73888. Classical versus Neoclassical Monetary Theories: The Roots, Ruts, and Resilience of Monetarism — and Keynesianism
73889. Static and Dynamic Aspects of General Disequilibrium Theory
73890. Integrating Europe: The Transition Economies at Stake
73891. Globalization of Labour Markets: Challenges, Adjustment and Policy Response in the EU and LDCs
73892. Dynamics of Globalization and Development
73893. Globalization, Growth and Sustainability
73894. Shiftwork, Capital Hours and Productivity Change
73895. Biological and Hormonal Therapies of Cancer
73896. EMU — A Swedish Perspective
73897. Heat Shock Proteins and the Cardiovascular System
73898. Exchange Rates, Capital Flows, and Monetary Policy in a Changing World Economy: Proceedings of a Conference Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Dallas, Texas September 14–15, 1995
73899. Business Cycles and Macroeconomic Stability: Should We Rebuild Built-in Stabilizers?
73900. The Political Economy of Globalization
73901. Surgical Oncology
73902. Race, Markets, and Social Outcomes
73903. Echocardiography and Cardiovascular Function: Tools for the Next Decade
73904. Theoretical and Mathematical Foundations of Human Health Risk Analysis: Biophysical Theory of Environmental Health Science
73905. The Life and Economics of David Ricardo
73906. Soft Tissue Sarcomas: Present Achievements and Future Prospects
73907. Decentralization and Coordination of Water Resource Management
73908. Households, Work and Economic Change: A Comparative Institutional Perspective
73909. Rules of Competition and East-West Integration
73910. The Politics of Economic and Monetary Union
73911. Arterial Remodeling: A Critical Factor in Restenosis
73912. Carnitine Today
73913. Sense and Senility: The Neuropathology of the Aged Human Brain
73914. Metal Ions in Gene Regulation
73915. Feminism and Evolutionary Biology: Boundaries, Intersections and Frontiers
73916. Monitoring of Soil-Structure Interaction: Instruments for Measuring Soil Pressures
73917. Quality in Frozen Food
73918. Political Science Abstracts: 1996 Annual Supplement;Volume 1
73919. Biopsychosocial Approaches in Primary Care: State of the Art and Challenges for the 21st Century
73920. Cell Biology and Pathology of Myelin: Evolving Biological Concepts and Therapeutic Approaches
73921. The Collected Works of L. S. Vygotsky: The History of the Development of Higher Mental Functions
73922. Degenerative Retinal Diseases
73923. Infant and Early Childhood Neuropsychology
73924. The Fate of the Male Germ Cell
73925. Americanist Culture History: Fundamentals of Time, Space, and Form
73926. Handbook of Child Psychopathology
73927. The Collected Works of L. S. Vygotsky: Problems of the Theory and History of Psychology
73928. Molecular Gerontology: Research Status and Strategies
73929. The Practitioner’s Guide to Psychoactive Drugs
73930. Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Imaging in Neurochemistry
73931. Primary Care Medicine for Psychiatrists: A Practitioner’s Guide
73932. Social Cognitive Psychology: History and Current Domains
73933. Air Pollution Modeling and Its Application XI
73934. Cheesemaking Practice
73935. The Genera of Lactic Acid Bacteria
73936. Genetic Modification in the Food Industry: A Strategy for Food Quality Improvement
73937. Structure—Activity Relationships in Environmental Sciences
73938. HACCP: A Practical Approach
73939. Homocysteine Metabolism: From Basic Science to Clinical Medicine
73940. Diagnostic and Therapeutic Advances in Pediatric Oncology
73941. Angiotensin II Receptor Blockade Physiological and Clinical Implications
73942. Environmental Resource Valuation: Applications of the Contingent Valuation Method in Italy
73943. Understanding Glial Cells
73944. Unstable Coronary Artery Syndromes Pathophysiology, Diagnosis and Treatment
73945. Diffusion in Natural Porous Media: Contaminant Transport, Sorption/Desorption and Dissolution Kinetics
73946. Economic Restructuring and the Growing Uncertainty of the Middle Class
73947. Alternative Approaches to Human Blood Resources in Clinical Practice: Proceedings of the Twenty-Second International Symposium on Blood Transfusion, Groningen 1997, organized by the Red Cross Blood Bank Noord Nederland
73948. Cardiovascular Biology of Purines
73949. Econometric Business Cycle Research
73950. University Research and Regional Innovation: A Spatial Econometric Analysis of Academic Technology Transfers
73951. Protecting the Ozone Layer: Lessons, Models, and Prospects
73952. Observers and Macroeconomic Systems: Computation of Policy Trajectories with Separate Model Based Control
73953. The Economics of Railroad Safety
73954. Endocrinology of Cardiovascular Function
73955. Heart Cell Communication in Health and Disease
73956. Social System Accounts: Linking Social and Economic Indicators through Tangible Behavior Settings
73957. Taking Complexity Seriously: Policy Analysis, Triangulation and Sustainable Development
73958. Organometallic Compounds of Ruthenium and Osmium
73959. Organometallic Compounds of Nickel, Palladium, Platinum, Copper, Silver and Gold
73960. Organometallic Compounds of Cobalt, Rhodium, and Iridium
73961. The Collected Works of L. S. Vygotsky: Child Psychology
73962. Advances in Corneal Research: Selected Transactions of the World Congress on the Cornea IV
73963. Hypertension and the Heart
73964. Kindling 5
73965. Asperger Syndrome or High-Functioning Autism?
73966. Nuclear Methods in Mineralogy and Geology: Techniques and Applications
73967. Central Auditory Processing and Neural Modeling
73968. Biomedical Science and Technology: Recent Developments in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Sciences
73969. Drugs of Abuse, Immunomodulation, and Aids
73970. Conduct Disorders and Severe Antisocial Behavior
73971. Progress in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases
73972. Biotechnology and the Consumer: A research project sponsored by the Office of Consumer Affairs of Industry Canada
73973. Micro-Organisms in Foods: Microbial Ecology of Food Commodities
73974. Fisheries Processing: Biotechnological applications
73975. Integrated Protected Area Management
73976. Geometric Constraints for Object Detection and Delineation
73977. Bilingual Selection of Syntactic Knowledge: Extending the Principles and Parameters Approach
73978. Ventricular Fibrillation and Sudden Coronary Death
73979. An Introduction to Environmental Biotechnology
73980. Serodiagnosis of the Infectious Diseases: Mycoplasma pneumoniae
73981. Economics of Urban Highway Congestion and Pricing
73982. Multilateralism and Regionalism in the Post-Uruguay Round Era: What Role for the EU?
73983. Analyses in Macroeconomic Modelling
73984. The Euro: Consequences for the Consumer and the Citizen
73985. Prognostic variables in node-negative and node-positive breast cancer
73986. Italian Food Safari
73987. Applications of Antisense Therapies to Restenosis
73988. Chest Pain with Normal Coronary Angiograms: Pathogenesis, Diagnosis and Management
73989. The Asian Financial Crisis: Origins, Implications, and Solutions
73990. Environmental Metal Pollutants, Reactive Oxygen Intermediaries and Genotoxicity: Molecular Approaches to Determine Mechanisms of Toxicity
73991. International Monetary Cooperation Among the United States, Japan, and Germany
73992. Perspectives in Life Cycle Impact Assessment: A Structured Approach to Combine Models of the Technosphere, Ecosphere and Valuesphere
73993. Osteoporosis: Genetics, Prevention and Treatment
73994. Foreign Aid: New Perspectives
73995. Nitric Oxide in Transplant Rejection and Anti-Tumor Defense
73996. Inclusion of Central European Countries in the European Monetary Union
73997. Direct Myocardial Revascularization: History, Methodology, Technology
73998. The ortho Side of PCBs: Occurrence and Disposition
73999. Serving Children and Families Through Community-University Partnerships: Success Stories
74000. Economics of the U.S. Commercial Airline Industry: Productivity, Technology and Deregulation
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